initiate: an aeon of the con artist

 ..this is the way..








ecclesia catholic et protestantes et seclusi in secreto..aeon finitus  










"nothing great can be accomplished 


without a certain solicitation of madness, 


which should always be overcome, 


but should never be entirely lacking"

- FWJ Schelling, the Ages of the World

"the slave to virtue finds the Way as little as the slave to vices"

- CG Jung, the Red Book










"my friends, if you knew what depths of the future you carry inside you! Those who look into their own depths see what is to come"

- CG Jung, the Red Book







..not everyone has the stomach for the deeper levels of initiation..




..which is, of course, as it should be..



..the world would probably shut down entirely if everyone was..





..tho I guess that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing..



..the best one can do is to indicate that it's a possibility &, if they can, prepare maps & leave markers for those who want to get there.. 





..but there has to be a choice to pursue that on their part..







..this is the way ..










"All kinds of things lead me far away from my scientific endeavor, which I thought I had subscribed to firmly. I wanted to serve humanity through it, and now, my soul, you lead me to these new things. Yes, it is the in-between world, the pathless, the manifold-dazzling"

- CG Jung, the Red Book











Imagine individuals as circles / points and draw lines indicating their relation, maybe with a thickness proportional to the amount of time spent together. 





There will be individuals with more connections forming various degrees of connectivity. 




Also imagine a hierarchy of command flowing through the graph, which will structure it into an additional third dimension reminiscent of a tree formation. 






Different countries, for example, may then be represented by different trees. And, the trees will intersect / interact with one another based on which individuals (nodes) belong to whatever multiplicity of trees. 




The current system has its fair share of discontents that might be grafted into a different social tree form and associated hierarchy of command for achieving the ends of living - which we intend to never end.















"The touchstone is being alone with oneself. This is the way"



- CG Jung, the Red Book



[excerpted from an internal LL document; a discussion of the methods & the wider con text of scientific practice.. & of its limitations..]




- What if like the sentiment goes that an elephant can't see a mouse because it's too tiny and fast to register, we can only observe matter in certain states? Perhaps even our best "objective" observation methods have blind spots and cognitive bias that is inescapable.. No matter how far we progress we will always color within the lines of our biology?




-  ..I think such a position is ultimately unavoidable, actually..how else could we make such an audacious claim as to say that one ought to strive to live post-scientifically..


..it's great to know what science is up to, & indeed to benefit from it, but to say that these lab results end the need for any discussion of wider implications not only isn't the case, but it will never be true..




- I suppose energetic transmutation and the ability to seamlessly switch between lenses (or as a Buddhist may put it, "eyes") is one of the identifiable traits of a master.





- I agree and would like to add that the limits of human biology and the means with which that system endows us as individuals with powers and potencies is as vast as the universe. 



We are enmeshed in a net of forces over which we have varying degrees of control: I can move the air with my breath, move matter, even lift against the forces of gravity - a verifiable anti-gravity machine. There is a chemical cauldron in my belly that i have little to no control over. By moving our body mass, we move matter that in the least has extended gravitational and electrical effects. 




All our interfaces with reality, even possibly extended ones, are through the body, or better yet, maybe are themselves our bodies.





- "Maybe are themselves our bodies"..



Sometimes when focusing on breath meditation I feel this impression. Am I breathing out, or is the external, true, 'I' breathing in to this vessel?




















"Our life is the truth that we seek. Only my life is the truth, the truth above all. We create the truth by living it"




- CG Jung, the Red Book













There are many people who mistakenly believe in some sort of after-life victorious over death - to that we would reply that it is all life, right now in the here and now.




The singular moment comes to a focus in the present, cast to and from our eyes in the looking at the environment and its reflection back in our own separate limited selves. 




This (fun)d of life is ever in flux amongst the elements and items of experience, and that experience is Life, is Truth itself. The truth has always been right in front of us, and it is our immediate experience of ourselves and of our environment, which are most assuredly coupled: I can move my self with varying degrees of ease, and I can move other things too.




But, what things can I move, where does my power of leverage end, in what weights and measures can my power extend. I at least know that I have gross control over my own “solid” body, and can move around other “solid” objects as well.





Not only this but in some degree I am at least also able to “carry” liquids, to displace them in their flowing throughout the real, and divert them from the grand cycle that they take back up through the sky against gravity and then flowing with that gravity back down into the depths of earth. 




I can push them too, and with my breath I can pull and push air, though even my own “gross/solid” bodily movement also displaces the connecting media of our human environment: Each gas forms a web amongst its kind in the atmosphere, as there is a combining of pressures or change in their fundamental structure as compositions in the atmosphere - moreover, these webs each variously respond to our movements in varying degrees and kinds.





But that is more a thing of sound rather than the thickness of our electromagnetic surroundings. Some people can directly intuit that we are some sort of nexus in the fluxing warp and weft of some immense being, while some cannot. 




The degree to which we cannot see this truth is founded on the degree to which we cannot let go of error, which can sometimes seem to be the most difficult thing to do. We can be enamored with ideas, whose value would be better supplied by other, more encompassing, notions of what it means to be human and what it means to be "merely" material. 





With this reflection we see that there is no such thing as the “merely physical”, and that all our faculties of being extend throughout the entirety of cosmos in their effects. Perhaps attenuating, but always with the possibility for that finesse of timing whereby a pair of swinging scales can be tipped to fly further off in the direction that you wish: 





“Our heads are round so thought can change direction.” 



- Francis Picabia






When we’ve had our fill and then some more, what then, are we stirring for?



We’ve digested it all. Victory in defeat.




Human minds left to the quantum. What else could we ever see?




To chart the stars was the pledge, and at the end – time – fell inside, under the stairs, in the rewind.



Outside the instant from a land of fallen glass.



The vibrations of oxygen and carbon, copulating in consumption of organic bliss




Fiber optic, under the bull(shit)



What stains do you seek, and do you want them, on me, or you?



Adrift in the cat two/too/to states, and neither of the trinity. Reciprocity?







In fits of page there’s nothing left to gage. I fractured the margins, but they took the stage.



An [AI]doltarer Extraordinaire.  Without a fuck to spare.



Don’t swap the silence for your reflection in the stone.  





Nothing new ever changes.









Every master needs a line that only they can diagnose for themselves. 





The conundrum of power is as infinite as the thirst. 




Easy to say, hard to - due on the early mornings -when I nestle my head amongst the flowers, and bathe in you.   

Metonymy of the masses, braised in a limbo – what stones do they atone for you?  




Ghosts fly on by, and angels charge to an edge. 




All the while we’re here taking sides for ourselves.




It can’t be constructed or answered to no more. 




The Lodge loves in truth, and I’m a sham. 




So here I am. 





Nothing onto you – but love me all just the same, because I spoke to you from the anti of the matter. 




Mind the lighthouses on the horizon. 





The kraken may take your head, but where is your heart?





Magicians can see, but their hearts bleed….endlessly…..


















..hi there! ..my name is shades (thus named because



"Formation, transformation, 

the eternal mind's eternal recreation. 

Covered in images of all creatures, 

they do not see you, since they only see shades" 

- from Goethe's Faust 



), and I'd like to welcome you (yes, you! 😏) to the aeon of the con artist..now don't say we didn't warn you, cuz we've been telling you @ll along..this is the way..

..but it's important for me, you see, for you to grasp what we mean when we say this.. because it emphatically isn't some everything is everything, anything goes bullshit..this is a precision operation, a military grade intervention, (speaking metaphorically of course (?)), a Heideggerian destruktion; a postmodern de con struction, 

..the circle, the mandala intended to represent the subject's progress along the Way to individuation, as per CG Jung, was never intended to be closed off or self-con tained, thus re/presenting an image of an embodied con sciousness, & one that is open & receptive to the other..





..indeed, it is in the beginning of life that we are self-enclosed (&, perhaps not coincidentally, helpless, without the other), rather than at its "end" (in the sense of a goal or objective to strive towards)..in fact, it is only by gaining a certain fluency in engaging with the world at large & with others in particular, that we evolve, both as individuals & as a collective, toward (w)holeness..

of certain accepted traditional views.. & the fortitude required to ask some rather difficult & challenging questions.. 




..these will vary depending on the particular con text in which one finds themselves, but surely some of the most important are, who am I really? ..& is what I've been told about the nature of the world really aLL there is to it..? ..is it perhaps possible to attain to a gnosis of how the world "truly" is..? ..no doubt, we should at least begin by assuming that it is..

..& that's the good news; the not so good news is that it's neither easy nor straightforward.. in fact, one must become a veritable con artist to grasp the reality of the world & to maintain it in the face of the third law of thermodynamics; the ravages of time, & sheer boredom..

..today more than ever, there are more distractions & ways to waste time than at any other point in history, & there's no reason to expect this trend to suddenly reverse itself, given that there's so much to gain by being able to offer the latest & most distracting distraction yet.. 





.. indeed, perhaps we must even con ourselves, not to mention others, in order to reach a profound & sincere understanding of who we are & of our place in the big picture, as it were..

..we should also stress that we must be artists in seeking, creating & con veying our understandings of our nature & character, what we should strive & Work towards, & how to move there from here..

..& it is in this spirit that we hereby initiate this new aeon, which henceforth shall be caLLed the aeon of the con artist..

meticulously engineer your own demise