an (esoterico-)energetic cybernetics

"There are other worlds behind ours, other lives behind what we call life. We must do away with the parentheses of exclusionism in exchange for the hypotheses of a fantastic Unity. And no matter if we make mistakes...what is essential, at a time like this when new methods of knowledge and new ways of thinking are being opened up, is that we should have no doubts at all that maps will have to be altered, that the world is not what we thought it was, and that we ourselves, in the depths of our own consciousness will have to change into something different from what we were before."

- Pauwels & Bergier, Morning of the Magicians

Our Work is on the inner planes, & the less they know about it, the better for the profane

A friendly chat with Choronzon

The most profound esoteric teachings insist that there is no visible line of demarcation between waking life and a dream. So when Shades (thus named firstly because he always seemed to wear shades and secondly because he was not unitary but a collective which included certain shades of the dead) awoke, it was 9 months later, & not even he knew where the fuck he was..he'd had a lot of time to recapitulate, as Castaneda called it.

He was in a cube floating, as if weightless, in a sea of patterns of lights, swirling, circling all around..

Nor was he thrown off balance when he was met by a bespectacled machine elf interlocutor who seemed not so much to speak as to sing directly into his mind in a voice curiously remeniscent of Terence McKenna's:

“welcome, Noble Traveller…”, the being seemed to say
"Where am I, & who the fuck are you? ?", shades asked, not unreasonably
"You know they tried to kill you right? Blasted you.."
"Sure. But I'm too valuable to the, um, 'organization'"
"Right, right. I used to be like that too, kid. & then I be came Everything. In any case, that should give you a good hint as to where you are.."
"No way. You're telling me this is Da'ath, & you're Choronzon!?"
"Bingo. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Still quite a few people I have to do in, if you catch me. I have a message for you: 'the enemy is at the gates. Insofar as such crude dualistic concepts obtain below the Abyss, this I have ascertained'", Choronzon seemed to sing, in a cheery tone that seemed incongruous with the content of the message..
"Fuck that. We both know there are no enemies anywhere"
"Sure; you know that, I know that, the company of gnostic saints & high initiates know that, but to the ordinary person on the street, the coming period will seem like the end of the world. It's already started, with the earthquakes, stocks, the weather. You see, Those great spirits, those venerable vudu of whom we ourselves are but an expression, have decided that it's high time to accelerate the psychic evolution on your planet before it's too late.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that, as you know, is to place tests and challenges before the initiates. .in short, the time wave is about to hit zero, shit's about to go all trajectories of sideways,  and your we were never (w)here order, among others, has a serious responsibility during this time of great change. Got it? ?"
Shades stared at the elf, dumbfounded. "Um, yeah I think so. Does that mean I'm not dead?"
The elf giggled as he replied, "it's true that you died, but it's neither the first nor the last time. Now get back to malkuth & get to Work!"

& with that, Shades was suddenly surrounded by a great wind that obscured his surroundings, & then he was

[transmission abruptly ends, static]

"Can what is playing you make it to level 2?"

 - Nick Land, Fanged Noumena

Illumination, gnosis is also like a dis-ease. come, let me infect you with my communicable (b)light!

Tides I: Appropriation

The instinct of intelligence is to suffer. This stresses the mind, in order to invoke evolution. Survival, to the intellect, is overcoming. This is how we evolved from animals to humans - through our minds. The Self(-)diagnoses that there is value in suffering.

This is why we are imagining obstacles for ourselves – continually, unknowingly. Often even intentionally. This process leaves a residue of trauma on the psyche. Self-scarification. A ritual(.) often mistaken for growth.

The core of the universe is (k)not intelligence. Yet, we still identify with it through the intellect. This is wrong. Intellect is for understanding, not relating. We are the vessels of spirit – not reason.

In recognition of this some magicians work their minds towards psychic fracture. Push until it hurts, and spins over on itself. One would reason that to force the self through, would necessitate the evolution of intelligence in order to survive. If you snap, you’ll wake up on the other side….right? This is how we got here in the first place…right?

There is no valor or progress in pushing the self through the mirror, because on the other side there will only be fragments of what was destroyed. 

"And so I could only agree with the mad philosophers of the ego, when they stated in so many books that all that existed was the "Ich," the ego. For to realize that there is only the ego is the most important philosophical lesson that can be taught to the black magician as he slowly gathers together the weapons of his destiny. So if it is only the ego which truly is, then all else must be illusion, unless it is part of the ego. For it must be a part of "my being" to have reality. There is an important lesson to be learned in this egotism: If you do not admit to it, you will always run the risk of being enslaved by something outside of your being. You will always run the risk of being told that you "should" do something for someone outside of yourself. For those outside of you would want to control you, make you their slave, make you think the way they would think. But you cannot do that. You cannot surrender your ego to them for them, if you do, you can never be a power unto yourself. You can never become the Absolute Ego of German metaphysics. For there is an eternal state of war existing between the Ego and the Non-Ego; because they will never let up in their attempts to take over control of your life and destiny. They will always want to control the black magician; because only he has real powers"

- Bertiaux, VGW

Window Space

The Yellow and orange candlelight projects crisp, luscious angles onto the walls.
 Kinetic energy smudges with the shadows.

Tranquilizing purple exhalation,
 wraps its arms, hair, and secrets around me.
Together we writhe and whisper.

My faint breath sends clear ripples throughout the universe.

As it sways with me,
I beg it stays with me.

The city gently hums,
A trampled blissful ouroboros.

Music and warm rushes – coextensive - overtake my body.
The poison gentling nibbling at my soul,
cumming into my blood.

Art is never decoration, embellishment; instead, it is a work of enlightenment. Art, in other words, is a technique for acquiring liberty

— Bruce Lee

you seek security, but you must understand that security is always an ill usion. the only real goal worth seeking is more personal power; ever more

Tides II: Resolution

Intent - Is me combating myself. Intent is grounded in want. I am in pain because I want. I suffer because humans were evolutionarily conditioned to suffer in order to survive. To be in pleasure is to be abundant, and thrive. To be without is to starve, to wean, to die. By consuming, we create hunger. When we are still, there is no want. When we listen, there is no need.

A magician who plans intent, has failed. When knowledge is consulted the will is constrained into a prison of understanding and intellectualizing. Believing, reasoning, or praying.  Yes, prayer is intellectualizing. Conscious activity with the purpose of affecting consciousness is counterproductive. It’s what we did as animals, not what we were meant to do as gods. It’s the unconscious that needs to breathe. Clear consciousness away in order to free it.

Let the anti-mage run wild. The true shaman.

Not pushing through, but letting go.

The magician and the madness must go toe to toe.

At times it may feel or seem as though the outside is acting in, and towards. The contrary is the case. The unconscious will of the magician is cycling towards itself, from within itself.
If intent is focused with the purpose of escaping pain or suffering the intent is wasted. The only way to become authentically empowered is to sit in the pain. Acting from the space within your pain nets extra energy by not fleeing it. When you aren’t in conflict you can focus your energy on other areas. This also harvests the power and energy of that pain. Pain is the greatest gift we never wanted.  We identify with pain through blood or emotion – which are too often intertwined like the serpents of the Caduceus.

Pain is mortal. Despair is existential.

Intuition is magic – time travel,
it has no ritual.

Consciousness, as we all know, is the spell we cast on ourselves. The trap weaved by the unconscious. The mind needs conflict, for progress, and to establish meaning.
Oh mind….are we there yet? Do you feel clever enough to let it all go? Or, are you going to jerk yourself off, and us all around, just a little bit longer? Mind is true insatiable lust.
I resolve to release my subconscious and allow it to find the destination without my intent obstructing it. In order to sync with the heavens I must let them go. In order to move, I must stop.

A good magician knows when to pack away the mind, the ego, and the will. And that, my friend, is when the magician opens themselves up to surf the most gnarly and magnificent of vibes.

My objective has never changed; it has always been the acceleration of the evolution of the world, and allways will be.

A perfect body
on relics of a soul.

 Reflects to me
 the sultan snow,

A mind baptized in Buddha,
drunk on self-neglect,
brined in disgrace,
to be seared on the diamond,
and served to nothingness.

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