“People arent afraid of death, they’re afraid of pain”



Death is the excuse we use to hide our guilt.




Death of the old paradigm



ego deaths.. dealing with death of others with acceptance...




allowing oneself to “die”





shit i could go on a while..Living to die..




Etc etc




Shades... death... afterlife... eh?







Post apoc. being the “afterlife”...


Mirror, mirror of my mind



Place a light inside for time.



Burn a few, anon, I knew



That everything I saw was you.


Place my hand atop a flame,




The light that shines now becomes pain.




What was, what is, the present kiss




Of truth and life and night begins




Again when I’ve gone amiss:




Left the world behind a bit.





I’m gone for you, but me what’s best





Another time, another rest, in darkness




With what piece my heart’s possessed.


Judging me by you, all else,





The all does hope to prove my soul





And move a proper place with calls





From deep without the sounding fall.

Cut out the din and all that remains




Is what’s within turned inside out,




For all to see, my God, my Syn










the Way has never had a name;

perhaps it just doesn't like them





..but it is eternal, & will @LL ways be waiting..



..for those who are ready for it







 Con flagration

Smoke chokes me again, just in (the) time
Mind of perfect clarity, now seeps and drains into epitaph.

I need to be me in desire, with a soul on fire.
Indulging  -  furthest away from where I pray,
into the pits of play.

Burn the sticks, and caress the stones
Hell has come to devour our souls, and scour our bones.

Its not the heat, the smoke, or the despair.
It’s the sticky regret.
Can’t breathe, nowhere to turn but in,
nothing in there (except/accept) everything I avoid.

Hollowed eyes bleed into hasty embryos.
Spores of spit and shit solder the mind like holy script.

Animated emancipation, withers in the grip.
 Watch the faith dissipate into hate.




what is death, really

nothing at all..

..or nothing itself

a moment, a gap, an opening

an opportunity perhaps..

..do u have thoughts like this too..?

& fear is such an uncivilized, ugly thing..

..fear's the challenge to rise above it

after @LL, haven't we died before..?

..may be we just did..



the master con artist hasn't mastered the art of stealing







they're masters at how to emerge from any con others might pull on them




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