whey cup / hidden in plane zeit





.. if you're not improving, you're losing ..



.. in this economy ..






".. when alleged 'objectivity' becomes a cult, parody becomes an irresistible urge .. when inflexible Authority exists, the satirist and counterfeiter express two variations on, fundamentally, the same strategy for coping in such a world"

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger III: My Life after Death






".. the false world has become the world of mediation; its rulers or archons are not carnal demons but captains of propaganda and brainwashing. In this new vision, spiritual awakening does not catapult you into an incorporeal heaven but plugs you back into the actual, physical world - a place that follows deeper rhythms than CPU cycles and the hum of global networks. The core of our new gnosis, I believe, is the earth, in all its limitations and extraordinary fecund power.. "


- Erik Davis, Techgnosis








Barrels of still waters.


Barrelling through still.



Full dream ahead.



Lily-topped cries soaked in sweat and sand.  


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I’ll never stave an undue grave.



I once thought myself a purity, but I saw the poison in my eyes when I offered you a tincture of what I thought was a gem.


And every failure is a plan.

And every failure is a plan.



Forgotten is the most soothing surface of state.


Unable to turn the tides from always tracking. Enticing. Slice and dice that it. It can. Can come to be. Slice through me. All around again.  


I’ll split my head, as long as I don’t have to sit with it again.


All I don’t want is time.


Every alley is a coroner in a lake. I can’t wade in my words any longer. I can’t be stronger.



Drifting Hyperbole.



That peace I shook within. Now I’m begging for again.

I only dance to scrub away the forms of myself I can’t have stick.


Keep tripping on the line ‘tween the want & the truth. 

Spit upon the surfs, I’ll impose, as far as a reckoning can swing.  



A moon without tone. A prayer that requires a rezone.




Refractions of interactions – I’m sure I’ve said it all before.


Pushed through gates, when I just need to stay. Nothing left in my eyes. Memorial. Rooted in damage. An underlying something savage brought me to this.


And my soul can’t shake that stench.


Turn my sick into stone.  Ever atone.


Shred my bones to rags, because I’m just gasoline, and I’ll fail you to degrees unseen.



There’s a valley with 900 lanterns, but I’m so shady you’ll never see me creep on by. 















"Postmodernism does not result from whim, but from growing evidence that we simply do not live in an Aristotelian true/false universe .. we live in a middle (or muddle) excluded by Aristotle"

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger III: My Life after Death








"Faced with today's honeycomb of reality tunnels, Wilson advocates a kind of wry schizophrenia, a yin/yang of skepticism and imagination that maintains the mind always at a crossroads, poised between yes and no. This excluded middle is where the postmodern Hermes is born: a sacred ironist or a visionary skeptic, dancing between logic and archaic perception, myth and modernity, reason and its own hallucinatory excess"



- Erik Davis, Techgnosis







 aphoristic approaches to being more a woke






 .. for the magician, it's better to keep an open mind about what is "real"  .. in a way, that makes making "editing" changes to reality easier ..

.. enculturation is a bitch .. but nonetheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, well worth overcoming ..






.. there's always 2 sides to any con frontation, & the spirits speak more often in the spaces between their (usually black or white) positions than in their generally subjective perspectives ..






 .. magicians pride themselves on getting whatever they want, or perhaps on gracefully adapting to whatever circumstances they happen to find themselves in .. the ultimate cha11enge, however, has aLways been to change the worLd ..






 .. you can resist the future; even fight it .. but you can't prevent it from happening ..
















"The instrument that measures all other instruments - the human nervous system - has its own laws, and one of them involves always seeing the results one wants to see until and unless something really startles the brain enough to reframe its experiences"

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger III: My Life after Death






".. even the nuttiest notions about material reality emerge from our need to stitch together, however provisionally, the world we feel with the world we know. Moreover, we make the historical determination between 'real' science and wild-eyed speculations in the rearview mirror, and even then, only selectively. For all its skeptical rigor, science and its truth-claims can never be completely distilled from the cultural and mythic murk that characterizes all human societies"

- Erik Davis, Techgnosis










I think sometimes I've found a truth or two all hidden amongst a mass of lies,


One by one the thoughts fly by but leaving marks behind the



Memory fades of different planes in rhymes returning once again,


To sink below the water frozen in the depths.



To call them up, to boil the mass, to spin and turn tongue's twisted lash


Of whirling words, concepts, usually piled in a crash.



A property or two or three, a thing that links between - appearing once before




The screen, the eye of mind, in experience: pleasure, pain.



One approach, the other recede, not just in joy but everything.


A water cold, a burning hot, as dry as sand, as quick as air - each



Opposite calls forth its other, turning into one-another.


But knots are tied,


each spirit lashed, into the turning whirling mass, of things we see and smell and taste


we touch a part ourselves do make, from somewhere deep inside the depths where



the magic mirror rests.