(from) uranus, choronzon

what if the devil thinks he's God

Crucified on the cross of space and time, we find ourselves defined by the magic lines that ray in on our point of birth: a set of circumstances - personalities and objects. An arena for action with attendant reactions, things that have been forgotten or that were never known. We are questions being answered, and the more and greater questions we pose, the greater the solicited response.

We have been told stories divested of their original meanings, and stories whose meanings have yet to work themselves out in our (collective) lives. We take in stories and attempt to make them our own; each a hero (anti-hero) or villain in any particular tale. Personalities that are larger than life live large in our minds and hearts, grafting pieces of themselves into our psyches. We try to fit the world into the stories we’ve grown up with - try to fit ourselves into the story, and some stories are intellectual poisons and worms.

The need for human meaning in our lives is only answered by living in a story and having a purpose greater than oneself, a community, a goal, and something to struggle and strive for. But these lived stories fall back and are replaced by second-hand passive viewings of actors on screens. Entertainment or entrainment, the addiction to stories is real and supplants the fear of living with a vicarious life lived scripted.

Still, there are those who are truly actors and who build the world(s) that others live in and uphold. There IS a real story and conversation taking place that has defined, and is defining, reality for the untold billions, content to fall into rote existence.

These actors who set the conversation of the masses, in order to get to those positions, must be able to passably fit into a leading role, if only facetiously, in the lives in the collective mind of a people. Either an existing story, or must be able to begin a new one, and history repeats and rhymes because the same stories are retold for generations.

These stories require protagonists and antagonists - tales that elicit emotion and emotive action and the grand displays of heroes. Any good story requires a conflict to develop the lines, and coupled with the intense need of humans for stories, ideally to be lived, is why peace always seems so distant. For most, peace is boring: us vs them is infinitely more fun it would seem.

& After 22 cums 33..hee

vanguard  psychonautik shamanik unit 22, search & rescue (or how i earned my 33 degree)

& now begins our performance of the gnostic m(y)ass

wtf is a (d)evilution anywho?

As per Kenneth Grant, the "sephira that is not", Da'ath, corresponds to the planet Uranus.

& to day we see every where signs of dis content with an old order that everybody gnows has failed every last one of its adherents. Yes, even the haves.

ever noticed that the only difference between an inmate & a head of state is the quality of the food? both are enslaved, maybe even by one an other.

..but where can we go from hear? what is to be done..how can we over come such challenges?

- Why don't you polish it up a bit..?
- Polished shit is still just shit


I'm very wary of this attempt to make the occult into a new age, like, happy happy thing..not when there is very little evidence to suggest that the highest initiations in the ancient mysteries weren't actual life or death challenges..it's almost an insult to those great initiates of yesterday, and indeed today, to say that if you break a  nail during an initiation then it's being done wrong..

Occultism with teeth, mofo. Not like that stale ass, weak ass shizz

I've died so many times I've lost count

& you, u think to fight monsters without becoming one? a foolish thought. 

So I met some f'ed up Masons like those guys in doctor sleep in Van & I like was waging an energy battle with them.. Needless to say they one..pretty sure they were in cahoots with the courts two cuz i'm still re:covering from @LL that jazz.


your "freedom" is a lie; you just want an excuse to waste time

..it took her awhile to real eyez what those people who died on the TV screen really were..


Listen through the crest of roaring ego.

Become blind

to the lies of tomorrow beaten through me.

Inflicted by the acceptance of oblivion.

Swallowed by the bog of guilt.

Beckoned by the sirens of shame.

Pickled beneath the skin.

My only wings are the whisperings of wyverns…

“Don’t be afraid of the consciousness whi(t)ch you were told will guzzle the soul alive.”

The light is never still.

Devotion to singular pleasures (patterns),

(mis)guides to shores where

the placebo swings

the strings

to stop.

The snake swallows a demon,

then plucked by a hawk,

who kneels to the robed ram.

Who in turn abates

to mist….

……from the myths

impressed by the dragon of desire.

If you hear me, then fear me.

For I bubble from the well of same.

I actually really like a woman who can take charge..& it's not a sexist or even a reverse sexist thing, nor yet a weak male riding the coat tails of a stronger woman thing..but more a this is how a woman was @LL ways meant two 🐝 ..hence, the "solar woman"..I think Crowley also dreamed (of(?)) her..may be he was disappointed that back then, there were so few..(?)

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