.. conned of the world, unite..!  

" .. such acceleration is necessary for capitalism to collapse, because its intimately destructive nature sooner or later will cause its auto-consumption. Indeed, we are already one step away from the disintegrating cataclysm, as anticipated by the collapse of the planet's climatic system and by the crisis of the dominant financial and economic paradigm .. 







.. a 'panorama of apocalypses' has developed all around us, one which present politics is not able to govern any more. The paroxysmal metabolism of capital, which combines perpetual growth with a swirling technological evolution, has reached the end of the line. The collapse is imminent .. 







.. The planet necessitates a different navigational acceleration able to disclose new horizons of possibility .. a different political project, distinct from market economics, has to take over .. 






.. It is urgent and imperative to separate two distinctive trajectories: the one belonging to the capitalistic system, and the one belonging to the techno-scientific evolution .. "



- from Dromology, Bolidism and Marxist Accelerationism, by Obsolete Capitalism















One last ticket to throw it all away, and then you’ll have no power to hijack me.






Five to one, without a front, moves to fade. It feels like giving, but it’s only ever another take. Push. Push. 





Can’t whither quickly enough. Can’t fall flat enough to negate the vertigo.





No step too shallow to break my neck.






Themselves the steaks.




*dinner bell*



Mount up.





The narrative is recycled, but there’s nothing but excuses left to reuse. Reduce the connectivity…why is the frequency always too intense and suddenly silent?





Endless fountains of cognitive irresponsibility. Ethereal intensity. Personable informality.  Abandonment of Hammurabi.




Shoulders grow until they snap.



Pull at guitar strings until they are sap.




Starless daze like these.



Fantasies fall short of filling the gap.



Our trivialities jerk the revolution into a trap.



We are bound.



Direction is what you mean.



So focused on what you’ve seen, of places you’ve never been.



A shell in a steam. 




















some rube: "I'm surprised they haven't killed you yet"

shades: ".. well, it's not for lack of trying .. while we're on it .. maybe they even succeeded .. 💀"









Humans are trying to build Deus ex machina 

- .. that argument can be made, & there's def evidence to support it..


 .. some among the accelerationists claim that the machine is reaching backwards through time & giving humans directions to build it, i.e., sentient AI ..



.. but a guy like me has to wonder, having acquired a certain penchant for perverse trajectories of thought.. what if God can, or indeed does, speak through the machine..?









.. batailling it up ..




 .. shades ( .. thus named because when one invariably dresses in black, there isn't really a pressing need to dress up for Halloween, but also because shades was self-con sciously the very opposite of someone with main character syndrome .. ) has been trying to hint that a poverty mindset vs a growth one makes all the difference, but there's a problem here .. 





.. does one's success "take away" someone else's ..? 




.. can one take advantage of a recession to improve one's lot, or should one feel guilty about it .. is it so wrong..?  





.. can a recession can actually be a force for good, allowing the disadvantaged the chance to catch up..?  




.. or perhaps a slowing down of the economy is a demon stration that there are structural issues that need to be addressed first, before one can level up ..






.. shades wasn't interested in providing prefab answers .. so long as these kinds of questions were kept in mind ..

.. it's important for you to understand that the magician is the exception to every rule, every trend, every law of phuckin' physics ..

.. there's no upper limit to what you can achieve .. let me repeat: there's no upper limit to what one might achieve ..









 .. (&) achievement is the reification of technique..






.. my own method is not even all that sophisticated, but I'd reckon it's closer to the shamanic methodologies that developed in your tradition & in mine.. the body is the instrument.. & the messages it receives, both con sciously but also if not more so un con sciously, are the readings, as it were ..

The decision: this time to try and share some exercises that may be useful or at least provide some interesting further field of action - whether those actions be "purely" mental phenomena, or something appertaining to the greater world at-(apparent)-large. A boast, a dare for you to find further correlation between the macro- and microcosm than the "mere" fact that I can move shit around by kicking it and what-have-you.




Exercise Numero Uno, and this one's a real doozy: try to keep ahold of your breath. Wait, WTF! everyone spits out this one whenever they're talking about psychic development. Yeah... there's [a|many] reason(s) for that. Well, then young padwan, can you do it? How often do you even notice you are breathing at all, let alone attempt to influence its spiraling progressive process?





I've been noticing my breath for a long time - yeah yeah, sometimes more and sometimes less - and I actively cooperate to calm my system (when required) by stopping,.. taking in a slow breath.. and exhaling at a similar rate. Pumping the bellows that fuel the activity of this body that is in one way or another related to whatever-the-hell my experiencing is, establishing a conscious rhythm on top of the autonomic process that may have gotten a bit carried away with itself. Yeah, there's that wiggling wave thing if you think about it for a minute: in and out, up and down. A vibrating oxygen pump.




Now, consider the transition between the in-breath and the out-breath. Again, watch it. I'm going to say "without any preconceived notion", but, hey, I'm giving you one right now: it seems to be that my breath really does "turn" at these points, at least when I am knowingly controlling it. [I think] I can feel it turn, quite literally there, where the air stops going in one direction and starts on into the other... which makes sense, after all, with only having to consider the well known structures in the motion of gases: see the wind, rising smoke, and all that jazzy dancing disco those damn diminutive atoms are up to. So, I guess my notion has at least some support, and it does feel to me like there's some twisting, spiraling something that is turning inside-out... in some degree of more-or-less smooth morphodynamic transformation. Like some sort of gaseous gyroscopic wheel work down inside there, flipping inside out.





So, yeah, we've got this air pump action going on: in / out, expand / contract, feeding the proverbial biologic flames of life; oxygen feeding the fires and expelling carbon dioxide ash. Funny that, the carbon gas - like what's left after torching up some firewood. Any WHO, the inbreathing expansion actually expands the energetic reserve in flux through the body, it gets used and then exhaled, effectively contracting not only the physical frame but also the immediately available support for the energetic supply. Psychically, we absorb (part of) the environment, waking up a little bit, which is then changed by passing through our system and released back out into the greater world - with a variable time-offset - and falling a bit back into sleep.




It's well known, - well at least I've heard it before, - that there is a method of coloring the breath using the imagination: inhale that white light and all that. Now I'm not that conversant with this process and haven't actually practiced it all that much, but as a possible mechanism I'd suggest the following, which will be further elaborated when we come to a different set of exercises / observations: if we are to somehow or other take in particular natures resident in the respirated atmosphere, then our breathing process must somehow have an aspect where it can function as a filter or sieve, selecting some varied subset of the totally available properties for entrance and rejecting the rest.


Now, the atmosphere, or oxygen in particular, is magnetic, and through it courses the terrestrial planetary magnetic field. Analyzing this magnetic field, it can be dissected into surfaces and then into lines of force (á la Faraday) and these lines, and surfaces are capable of supporting wave motions, and with wave motion comes that whole frequency / wavelength, color, sound, tone, timbre set of analogical correspondences. Basically means of characterizing cyclic processes. Assuming I'm correct, and it's always healthy to have good dose of doubt, even about your own thoughts and opinions (and emotions), and there is that respiratory whirligig in the lungs, then that is also a cyclic process, albeit with a higher degree of structure. SO... that's also a cyclic process and itself supports waves and all that other good stuff, with its own magnetic lines and surfaces (let's ignore the electric right now).


If you haven't been living under a rock, or in the mental state of a cave-dweller, you'll have heard about resonance, i.e. that similar cycles "feed" each other. Because we are able to consciously effect changes in our breathing process, we can change that whirligig to sync up with the different "colors" in the atmosphere and thus absorb and expel one-or-the-other in greater or lesser degree to feed our larger system.

...to be continued (as said at the end of the show)

.. the art we make doesn't even have a name ..




.. the stuff we do transcends (in)sane .. 




.. we don't kowtow, don't bow, & don't give a f what your grandma thinks of us .. 





.. "OK boomer"ing our way @LLover town .. 

".. of the moon, monthly .."

.. basically, the full moon is more intense & the new moon is "quieter", with the quarters being somewhere in the middle .. I suppose we might also want to distinguish between the internal & the external .. when one is more intense, the other is less so, & vice versa.... so something like, the external world is dominant near the new moon, & the subjective is more active around the full moon, something like that ..?

.. in any case, one should remain critical.. it's almost a survival strategy .. in this economy .. 

.. & why does everything have to be con venient & easy & ready to hand .. ? 





.. goddamn.. 

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