emergent sea / stay a wake


".. you are the medicine .."

- Maria Sabina

".. we haven't seen anything yet .."



- Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus

Nestle up with that voice you box.  



Misdirection of endless passion.




Keep the streets away from me.



People are cliffs.




Estranged to me.



Hope is askew.




Confusion obsessed with me.


I’d just as soon,



Be out of tune.



Because there ain’t no key, for me.



No spirit to stain, no reason to try.



No direction to steer, no way to die.    





Fractures of mind.



Concrete conclusion. 





Sins of absolution.


stay awake



















Hey grande mnemonic, what did you say to me today? What are you trying to get me to remember as these hours sieve away? 





Walking through hallways, in rooms - gazing upon statues, heirlooms, photographs and tools. 






A method: trying to recall a speech, a play, an act on each and every stage, met with characters who may also not remember their lines, the steps in the daily dance. 





One vision of the present is the concreted past, all memory frozen up in form - still written right there in everything, waiting to be read. The mind runs off through the constructive tangential paths that led to some being here, back, branching back. 






Trying to remember what I am by piecing together what surrounds me - that in a physical sense, will never work; but the story. 







Still the implements, machines and tools find their roots in some philosophical yarn spun out of people living and talking together, acting and reacting, as tales. 




What am I reminded of when I see a face, what is the story of my space? 







Great mnemonic, what it is it you want me to remember?



















The core of synchronicity is nostalgia. No future without dream. Delusion.



Dilution of the absolute light of nothingness, rainbow paths of discontent and self-obsession. 





A blissful oblivion of anything you may have been tethered to….we’re here floating again.



And when we can’t feel this shame again, the runway is green.




No shapes without.




Indicate the agenda witch breathes out (of).


Heavy handed, and never near.



Abandoning others to damage the self.  




Stones galore in this lore.




The headlights flicker again   ///////   But that was the angle, no (?) signal.



Signal, right? It’s the signal that keeps me inside.



Whips me alive.  



Hopeium used to cost peasants a penance. A few meals at best.  Then be on your way.



Now? It takes everything…in varying degrees of inequality.


I have rhymes for the vacancies invoked through your acceptance.




No tasted but whiskey and sin. For the start of this fucking wheel again.



Strap your ear to the floor. The fear within is a frequency.




Into your head for once and cliché, because that’s what this piss poor poetry is anyway.



Stepping into snares.



Always trembling for word of shore.




My wrists are always weak……there is no universe for me.























 we're not one, but many .. nay every & any .. an emergent sea









 .. anyone who either admits they're a con artist or flat out denies they're a con artist, is a con artist..





.. It’s just a bunch of interacting trajectories in tensorial garb ..






 .. I think we're @LL in need of some inflammation reduction, don't you..?




 .. I don't say someone else's lines; I ad-lib..






".. it is only through the imagination that human beings can become godlike and actually participate in the mind of God, thereby achieving divine gnosis in the most literal and radical sense. 



Accordingly, it is not the world that must be rejected or from which human beings need to escape .. it is about staying awake to the true nature of our own selves as omnipotent divine creators who have the power to create our own world as beautifully as we wish.. "




- Wouter J Hanegraaff, Alan Moore's Promethea: Countercultural Gnosis and the End of the World







.. they say insanity's doing the same thing & expecting a different result, but I wonder if it isn't doing nothing & expecting something to change ..







-  .. what if, as a result of the world being more con nected & the acceleration in novelty associated with increased heat, karma somehow now takes less time to .. process, I guess, than in previous eras .. incidentally, & while on the surface communications tech & heat/novelty/entropy may not seem to be related, both pertain directly to the movement of a message through a medium & to its intended recipient.. .. & in any case, is it really supposed to be a coincidence that both happen to be increasing..?




- Heat, according as entropy, being an increase in disorder, and CO2 being an acidifying agent, with acidic environments being malignant for higher life forms generally in biological terms, if karmic repercussions are being sped up, I’d say it’s all mass humanity's incongruous deeds throughout history coming to slam us all in the face ..









 .. the Master's Work is never done; so if u want your work to be done, don't become one ..