bodymind complexi ties

"I wonder how this wealth has
made its home in this poverty."

- The Gospel According to Thomas

In theravada buddhism, a technique is taught whereby the meditator learns to experience their body not as a resident thereof who sits in the head and peeks out the eyes, but rather as essentially a field of energy, through which their consciousness moves, scanning it from top to bottom and repeatedly.

This technique is known as vipassana. not ones to mince their words, the buddhists think of this as literally the way to grasp how things (the body, the mind) really are.

Never mind smoking, spending too much time in public can kill you. Get your own room where you can have privacy whenever you need it, & train your body to be comfortable by itself. At first it'll be hard, that's your body signaling it's discomfort at being responsible for itself. Or its the bodies of others calling you because they stand to benefit from your energy. Resist. Learn to become comfortable by yourself. Only then will you be suitably prepared to face your own death.

One who is well versed in the technique will begin to isolate points of tension in the body, knots or blockages, as they're variously called (and both names are accurate to the experience of these areas).

The experienced/advanced bioalchemist will have already identified their own areas for work, or transmutation. The object being to work with these areas of conflict, to turn the areas of stress into new opportunities and real life changes.

its all rates of flow, reality itself is a frequency.

A profound secret of bioenergetics lies herein, and it was stated centuries ago by that thrice great alchemist Hermes, to wit, "That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing".

As the bioenergetic technician works with these areas, and learns the methods of earthing their charges of tension, they will see real and increasingly intense changes to their reality. Changes are effected in the way consciousness arranges reality, and what it chooses to focus on.

Death comes from the right, or it comes from the left. But it always comes from the same direction. & it is always insistent. no. inexorable

This is the bioenergetic magnum opus.