aeonic tectonics

.. brace your selves
.. cuz we ain't even started .. 







"Indeed, the world in which the events of the New Testament took place were engulfed in the onslaught of Imperial Rome and the need for the Empire to demonstrate to its subjects and enemies alike that there was none 'like the Beast'. The question here is, however, whether or not the end of another age, the age of Pisces, will in fact herald a similar catastrophic event inaugurating the 'New Age' in terms that will mirror the events of the 'Jewish War' but increased an order (or two) of magnitude.








It does seem that a fairly substantial group of people, of no small influence have taken the idea to its extreme, openly advocating political and societal policies that will trigger the Apocalypse (as they envision it, of course) .. "

- Anthony Testa, the Key of the Abyss





Smacked my head on the storage room door. 


Dancing too powerfully, compellingly, mad.



Lonely prayers.

Swaying to make suns come true, and more importantly visions of you.

Circle round the fire. It’s empty again.




Empty is the only word that hurts. 


One that never should slip off lips without returning without warmth.


It’s catch, not fetch. 


Are you with me on this again? 


It’s still and I guess with the right perspective you’d paint it as peaceful, but not content.


It’s still and I know at times it soothes the soul, so they say. 



What happens when you are adjacent to where you stomped yourself out like a cigarette. 




The final flag in your fucking coat pocket after the world was done with you. 




When you slip from your head and smash your heart on a stone you know is too essential to be away.



Why is it always again. 










I did again. 



I know how to dig deep in hurt – again.   



And it is still, and to me that’s all it has ever been.

Vacant - still.

Ambitiously mad, never here.


Always scrambling in my head for that calm shore.




Pushing back gummy, sticky shameful spritz. Inspiring shits.

Sun is chasing the buzz away.



There’s a place with no please. And the sun is chasing the buzz away.


Baby come back and sway,




Grapes drizzle into eyes, soil into nose. 


There ain’t no more sense nor flesh, fresh or knot – just doesn’t hit the spot.



Caressed to bone. An ego without a throne.


And when you get to where we are I’ll never ask you baby where have you been. 




Because you’re the only stasis that is my sin.


 .. shades (thus named because he'd recently adopted the art of soliloquy & would often engage in it when he was by himself just like a right Shakespearean character, & the name prospero was taken 🧐) reflected on the gaps between the aeons & what experiencing them would feel like subjectively, & con cluded, 









.. & while this was not a new observation of his if anything with time it had become ever more urgent ..












 .. we want to situate the source of power in the other; other people, institutions, laws or what have you.. but the reality is that to do this is the originary mistake that causes the whole world's problems. no. what we should focus on & attend to is our own innate power which, while others may seek to manipulate or pervert, con tinues, remains & ought to pertain..







.. & what, if anything, might that have do with aeonic tectonics, one might well ask ..







 .. the new aeon must be born within or it will not be at all.. & this will happen when a critical mass of people attune to their own innate power.. & while external events might well serve as catalysts of change, one shouldn't expect the new world to come from without. not if they can't access it & embody it ..






 .. nay, they shouldn't even expect it to come to everyone at the same time, cuz honestly what are the odds of that .. in any case, one who embodies such a reality would also grasp the fact that friction & negotiation will be involved in interactions between those who are attuned to one aeon & those who are attuned to another..

.. & might it not even be that such aeonic tectonics in themselves are a defining, salient characteristic of the new age ..?

.. perhaps, perhaps..

























 .. let me put some of my fire out in your water, baby ..



let's explore alternative sexualitease .. 







.. let me bring my fascism closer to your communism 




.. & even if we don't know what either of those words mean, 


let's just see what strange offspring result from it ..







.. why don't you go ahead & bring your hippie commune over to my place ..



yea, that's right here next to my patriarchal establishment ..

.. & let's see what comes of it ..

.. & I'd really like to hit on you some more & while I'm at it offend everyone I haven't yet,





but the deadline for this issue is coming fast & hard &,






like, I have to catch it or I'll get it sideways like ..


















I must first have a tabula rasa, before I can inscribe the Tabula Smagardina.







We live in various spaces consisting in at least:

1. location or point in a matrix with at least 11 sensory demarkations: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, weight, heat, duration, nervous influences, digestive sense, respiratory.

    a. which are defined by geometric structures within the interior space, tracings on the board.

    b. and which, in some further measure coincide in their relations to one another





2. semantics bearing linguistic structure(s) and its/their sign(s), that open up worlds of ideas, or constellations in thought.

    a. the units being sounds and drawings

        i. that have come into relation by the working of the past

        ii. that are visually combinations of straights and curves

        iii. that are aurally combinations of auditory particles

            1. that usually consist of stop and a vowel pairs, as aspirations

            2. Khoisan, however, is at least one exception and shows there are alternatives

                a. that vocalizations are an exteriorization of internal states in both homo and hetero sapiens

                b. and therefore that non-human languages are intelligible amongst the groups of hetersapeins, but only relatively so for creatures more distant in the tree of life.




2.a.iv : and therefore that non-human languages are intelligible amongst the groups of hetersapeins, but only relatively so for creatures more distant in the tree of life.






2.a.v : w[h]i[t]ch words are gateways to properties and a record of past thought forms.

    story, or archetypal space, peculiar to any particular shared being.

    a. which is the set of meanings for being for a given shared being

    b. and that consists in the relations between members resident in that shared being, or the closer current branchings in The Tree.

        i. that for humans the range of archetypes come from the actions and desires of the forebears of our torch

            1. which notion of archetype resides in all branches, being an extension of a past into a future.

        ii. and that with humans are re-presented in fiction

            1. which introduces to a child types of lives they may live

            2. that in moves and television the time flow of life is dismembered into scenes

                a. which are reflections in our own real lives of most memorable moments

                b. with the fictions presenting what would be more memorable moments if they were actually lived



                    i. and which seem to have become preferentially attracted attention away from bulk humanity into a passive pursuit

















 .. let's just say, the people who back me, some aren't worthy to speak their name; they're not even on the physical plane, mane ..




 .. & while they rush, scurry & scamper to preserve a dead order, we're building for tomorrow, & for the day after..





.. I'm playing the long game .. & I @ll ways win ..

.. & if nothing else works, just black magick they ass ..