innocence; in a sense





 ..this is going to be a valuable lesson..






...just not the lesson you think it'll be..








 ..@LL power to the people..








"Why wait around for a teacher?

Pick up a staff and knock the sense out of yourself, 


so you can enter eternity"




- Wei Wu Wei








..i’ve been to the land of the unreal and the price is eternal nightmares. .


..careful what you wish for and that jazz ..



..‘cause you might get it..


















 "the first & most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom.."


- from Loki

..shades (thus named because he was the long 'fore unseen black sheep who, it was claimed, would bring ballast to the hoarse) sat in con templation, meditation, Deva station. 

.."free my people", he thought..a spark lighting up in the dark.."free my people!" ..like a whisper..thus did the revilution st/art..

..what about the rainbow children? ..the aliens? ..the magicians..the misfits; those who don't fit by definition..the only ones who could in good faith be called innocent, innocence...the future of the race..those wretched who would inherit this charred earth..




.."Free My People!!"..a voice crying in the wilderness, but then, that's how many a wildfire had begun..

..for surely, there ought to be a voice to speak for those who had none..yea, even for those whose lives had not yet be gun.. "FREE MY PEOPLE!!"

..in a thyme that would become notable in the his story books for no other standout feature except its recognition as one notorious for including the excluded, yea, even now, the elevens of the world were left out in the cold..not gnowing that they were far from alone..









shades roared, with the strength of a Mars in Leo amplifying the Call, or Key..

..free. .




.. my people..





..will @LLways b..

 .. I'm even more curious now that I gnow whatever it is might be affecting you as well..

I signed up for this, but you're an innocent; 

in a sense..

..there is an invisible esoteric thread that interconnects the story of Cain and Abel, you & me & the devil makes three, & the idea of an excluded middle. You see, the human realm is not isolate & bounded, but rather is it porous, with various openings, passageways & transdimensional byways inter con necting it with the spirit world..


..sometimes, things slip in from the spiritual world, without our even noticing it at first.. 



..so it pays to pay..at tention..

..if one does, one might notice these spirits coming and going between our world & theirs, possessing whom they will & can, etc etc..

 ..I tend to think of magick as the future of science, in a sense similar to how some ppl theorise that aliens are our own future selves sending our..selves hints & tips transdimensionally..



..in a parallel trajectory, science will have to change so it's unrecognisable from its current form to begin to approach the magickal perspective on the nature of reality, imho an evolution which is also necessary to account for all the in con sistencies in traditionally accepted theories & which have increased daily.






yeah, i’m just longing for the lost word.. my take on it is the ability to create reality through speech. hitch into the whole vibration and cut material forms out of the vowels with consonants-


… or some such..



















Intangible hymns. Insatiable script.


Always a plot afoot when you’re bound for glory.

Quantum entanglements.


Looking with eyes. Tasting with tongue.


What a chore.



Pillaging for meaning to scratch into margins.


Saturn swings an angle,

but my mind is still in a sling.


Stasis of determination, of what IDK..

Concussions binging on butterflies.


Bound by ring, cured in implore.

Cartography by shipwreck, a lifetime you can’t deny.



Sometimes all it takes is a silver sliver of sun.


And we can teleport into anyone.







Don’t shed your reflection

For a reflexxxxxx a heart in stone

(or shadows) of words of (thundering) ttommorroww

Ever gunna happen? Again?

Split the Eve ...( r) said Atom.























(con) textual reference: https://youtu.be/ifSyQRHBL0o





Come take a look, if you dare, into the skeletons mirror.  What will your photons of light deliver? Rebounding from the glass of your subconscious mind, reflecting into the eyes of  your unspoken spirit, what will your unbiased heart allow you to see?






The Dancers in the mirror are moving to the rhythm of Skeleton’s desires.   They are jovial in the song of true will, stepping in time to the melody of self determined destiny.  In the shadows a suicide of self of old, occurs, releasing the passions of the heart, who by the chains of old self had been caged. 


Tho death is not grieved by the dancers, who frolic in the fruition of freedom.


In the mirror the skeleton has seen his initiation begin.  Believe, Skeleton, Believe.






The goal has been visualized.  Skeleton has seen the path of his true will and the dancers are in synchronistic force with his sorcery.  The old self has been sent to grave.  But the initiation is not yet complete.  


Skeleton sees the dancers, but he cannot bring them out of the mirror, nor can he find a way inside to join them.  Doubt paves a path for fear.  Fear brings Skeleton to the brink of madness.  Skeleton draws weapon, he is afraid.  


Attack, Skeleton, Attack.  







Seen through the subjective contemplations of self, the mirror reflects what is and what is not always what it seems.  What is and what is not melt into things unknown.   The watcher within Skeleton sees all. He is wiser than mind of old, braver than fear and stronger than self destruction.  He is electricity that blinks in lights, he is the photosynthesis that buds the rose, he is life that rises from decay of  death.  


Dancers may be shot down, but as long as he is watching they cannot be killed. The mirror resets.  The watcher murders and  returns to his Seat, to watch and to know.  Skeleton is dead. He has been initiated..




The slate is clean.  



A new creation begins.    




Look in thy mirror. 



Lift thy wand.  




And Dance, Skeleton, Dance..

I think mundane ppl focus on the goal, whereas the gnostics you might say focus on bettering themselves.. 



surely, that's the true success in life..

I think society is what is wrong with society.  unpopular opinion round three.



It's very popular to judge the poor for their addictions, lack of employment, homelessness and poverty.  If only they could keep it together like we can.  Then they could be productive parts of the working class consumerist society that we all hate and see as enslavement.  Wouldn’t it be good if they could just be like us in a place even we don’t want to be?


It is even more popular to blame the elite.  They are so greedy.  They have all the money.  They are destroying the earth. They are deceiving us.  They are controlling us and it’s ALL THEIR FAULT.  




They’re like the villains on Saturday morning cartoons. The government, the masons, the CIA and Satan, all sitting in a room with their pinkies on their chins.  “Mwaaaaahaaaaahaaa! We are filling the world with eeeeewweevil” then they all high five and stab a puppy and beat a baby.


So, if the system is so evil and you don’t want the rich to have all the money, don’t work the jobs, stop Turing the gears of the machines, stop buying what they sell and guess what? They have nothing. 



No! We can’t ! We need Job security.  We need convenience. We need gas pumps and drive thrus and light switches.  
Oh so, you mean you’re actually the ones polluting the planet,  depleting all earths resources and keeping th  evil rich paid.






stop demanding so damn much
a few bankers and cooperate too hats cannot consume the world  to death on their own.  The public can tho! Nomnomnom


No! It’s not our fault.   They control our minds through the media.  We can’t help it.  They’re programming us!
So turn off the TV. Don’t read the headlines.






You’re seeing exactly what you want to see..

..the German philosopher GWF Hegel thought of history as following a pendulum pattern; it's harder to describe than it is to see in the world around us I think, because it's kind of intuitive, even in one's own experience & how I make my decisions on a daily basis..

Maybe the globalization thing has been played out, say, & we're now entering an era of more strict border controls ..? 🤔..may be .. we'll have to wait & see..

..in the US this is even easier to demonstrate; you guys make it so easy with your two party system 😅😏.. everyone knows what comes after a Bush, just as well as they know the only thing that could possibly follow an Obama .. 😂🧐

.. I could say the scientistic (in contrast to the scientific, this is the belief that hard, objective science is the ultimate & absolute truth) era in history might be coming to a close for the mo, & we might move in the opposite direction, to maybe a more magickal point of view, but how this will actually play out clearly remains open, I think..

..in any case, I'm not the only one here with skin in that game.. heheh..I am invested, so it could just be wishful thinking..🤓..again, we'll have to wait & see.. 

Dr George Carey believed the bible was a manual to the biochemical machine that is our earthly bodies. 



Example: easter is an expression of the corpuscles of the body that readily sacrifice themselves i.e. the moon cycle which shows as a woman’s menstruation and also happens energetically within a man. It takes 3 days to rebuild (“resurrect”) these corpuscles where they come out of the tomb and once again rise into the light of consciousness.



To Carey’s interpretation, we experience “easter” every month and usually with our natal new moon cycle aka lunar return.  3 days being the effects of all lunar highlights.. day before, day of and day after.


During the natal lunar return we experience a drop in energy where it is renewing itself for the following lunar month.

..survival isn't selling out.. 



..turning one's back on the gnosis of themselves to play a hollow social game, however, clearly is..

..spider imagery is an important idea for Bertiaux, who uses it to speak metaphorically of the magickal links we forge with objects, ideas etc with our consciousness & which (hopefully) empower us & which we in turn empower..

.. one of my research interests is in finding traces of gnosis in the most unlikely of places, so pop culture, movies, anime..the which of course if true would demon strate that the Tao underlies everything..

..so basically a con temporary & inclusive, ecumenical version of those hasidic Jews searching the Torah rabidly for kabbalistic symbols.. & prob finding more than even they expected therein..

- I dunno tho.. maybe I'm just being stubborn here, but isn't that how we got here to begin with? ..by determining that we were f'ed ..? ..that to live the way the crowd live isn't worth the effort..



- Lost cause.. knows it... like constantine, gonna keep doing the right thing anyway with a side eye at earning redemption but no dependent expectation to

- Redemption's for whimps anywho isn't it..

eye sigh, & am heard to say, "the gods giveth, & they taketh a wu-wei"