paraLLel // ewe-neverse@LL*



(being the second half of a post-scientific duology which aims to go beyond a dogmatic scientism to examine & where possible to outline examples of what a post-scientific approach might entail, & to trace some possible trajectories that it might explore, from an artistic - esoteric perspective..)







*: the reader is referred to the prequel to this issue..the section "an arguably overly self-con gratulatory commentary on the title that takes up more space than it has any right or reason to (or something along these lines)" is a discussion of the title

"avoid perfectionism: the requirement for perfection is inhuman inasmuch as what is perfect is set and unsurpassable, therefore dead"




- Jodorowsky, the Way of Tarot

 ..I like overdoing it, pushing myself..cuz that's how you learn your limits & find out what you're up against..









..I think magicians in general are hard & rough..it's what makes them strong enough to encounter the absolute other, the spirit world or the astral or what have you..





..but it's also important to learn to adapt that to dealing with people, who are on an entirely different plane.. 









 give it a wu-wei now

the fall seems like a mess, but only from the perspective of the winter




Things and dreams always swing towards the switch. 




We are brave in the dark, 



but we never thought to repost from the light. 




Shelter ain’t no salvation, and this ain’t no kissing booth. 



Yet… it’s still broadcast on a band thicker than glue.



Pen slipping to sea. 



Lucid expectations. 


A cliché. 




A platitude.



Why’d you read this piss?


Because it was in line? 




I cracked the 5th / / he chuckles to myself.  



Always mistaken monkey scrambles up the hill again. 


The three foot shuffle.  



Straight in/to the tank.



Where did you think too far would take you?  




And for that matter, when you got there, 


what would you do?





Mind was the first construct, 


but it ain’t got your back like instinct do.


 ..when have I ever called your phenomena crazy..







..one of the salient & guiding con cepts of LL is that it is effectively an egregore..it isn't just one person doing it, but a collective; or rather if there is a "person" doing it, it is LL itself..



 ..now, people are uncomfortable with this idea, because it threatens the ego & its own, but it is phenomenologically accurate to the experience of a group mind or collective..




..indeed, it can even be "explained", or at the least, one can begin to seek to explain it by examining quantum phenomena such as entanglement, & so-called "spooky action at a distance"





..in fact, those who are deeply attuned to their inner life gnow that there is nothing spooky about it; it's just another structure inherent in con sciousness which they might even presume & take for granted..









 .. there's an "initiated" interpretation for the experience of those who are sensitive to esoteric energies which are associated with the autumn equinox & other major markers of the shifting of the seasons, & it is as follows..




..the advanced esoteric practitioner is a kind of vampire in that they're con nected to reality (in both its ideal and material aspects) & thus can draw energies from it..



..so what happens in say the fall is that "pieces of the fall" are absorbed by the magician's esoteric body.. this causes something like an allergic reaction because the energies are so different from those of summer.. basically..









.. everyone is human..even those people you don't like or don't understand..or maybe it's you who should grow up a bit..















Your truth is the chain. 



One of them traps whi(T)ch helps absence glean salvation from a well of fools.




Tellin’ your heart it ain’t that empty, it ain’t never been a no be. 



It won’t hurt like this ever again. 



Nor no more. 




Those stones left on the step of mind.





What(a)chu been slighting to?


Towers loitering in fernos.



Babylonian rubble. 










to me. 






Without leniency.  




Crystals and ribbons galore.




And if a slave could love a chore




– well then sweetie I trance into you - for just a chance at true.  















"An art that does not heal is not an art"


 - Jodorowsky, the Way of Tarot







.. the irony of debating whether or not there is life after death is that they're both true, in their own ways..having myself died more than once (energetically if not physically), I've determined that not only is there some sort of con tinuation, but indeed that it doesn't make logical sense to say there isn't (that which experiences life identifies itself with the latter at its own risk or peril; this is merely one aspect of one's experience, after all).

..on the other hand, if there is a life after this body dies, it will either be so different from this experience that it is inaccurate to call it life per se, or one will be so distracted, or rather preoccupied with it, that the previous life will seem utterly insignificant (..in this regard, this might be analogous to waking from a dream..)








 when i was younger, i didn't feel that I was enough; but now i gnow I'm too much..​
















"we are dust, but it is stardust"



- Jodorowsky, the Way of Tarot







..Shades, thus named because, like Baron Samedi, he wore several pairs of sunglasses at the same time (or rather would if he could), grinned..

"I've told you time & again that I'm a con artist, but what does that really mean?", he asked..

"..very well ..let me explain my particular con to you now, so that you can well understand it.."



"..it's really very simple..so simple in fact that even if you know beforehand what it is, I doubt you'd be immune to it..!"




"..ready? well, here goes: all I have to do, is reduce or eliminate everything (in practice this might seem unattainable, but the point is to use it as a standard to strive towards; a work in progress rather than a done deal) that I see as superfluous to my purposes & will in my life..that's it! ..the rest more or less does itself..& if you have any doubt soever that this is the perfect con, I urge you to try it at home..!"

"..the esoteric interpretation is that if my life is well ordered & minimalist in the sense of excluding as much as possible activities or other energetic outlets that don't con tribute positively to achieving what I want to achieve, then reality itself, the future, the very laws of subtle bioenergetics if you will, will function to favor my achieving it..so, rather than having to rely on luck, this is how you too can make your own fortune.."








 ..we aren't boxes that contain things, but energy fields; & yes, solid objects are also energy fields..just particularly well defined ones..




















 ..may justice prevail, & may truth prevail, & may chivalry & honour prevail over those who think everyone & everything is theirs to have their way with as they will..









 ..the devil's a little kid who can't find their way home..& good luck with that one, kids, cuz it's true..











..8 is eternity, infinity, returning in(de)finitely..