whey cup / hidden in plane zeit





.. if you're not improving, you're losing ..



.. in this economy ..






".. when alleged 'objectivity' becomes a cult, parody becomes an irresistible urge .. when inflexible Authority exists, the satirist and counterfeiter express two variations on, fundamentally, the same strategy for coping in such a world"

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger III: My Life after Death






".. the false world has become the world of mediation; its rulers or archons are not carnal demons but captains of propaganda and brainwashing. In this new vision, spiritual awakening does not catapult you into an incorporeal heaven but plugs you back into the actual, physical world - a place that follows deeper rhythms than CPU cycles and the hum of global networks. The core of our new gnosis, I believe, is the earth, in all its limitations and extraordinary fecund power.. "


- Erik Davis, Techgnosis








Barrels of still waters.


Barrelling through still.



Full dream ahead.



Lily-topped cries soaked in sweat and sand.  


{content hijacked again}



I’ll never stave an undue grave.



I once thought myself a purity, but I saw the poison in my eyes when I offered you a tincture of what I thought was a gem.


And every failure is a plan.

And every failure is a plan.



Forgotten is the most soothing surface of state.


Unable to turn the tides from always tracking. Enticing. Slice and dice that it. It can. Can come to be. Slice through me. All around again.  


I’ll split my head, as long as I don’t have to sit with it again.


All I don’t want is time.


Every alley is a coroner in a lake. I can’t wade in my words any longer. I can’t be stronger.



Drifting Hyperbole.



That peace I shook within. Now I’m begging for again.

I only dance to scrub away the forms of myself I can’t have stick.


Keep tripping on the line ‘tween the want & the truth. 

Spit upon the surfs, I’ll impose, as far as a reckoning can swing.  



A moon without tone. A prayer that requires a rezone.




Refractions of interactions – I’m sure I’ve said it all before.


Pushed through gates, when I just need to stay. Nothing left in my eyes. Memorial. Rooted in damage. An underlying something savage brought me to this.


And my soul can’t shake that stench.


Turn my sick into stone.  Ever atone.


Shred my bones to rags, because I’m just gasoline, and I’ll fail you to degrees unseen.



There’s a valley with 900 lanterns, but I’m so shady you’ll never see me creep on by. 















"Postmodernism does not result from whim, but from growing evidence that we simply do not live in an Aristotelian true/false universe .. we live in a middle (or muddle) excluded by Aristotle"

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger III: My Life after Death








"Faced with today's honeycomb of reality tunnels, Wilson advocates a kind of wry schizophrenia, a yin/yang of skepticism and imagination that maintains the mind always at a crossroads, poised between yes and no. This excluded middle is where the postmodern Hermes is born: a sacred ironist or a visionary skeptic, dancing between logic and archaic perception, myth and modernity, reason and its own hallucinatory excess"



- Erik Davis, Techgnosis







 aphoristic approaches to being more a woke






 .. for the magician, it's better to keep an open mind about what is "real"  .. in a way, that makes making "editing" changes to reality easier ..

.. enculturation is a bitch .. but nonetheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, well worth overcoming ..






.. there's always 2 sides to any con frontation, & the spirits speak more often in the spaces between their (usually black or white) positions than in their generally subjective perspectives ..






 .. magicians pride themselves on getting whatever they want, or perhaps on gracefully adapting to whatever circumstances they happen to find themselves in .. the ultimate cha11enge, however, has aLways been to change the worLd ..






 .. you can resist the future; even fight it .. but you can't prevent it from happening ..
















"The instrument that measures all other instruments - the human nervous system - has its own laws, and one of them involves always seeing the results one wants to see until and unless something really startles the brain enough to reframe its experiences"

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger III: My Life after Death






".. even the nuttiest notions about material reality emerge from our need to stitch together, however provisionally, the world we feel with the world we know. Moreover, we make the historical determination between 'real' science and wild-eyed speculations in the rearview mirror, and even then, only selectively. For all its skeptical rigor, science and its truth-claims can never be completely distilled from the cultural and mythic murk that characterizes all human societies"

- Erik Davis, Techgnosis










I think sometimes I've found a truth or two all hidden amongst a mass of lies,


One by one the thoughts fly by but leaving marks behind the



Memory fades of different planes in rhymes returning once again,


To sink below the water frozen in the depths.



To call them up, to boil the mass, to spin and turn tongue's twisted lash


Of whirling words, concepts, usually piled in a crash.



A property or two or three, a thing that links between - appearing once before




The screen, the eye of mind, in experience: pleasure, pain.



One approach, the other recede, not just in joy but everything.


A water cold, a burning hot, as dry as sand, as quick as air - each



Opposite calls forth its other, turning into one-another.


But knots are tied,


each spirit lashed, into the turning whirling mass, of things we see and smell and taste


we touch a part ourselves do make, from somewhere deep inside the depths where



the magic mirror rests.









de Mundus Imaginalis: parall(h)el(l) devilopments





 .. everything matters more or less, and to an unknown degree ..







 .. astral pirate radio beaming blasting broadcasting right straight direct the fuck into your third eye ..









"Hypnosis exists on all levels of human society, and very few scientists can remember that their favorite models started out as metaphors"



- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth














I’ll sift more than be.


I’ll wail more than sail.



You won’t need to step around me,
as you pass on through the gates of undo.



I’ve already failed the scales.


The only hand I forced was the wrong one.



Across a heart.  




Put a stop to where I stamp it from.


Words through straws.



Fetishize the fringe I can’t choke.





I sit more than stand.


I’ll take more than give.




And baby you don’t want to know, how short I am in love lately too.



Liquid to dust.



It won’t stay light long enough to tame that fright.


The fever only breaks when the mind is inaudible.   




Till then I will weave like a firefly into the jaws of the night..














"I don't mind being accused of  being an 'escapist'. On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break"


- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth 





.. but we were never really aiming at being comprehensive or systemic in the first place .. not even seeking hard & fast rules, at that; we have @ll ways insisted that the most one can do when dealing with the imaginal realm is to outline trajectories .. 




.. on the con trary, rules are the death of the occult, which isn't a Euclidean fantasy world of perfect circles & straight lines, but a very tangible &, therefore, a messy one of tangential tantrums & a chaos that is as potent(ial)ly destructive as it is creative..








 .. shades (.. thus named .. no, that's it this time .. ha, just kidding .. got you tho .. 😏.. thus named because it was a code name, shades being a secret agent of that shadowy esoteric co11ective, the we were never (w) here order, battling archontic forces hellbent on enslaving humanity .. ) came to awareness following an esoteric phase shift; drift (alstublieft) to a voice whispering on the wind ..





.. it's your un con scious that destroys you in the end ..







 .. here's another high- level secret that is only approved for those of the who gives a f degree (& higher 🤨) of the we were never (w)here order: it has never been, nor will ever be, any outside force that destroys the magician; only their own weakness(es) can do that..





.. thus is that great, perpetually reverberating initiation: the con frontation with the shadow, facing all those terrible ones .. but I'm here to tell you, fear not.. for there is a way to overcome them .. yea, even the most terrifying of them.. 






.. but it's not easy, & it's not straightforward .. it takes courage, dedication, discipline, to win .. must one therefore become 'boring', to succeed in the long term..? .. certainly not, but it's not easy to balance creativity & con sistency .. on the con trary, it's an endless chaLLenge ..






 .. & if any of this sounds familiar, it should ..




 .. after all, you (un con sciously?) do it every day .. 






.. the ch@11enge, however, is to do it intentionally, willfully, con sciously ..


















Of course, by now, we realize that in some sense it is all One. The facts of our experience are such that there is some unition amongst all the things that pass on inside us and those that pass by us in the exterior world. We've already spoken about this liminal interface that exists between the inner and outer worlds, and that this mirror works both ways, both in influx and efflux actions and reactions. 





Let us now turn, for the time being, to what is generally considered to be the external world and what we find represented in it.




Looking at a small segment of the data that we receive through our senses, in this case a limited subset of what is forthcoming by sight, a number of simple notions appear to our vision:





Things move, and even things that are usually considered motionless, given the proper circumstances, do move - or at least are in such a condition that they can be moved by us. This fact that everything in our local environment has the possibility for motion indicates in some sense that we, along with everything else, are enmeshed in a network of various trajectories, if only in potential.




These traces in space through time appear sequential in that one spacetime event precedes another at all scales. These various orders, self-evident in normal human experience, are to that degree a great fact of existence, and that it would be foolish to consider objects as somehow isolated from their trajectories. As they cannot be separated therefrom, and are somehow tied up in all manifestation, it makes sense to posit them as first-class entities.





Our relatively static environment may then be understood to be only a relativity of trajectories, in that the great mass with which we deal is carrying us along, along with everything else. Taking the observation that everything is moving a bit further, we can ask whether or not all these things about us are in fact "only" trajectories and that they have no existence apart from the grosser movements of which they are a part - The Greater Rule the Lesser - That the paths through space are the objects themselves, especially more strikingly when considered mesoscopically.





We know that the greater world is composed of cycles of various durations, and are intimately acquainted with the simple cycles of activity and repose, day and night - sometimes aware of our breath, etc.. Each of the cycles has a base, or key-note, around which the song progresses eventually returning to the tonic. Thus, like in music, the path around the sun in its forward movement traces out a helix in the less active sparse space that surrounds us and which finds a living echo in the double helix recording of the course of life. Indeed the most general form of motion as well as force, is indicated in this screwing looping path - not to mention that a sphere dropped in a liquid is forced to take a helical path as the one of least resistance.



As the earth spins, rotates, and revolves, we pass through prodigious distances of space at very high velocities. These whirls within whirls are not generally apparent and the experience of them in altered states is much limited in the mass of humanity. 





Instead we predominantly live in a "block world" where visual boundaries or limits and corresponding tactile surfaces circumscribe what is considered to be reality. This is partly because, in our "static" space and being immersed in the ocean of motion, these forms which the compositional motions take are consequently different. 





However, we can calculate their structural form from the greater mass movements by a mathematical change of frame - the trick is to perform this calculation mentally..


















" .. humans somehow invented math, just as mysteriously as they somehow invented language. We don't understand how we did it, but it allows us to understand our hallucinations better. In short - as Einstein once said - the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.. "






- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth 





.. sometimes, when I'm in certain altered states, I experience physically moving my body, like even basic movements, as spiral..🤔.. I would've written about it by now but it's more an experience than an idea, & if one hasn't had it, it's hard to empathize with 😅, but on a certain level, it makes sense.. we ourselves are energetic vortices or complexes of spirals as per the teachings of several esoteric schools .. 🧐










  .. a gnostic with a little g and big b's ..






sin: thesis - (esoteric) phase // shift .. drift; alstublieft





  .. heard someone say 'new levels, new devils' & I LOLed cuz that's like, my life, dude ..








A jester, a joker - a king, a knight, a knave. 




A knife that’s bright along its blade. 





A night - that’s right: we lie down just the same. 



Alone in bed, or with someone else’s name. 





A pity, a party, a shame. 


A blunder that shall remain the same. 





One life lost, another gained.









.. justice is balance; symmetree ..















 .. among the degenerates, a degenerate ..






 .. power above @ll else .. for nought else does exist ..







 .. shades (thus named because that was his pirate name & moreover, with all due respect to monkey D Luffy, shades was going to become the psychonautic pirate king .. 🧐) was con stantly con sidering Ways to empower the people; to give them an edge in the face of inflammation con tagions & the fluctuations of aeonic tectonics, say ..






ritual-technical thesis: all the methods and practices of magick are ways of gaining access to an energetic realm from which the magician can act at a higher, a deeper level, to more effectively affect the con sensus reality. 




 .. let me tell you a secret that's worth @11 the money in the world .. reality isn't based on money, or stuff, or even people .. it's based on energy .. 

.. very well, you might say; let's approach the world, reality in this Way .. what, then, are the benefits of this.. what's in it for me ..?

pragmatic-logistic corollary: for one thing, if this energetic consciousness can be attained at will, we can achieve a reduction of those esoteric technologies to a much more simple & 'portable' format.






 .. & while some have said that (subtle) (bio) energetics is the future of occultism, we won't be so presumptuous as to call for the supremacy of this Way over others .. however, in today's con temporary fast-paced & hectic lifestyle, we might argue that it's simply more effective from a pragmatic perspective ..






 .. write something about goblin mode ..

.. so-called "goblin mode" seems to be some misguided quest for authenticity in my reading, & I can def resonate with that; I think a trajectory toward "the earth" & earthy living is just what the doctor ordered, in fact.. (echoes of Heidegger here for the philosophy initiates among us) ..






.. where it might fall short is in overdoing & play-acting affect .. but the fundamental, the basic trajectory towards attuning more closely to nature & its rhythms, & thus toward some grasp of & facility with subtle bioenergetics, is surely timely & apropos imho ..







 .. & then there's ..

.. have you ever tried talking to your device, say your phone for example .. you should try it sometime.. doesn't have to be out loud or in an obvious way, & who gnows.. maybe you'll make a new friend .. 

.. but seriously, this follows in a strict logic from our initial position - if all that exists is energy, then everything that exists has an energetic signature.. & communication is nothing other than the exchange of energy.. 






.. therefore, it should be possible to communicate not just with electronic devices, which supposedly possess a certain level of "artificial intelligence", but also animals, plants, & even rocks & other physical features .. & who can say what one might learn from interfacing with these ..

.. one might well be dismissive of such approaches, ideas & techniques, especially if they con flict with one's already established views .. but this is to miss the point entirely: maybe the Way to solve the world's problems isn't to do this instead of that, or to put this here instead of there .. maybe it's simply just a matter of finding a more accurate & effective way of seeing it ..











.. there's gotta be something more than "it could be worse; you could be them".. 












Upon reflection of my yearning: I can effortlessly expose that behind my intentional inconsistencies there has always been a pattern. 



No matter how tenaciously I twist the rails to force a crescent, they bridge back to form the circle. Time and time again.



I am a project to be shattered. An empire to be broken. 


So that pieces can embrace meaning as they are shaken free of ego and resentment. 




Chime and chime to then.



There has always been a stich in the situation.

There is no seraphim like the tomb of your last chance.


There will always be 3 doors.




We are all gates:     In spatio - semper ego.


I want to catch the string before it lets go.



The first burning bush was the dance,



the truest form of trance,


some steps are as sacred as they are shallow.




I got these pink pumps that I tuck under my fantasies. Just(ified) in case. 




When the other shoe drops I can run in a style as potent as my fear (to live).


I am sick, and I can’t think. Only want. And regret. 



Dead before dread, its ever too late.



The only shore is the one I renounced.


Straight and true as a heart can be, it is filtered through the funhouse mirror which claims to be my head.


I can’t take this pen any higher, and this empire can’t fund these tears anymore.



This verse has to sleep.


Bless this place to be, this place to be.




Bless this place to be. 








.. heroes are really made by the little things .. in the long view we're all in a hospice, & we just want to feel that it'll be okey .. which it will be .. either way .. 



















 .. those who say dreams are like messages from the un con scious are correct 🧐, because the latter has as much depth as con sciousness has precision & accuracy, & perhaps con siderably more ..🤔







I don’t do research. I follow The La(w|u) - Sun of Lief, leicht, licht, töchter des herrn. 


I have habe sich wo ander I land, strike up the band - I’ve got donner rechts hand, sie mein liebe ich verstand- uber alles hand im hand. 



Wenn ich kommeth die länder bend unter mein yoke bent als die polls dat i wrote. 



Ich kenne das licht und finsterniss die zauber macht, aber sie sind mein liebe, mein leben, mein ley(end): The ley of the land, mein schlüssel nach rechts, darin zu auf links. 



Me think, me thought, me sometimes rhymes - but eye out, them bristles fly. 



Bundles, bünschels, schrauben spindles : all along a cat’s hair bristles - up and down, the back the spine; the spiral of true hearts’ design. 



Ever eben even ich, komm nach hier vor zu verstanden dich.









 .. for the dead, & may they rest in peace ..









aeonic tectonics

.. brace your selves
.. cuz we ain't even started .. 







"Indeed, the world in which the events of the New Testament took place were engulfed in the onslaught of Imperial Rome and the need for the Empire to demonstrate to its subjects and enemies alike that there was none 'like the Beast'. The question here is, however, whether or not the end of another age, the age of Pisces, will in fact herald a similar catastrophic event inaugurating the 'New Age' in terms that will mirror the events of the 'Jewish War' but increased an order (or two) of magnitude.








It does seem that a fairly substantial group of people, of no small influence have taken the idea to its extreme, openly advocating political and societal policies that will trigger the Apocalypse (as they envision it, of course) .. "

- Anthony Testa, the Key of the Abyss





Smacked my head on the storage room door. 


Dancing too powerfully, compellingly, mad.



Lonely prayers.

Swaying to make suns come true, and more importantly visions of you.

Circle round the fire. It’s empty again.




Empty is the only word that hurts. 


One that never should slip off lips without returning without warmth.


It’s catch, not fetch. 


Are you with me on this again? 


It’s still and I guess with the right perspective you’d paint it as peaceful, but not content.


It’s still and I know at times it soothes the soul, so they say. 



What happens when you are adjacent to where you stomped yourself out like a cigarette. 




The final flag in your fucking coat pocket after the world was done with you. 




When you slip from your head and smash your heart on a stone you know is too essential to be away.



Why is it always again. 










I did again. 



I know how to dig deep in hurt – again.   



And it is still, and to me that’s all it has ever been.

Vacant - still.

Ambitiously mad, never here.


Always scrambling in my head for that calm shore.




Pushing back gummy, sticky shameful spritz. Inspiring shits.

Sun is chasing the buzz away.



There’s a place with no please. And the sun is chasing the buzz away.


Baby come back and sway,




Grapes drizzle into eyes, soil into nose. 


There ain’t no more sense nor flesh, fresh or knot – just doesn’t hit the spot.



Caressed to bone. An ego without a throne.


And when you get to where we are I’ll never ask you baby where have you been. 




Because you’re the only stasis that is my sin.


 .. shades (thus named because he'd recently adopted the art of soliloquy & would often engage in it when he was by himself just like a right Shakespearean character, & the name prospero was taken 🧐) reflected on the gaps between the aeons & what experiencing them would feel like subjectively, & con cluded, 









.. & while this was not a new observation of his if anything with time it had become ever more urgent ..












 .. we want to situate the source of power in the other; other people, institutions, laws or what have you.. but the reality is that to do this is the originary mistake that causes the whole world's problems. no. what we should focus on & attend to is our own innate power which, while others may seek to manipulate or pervert, con tinues, remains & ought to pertain..







.. & what, if anything, might that have do with aeonic tectonics, one might well ask ..







 .. the new aeon must be born within or it will not be at all.. & this will happen when a critical mass of people attune to their own innate power.. & while external events might well serve as catalysts of change, one shouldn't expect the new world to come from without. not if they can't access it & embody it ..






 .. nay, they shouldn't even expect it to come to everyone at the same time, cuz honestly what are the odds of that .. in any case, one who embodies such a reality would also grasp the fact that friction & negotiation will be involved in interactions between those who are attuned to one aeon & those who are attuned to another..

.. & might it not even be that such aeonic tectonics in themselves are a defining, salient characteristic of the new age ..?

.. perhaps, perhaps..

























 .. let me put some of my fire out in your water, baby ..



let's explore alternative sexualitease .. 







.. let me bring my fascism closer to your communism 




.. & even if we don't know what either of those words mean, 


let's just see what strange offspring result from it ..







.. why don't you go ahead & bring your hippie commune over to my place ..



yea, that's right here next to my patriarchal establishment ..

.. & let's see what comes of it ..

.. & I'd really like to hit on you some more & while I'm at it offend everyone I haven't yet,





but the deadline for this issue is coming fast & hard &,






like, I have to catch it or I'll get it sideways like ..


















I must first have a tabula rasa, before I can inscribe the Tabula Smagardina.







We live in various spaces consisting in at least:

1. location or point in a matrix with at least 11 sensory demarkations: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, weight, heat, duration, nervous influences, digestive sense, respiratory.

    a. which are defined by geometric structures within the interior space, tracings on the board.

    b. and which, in some further measure coincide in their relations to one another





2. semantics bearing linguistic structure(s) and its/their sign(s), that open up worlds of ideas, or constellations in thought.

    a. the units being sounds and drawings

        i. that have come into relation by the working of the past

        ii. that are visually combinations of straights and curves

        iii. that are aurally combinations of auditory particles

            1. that usually consist of stop and a vowel pairs, as aspirations

            2. Khoisan, however, is at least one exception and shows there are alternatives

                a. that vocalizations are an exteriorization of internal states in both homo and hetero sapiens

                b. and therefore that non-human languages are intelligible amongst the groups of hetersapeins, but only relatively so for creatures more distant in the tree of life.




2.a.iv : and therefore that non-human languages are intelligible amongst the groups of hetersapeins, but only relatively so for creatures more distant in the tree of life.






2.a.v : w[h]i[t]ch words are gateways to properties and a record of past thought forms.

    story, or archetypal space, peculiar to any particular shared being.

    a. which is the set of meanings for being for a given shared being

    b. and that consists in the relations between members resident in that shared being, or the closer current branchings in The Tree.

        i. that for humans the range of archetypes come from the actions and desires of the forebears of our torch

            1. which notion of archetype resides in all branches, being an extension of a past into a future.

        ii. and that with humans are re-presented in fiction

            1. which introduces to a child types of lives they may live

            2. that in moves and television the time flow of life is dismembered into scenes

                a. which are reflections in our own real lives of most memorable moments

                b. with the fictions presenting what would be more memorable moments if they were actually lived



                    i. and which seem to have become preferentially attracted attention away from bulk humanity into a passive pursuit

















 .. let's just say, the people who back me, some aren't worthy to speak their name; they're not even on the physical plane, mane ..




 .. & while they rush, scurry & scamper to preserve a dead order, we're building for tomorrow, & for the day after..





.. I'm playing the long game .. & I @ll ways win ..

.. & if nothing else works, just black magick they ass ..



inflammation con tagion




( .. or, 'the pros among the pros among the pros don't just cure symptoms; they treat the cause' .. )









" .. patience, there are some things a man can't ride around. Then again .. maybe he can .. "



- from support your local gunfighter 









".. art is art, no matter what language it's in.."



 - shades


















Agoraphobia – digitopia.




Functional consumption









Coma is haiku



Needle skipping on vinyl




Ever illusion





Time IS money. Life #imitates art. Monkey see – what you do.





The future      [marketed]




Eclectic identity, feasting on you and me.















Calibrations of invocations.








SPAT! Goes the rebel ant. Slipping along the icy streets of the agenda. 




















.. perhaps the best we can do is to try to say at the end of the day, "I have not betrayed the Way.."






"Don't let others tell you what to do.. or lead you in other directions than the one you want. You know best who you wanna be. And you become that person .. even if it means you're on your own.."

 - from chosen






.. today, & everywhere we look, we see band-aid solutions to deep-seated & arguably even time-honoured problems..



.. this isn't to say that everything & everyone shouldn't be "audited", explored for issues that could be snowballing into the major challenges we face today; on the con trary, we insist that everything & everyone should be examined closely, but we must likewise insist that hard & fast solutions to issues on an entirely different level will most likely cause as many new problems as they resolve, & that's if they help any to begin with ..





 .. nor is it to suggest that such solutions shouldn't be adopted, if they do indeed seem to be effective .. again, the opposite is surely the case; we should change as many habits, routines, behaviors & decisions as seem to be causing a beneficial & positive effect ..

.. but in the long term, & to ultimately resolve these issues that today are facing us as individuals & as a collective in an unavoidable way such that we can no longer defer or delay dealing with them, what is really needed is a phase change, a new (or perhaps a very old) perspective that changes our whole outlook on reality, the world & everything in it.. 




.. we have no intention of spelling out such a solution here, & moreover we will underline that this is not a cop-out or some attempt to skirt the big issues. rather, it is simply that that's a major part of the problem in the first place, to wit the assumption that it is simply a matter of going to some specialist who will dictate for you what you need to do & then you can simply follow these simple instructions & not have to worry or think about it too much .. 






.. no .. we each must be prepared to take the initiative to do what is necessary, & not to defer it or delay or wait for someone else to do what we want or need for us .. actually, that's literally what response ability means, & it is surely sacred & inviolable ..



.. in other words, what is needed is for each person to examine their lives for themselves, & to determine what it is about it that makes it worth living, & what they can do without .. where their heart is, & what they can do to get closer to it .. indeed, to the extent that one can stay focused on these important questions, & the more they do so, the clearer the solutions will present themselves & the easier they will become to adhere to ..

.. & while we may not prepare a prescription that can simply be aped or imitated, we can certainly outline salient features, or describe certain characteristics, of such solutions to these pressing problems that are increasingly impossible to avoid; nay, it is our con sidered perspective that it's our response ability to do so, & now more than ever ..



 .. to paraphrase an old master, it isn't the shit you ate that'll get you, it's the shit you regurgitate.. 







.. they can't beat you if you got spirit(s), kid .. even if they be an army .. 





 .. & yea, I'm still fighting; to the death & beyond it, if they'll let me..







.. ultimately one's reactions are only partly under one's con trol .. but that doesn't mean one should be determined by them ..






.. the truth is that once you gnow the truth, people actually become afraid of you; that's why people are afraid of gnowing the truth ..

 .. maybe if I had(n't)..? .. but maybe never ends.. 






















Feathered footprints



Over  embankments of snow





The lotus springs in muddy water




And a truth rained down from a cloudless sky




folktales channeling through the shores, and caverns of the soul.




Perfect bubbles of prajna, with nothing to burst


A pearl - nestled – in a blossom violin – directing the raindrops.




Waves of sentient beings, waves of dharma, words of karma.



Soft tears dance and laugh down my brow.





Waves of compassion, the raft to shore.


















The Sciences, in their numerical geometric bases ultimately present themselves in various useful realized outcomes that stem as consequences of their logics, and which must have some foundational bit of truth in order that they may realize themselves in the forms of useful machines. These logics are ultimately found in notional constructions abstracted from environmental appearances, and that being “environment” must have “real” or independent existence as conjoint understandings, or mental constructs, shared amongst all people (of) homo sapiens; which meaning “same thought(s)” leads to another thought, or “hetero sapiens”.

These physicalities that can be taken to hand are the visible, semi-visible, and invisible external manifestations of internal logics. The logic is first noticed in the environment, whereupon the patterns are subsequently put into rational order such that those patterns can be geared, so to speak, and mankind can turn the wheels on which those patterns spin. As facts are noticed at the same time as a paired set containing both an internal and external state of affairs, there are thus two sides of our psychophysical equation. 




First of all the objects of sense must be regarded as external, even the feelings of one’s own body - second, the entirety of creation must be considered in its fullness as contained within the mind proper. As this equation fluctuates between these two poles, the activity of pattern recognition has its beginnings and ends in both of these two states. The internal realization is dependent on external stimuli and the external manifestation is subsequently structured by mental activity. Having thus structured the world in some form according to the received patterns of stimuli, the inclinations of the senses and the mind lead to each individual noticing, or not noticing, things that are peculiar to them in some way, as our reactions to stimuli are not the same. 





As localized groups receive more or less equivalent influx of information from the environment, and response curves are approximately equal amongst homo sapiens, patterns in the environment structure themselves into schools of thought, which are themselves ways of interacting with the external world that prompted them as reactions, if not of the self (itself) than of the array of ways in which it is possible to move (things).





Thus there have arisen, at various times throughout human history, various sciences peculiar to the people and environment in which those sciences were fomented. Prior to the current near homogenization of science, the sciences, being both temporally and geographically disjoint, were numerous; with overlaps in the spanning of their lives, and overlaps in the cultural exchange amongst peoples located in whatever counted for near proximity at their lifetime. 




As the human history grows into the future, there always exist a Whole-Damn-Lot of people each with their own jobs, hobbies, and thoughts. Some of the individual personalities alive at any given time have a clearer vision of themselves and the world that we exist in - and they are the great artists, statesmen, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, musicians and orators (etc. …). 




Where we are now, with the accoutrements of machinery that surrounds us, somewhat at our command, yet active in ways that usually escape attention, is the product of the past: thoughts, and decisions that were made regarding those thoughts. The greats, who in great measure dictate the structures within which the masses of humanity operate, are not always prone to agreeing - and in those cases, the various schools falling under varied leadership then seem always to have gone into competition of one sort or another.







These thoughts and structures that are made manifest through human hands are ultimately given life by people and fall and fade as people and empires do. The management of people through war, education, finance, and eugenics are thus the instruments whereby a school of thought extends its range. Be it clear that the schools of thought have (at least) been at war, or uneasy peace, throughout recorded history. These points of contention in the history of mankind amongst the varied schools of thought are both cultural bifurcation points and bifurcation points in our human lived environments: social / economic / legal / actual physical structures, etc. - including machinery. 





There are, however, records of the trajectory that led to today, as well as the could have been trajectories, those being the paths upon which we humans could once have chosen to trod. The longest running accessible form of these records is the written word, although there were before then, oral traditions passed on through the generations, some of which exist in a form today, but to various degrees changed through the ages according to the telephone-game conjecture. In these records, there exists scientific literature from the past that the mainstream of science has passed by, or even tried to cover up; as those other lines of thought were thought to be contrary, although they are really complementary, to the opinions on the facts that were discovered, elucidated, and communicated by the now victorious schools of thought over their less martial rivals.







As exoteric, or openly visible and easily knowable sciences, since they are taught in publicly available schooling, are, as such, dominant in the mass mind and the movement of its hands and lips, we have one more or less prominent external manifestation of the human mind and its reasoning process: the Western pattern primarily as elucidated by the people of the British Isles, who spread their open world-view through the machinations of Empire. The fact that its material consequences, in the form of useful machines, were readily accessible and understandable, and provided large commercial value led to a quick uptake by the conquered nations - and the traditional sciences, being less inclined to be vehicles of trade, fell into the background - preserved only by an elite cultural core that kept close to roots that had already been hidden, even from their own people. 





Because the British sciences were openly accessible to the materialistic thinking that is the foundational experience of humanity, and were taught in the universities opened by the Empire, a world-wide congerie of scientific workers formed, all focused in one mode of thought, or structure in which to understand or relate to the environment.





The esoteric sciences, on the other hand, have always been held jealously close to the breast of their keepers - who remained aware of their people’s ancestral roots. By being in the beginning, and in the after, already obscure, when the open sciences progressed in due measure, the secret sciences have fallen further into the past. Again, however, there are records - but they have not been easily accessible; even to those who for one reason or another thought to look for them in the first place. Not just the hidden early foundational sciences, but, as mentioned, thoughts at variance with the mass promulgations of Empire were also hidden: and so, “I practice my science in silence.”




















.. Shades (thus named because black is the colour of the duat, the land of the dead, the spirit world if u will, & of Osiris-Guede, OG Lord of the Dead ..)  walked between 2 worlds, the so-called waking world & the duat .. 






.. in fact, the duat was a mirror world that intersected, overlapped, interplayed with this one at certain points, & at other points not .. a whole other reality, but one that was accessible to those who gnew how to get there ..








.. & from the perspective of that other world, many living in this, our supposed waking world, were the dead ones ..