re:membering (I saw it on the astral in passing from sleeping to waking)

..a.k.a. it gives a certain sense of in media res..







.."the exposure of innocence is a lie"; 

thus says Alick, & Alick's @LLways right..






"I want to make a promise to you, the reader. And I don't know if I can fulfill it tomorrow, or even the day after that. But I put the bastards of this world on notice. That I do not have their best interests at heart. I will try and speak for my reader. That is my promise.."


- from The Rum Diary (2011)







Scratching cement – admiring lament.

The Tepidly Triumphant.

Whale towards.

From a perspective all too spent.


We beg for crash and bang,
but when the snake sneaks up the slip we are all undressed.

Is your hat white or black?


Because gray is forbidden(.) under the injunction.


Pirates of the mo(u)rning,








Grazing on insular egos


too busy culling the correct 

to arouse or effect - something meaningful.


Exonerated from the iron echo (chambers) of court.

We stabilize outside the (o)zone.


With nothing below us.

Falling was certain.

When weightlessness went weeping out requirements of remorse.


A revolver of waves
never buckles beneath(,) aspirations.


Their pace - our breath(*)

Their retreat - our beacon.


The waves struggle to shout
over the ships that c(r)ash in.


If genesis is a circle, how does it hold (onto your tongue)?



Moore us back on the shores of begin.


The self -claimed pyrites of reaping.

Scuttled in a hangover of insular insurrection.

With a thirst to salvage from the bias of unfounded acrid icon.


Nothing alive dies.

Words ambush the ships that squeeze the throat.



Pages in the cold.


We’ll refine this position when you remember home.




(*)  not to be distinguished with nor by any conceptual continuity as that would negate the point. 

Negate in the sense of a tragic abolishment as opposed to a thoughtful omission. 


Where would you point?



I would pray not to your chamber.



"where are we really going?

@LLways home"

- Novalis











Shades (thus named because one of if not his favorite technique(s) was to con front people with their own shadow as it was generated spontaneously within his own awareness) became fascinated with a rather odd thing [Spoiler alert: soon enough, he would regret he'd ever observed it]. 


He real lies ed that when he changed his own behavior, people changed their own in response to his. Strangest thing, but other people would change how they acted, if you change how you re:late to them. 

Soon enough, Shades (thus named because..got you! ha, ha) came to real eyes that he could con trol other people by changing how he himself acted in ever so subtle ways. Understandably, this thought disturbed him to no end. If you can con trol others depending on how you behave, how do you gnow whether they're real people or extras in a film that you've made?

This eventually lead him to the Mystery of Zombeeisme. Because if you can con trol people as if they're extras in your film, that means you're ultimately in con trol of everyone and every thing. The weight of the response ability weighed upon him, but he real eyezed that he alone was response able for the way the world is. 

So he decided that he would forego traditional theories of personality and the self, and all but the most concrete & unwieldy of personal preferences.. instead, he would devote himself to changing himself to re:create the world in the best possible form (..needless to say? for him self..)..no matter what manner of changes to (how he thought of) him self(?) this entailed..





"Just as sampling and cutting-up reality gives us a randomized picture that nevertheless shows us, more
accurately than what is immediately apparent, what sense-based material existence looks like; so, too,
the interconnecting of two minds will produce as its sum a third mind that, by avoiding singular,
individuated solo strategies and agendas, preconceptions and blind-spots, is far greater in total, and
more relevant in effect in our era than any solitary brain can achieve, no matter how visionary"


- Genesis Breyer P-Orridge 

..in the long view of history we've come a long way from serfdom to a king or pharaoh, but we're still a long way away from being "king" of our own universe (..well..some less so than others I guess..🤔) which is surely the ultimate goal of at least so-called left hand path occult approaches..🧐

The whole wide world is a world wide web. Of fluxing luck and missing steps. A beat on and on that should never end - and what swings left, must swing right; for a final balance is never in sight, but the other foot drops, descends in the night a unlocked-step chaos, libertudinous
We’d meet in bars and brothels if we could, and once upon a time we did. But the weight of the moment, our choices, hangs heavy on our shoulders, our head - our future life depends on what we have said- and done - for jest and fun. 
But, a mind at peace will never run away in trains of hurtling munitions to be led across land and over seas, to people who do not even know they are in need of a little introspection, some time alone with their own thoughts outside the strictures and dictates of bygone moralities that served their purpose, but now try to sever the silver line, their own fate, of being swept up into a dustbin post haste. 
Not to decry the law of life, of man and woman shining bright, but to let the love hang low and flow throughout the land, and sea, and sky - not just a little while, but for all time; without the specter of king or scepter, diadem or crown. We should have seen it all along that those who try to lead are always clowns, and dangerous ones at that when there are still mercenaries ready to take up the bat and put to spoil all that peace had built, all but for a little bit of shining gold that they could never find inside their soul. 
The bold, the brave, a soldier, son, a knave. A thief, a knife, a lock kit twice - a story needs two sides (at least!); that competition for a piece of what comes free, when opened up indeed you be. 
No block or stumble, tumbling down - the inside matched to upside down, and inside out, the root up in the sky. Whether either, ether, or - which witch or wall or stony creep, put together down in the deep has crept onto the shore.

append dicks, f: f(l)ighting words

..they told me this would happen, then they told me to forget (but I didn't)..





black magick transdimensional fucking ninjas..how do you transcision from that into real life, exactly..?


everything that makes sense is nonsense
& what seems like nonsense is the essence
(hey, it wasn't my idea)





the way to (be) the best is through tests.. that's how it all ways is, was & will be, I guess..




only the master can do crazy shit & get away with it.. that's actually how you gnow..even Castaneda says so



..there's always someone who wants what you got, & there's always someone who's refined what you're experimenting with into a fine art..






..let me tell you about the fourth (..or fifth? I forget..) time I died..or would you prefer to hear about my second esoterical murder (naturally, in self(?)-defense..naturally?)..




..I told you this would happen, but you forgot all about it, didn't ewe..? .I gnow ewe did..