quantum (temp)aural/oral





 ..not everyone speaks fucking *genius*, but we do..f, I gotta write that down oh wait I just did..










"The important thing is to be a pioneer and to break and smash every intellectual barrier in your way”



 - Michael Bertiaux, from an interview



















an arguably overly self-con gratulatory commentary on the title that takes up more space than it has any right or reason to (or something along these lines)







[ note: the following is a discussion of the potential title of this issue, with 'quantum (temp)aural/oral parallel u-reversal' having been proposed & discussed below:]





- .. insofar as LL has succeeded (.. the which is open to question.. certainly some there are who might claim that we could have pursued a more "mainstream" success..), it's been by not talking down to our audience but rather by seeking to push ourselves, & by implication them, beyond our limits.. sometimes gently, others more.. firmly, but the point is to demon strate, perhaps even scientifically, that there are no limits beyond what one has decided are their limits..




-..And I'm a natural pure as the driven snow… and with that said.. in my argument i think that each part of the phrase alone offers a lot of unique gazm-ing to the fractal gazer and putting them together almost complicates the visuals to have its beauty almost cancelled out. When i read it I immediately and instinctually put it out of my mind where as when i read each to their own was more able and ready to chew on them a while.




-..I can (attempt to) justify it, btw..ahem.. the proliferation of parts kinda con veys the multivocality & indeterminacy of this manner & trajectory of thought, don't u think..?  no..?




- why don't we publish this very discussion of the title ..? the underlying idea being that whereas some are con tent to break the 4th wall, I'm determined to prove that it never existed to begin with..




 -..breaking the 4th adds another dimension of engagement for the reader and reinforces the axiom that rules are for pussies..now if only there was a 5th wall to break somehow ..




- ..I even have a proposed subtitle for this arguably fiasco..ahem..'an arguably overly self-con gratulatory commentary on the title that takes up more space than it has any right or reason to'..or something along these lines..






















"the end is merely the beginning,

 & only in death am I truly living"


- from masters of the universe: revelation 

"..no such thing as a happy ending..all endings are sad, especially if the story was happy.."

- from Reminiscence

..shades (thus named because he was the kind of pitch black knight during which one can hardly dare hope for a dawn), as we had hinted in the previous issue (& please do feel free to take a moment or two here to refer to said issue, in order to bring yourself, dear reader, up to speed, especially if you happen to be new here, etc..), had experienced an abrupt disruption in his awareness..

..needless to say, he wasn't happy about it..it seemed, felt too much like an alien landscape & he couldn't quite find his usual stuff that he was attached to (& kept hearing a strange ringing in his mind that sounded like it was saying "I can't think of anything more tedious...than success")..

born in a time of knaves mostly, he quickly learned to adapt..so he learned to f with ppl..more than that, he eventually realized that he enjoyed f'ing with ppl..it was then that history, destiny, the changing of the aeons itself intervened to ensure that this hobby, nay this vocation was put to good use..



..for when else can one find so many people to f with as at the end of an aeon, & the beginning of a new age..?






..from this vantage point within the void, or on the edge of a new beginning, he saw terrible things, the cost of beginning again..the collapse of human society within 20 years, the breaking up of social groups into gangs or bands (hence a far-sighted justification for the establishment of LL, namely as a model for future groups to emulate), the literal death of the old that was necessary to make way for the new..

..& it was then that he was heard to say (now say it with me, dear reader, & don't be afraid), 'so mote it be'..















.. the problem, you see, is that space is not (like a) piece of paper..it isn't a flat surface, but rather it folds into itself..




.. thus can one speak of spaces & places with more or less density(/destiny), & indeed your body can sense this; perhaps it's even "designed"/evolved to do just that..



 ..what happens after the death, the end of the standard model in physics, the summary of everything we've discovered about the nature of reality so far, upon which so much of our assumptions about how the world behaves is based..?




..the short answer is that, well, maybe now we can actually start to get somewhere..









.. gotta watch out for those spaciotemporal glitches..some are on the same level as synchronicities &, likewise, invite (& reward) further examination & are worth attending to..








"True friendship is about competing to push each other to greater heights. As long as everyone fights with all their might, it shouldn't matter who wins"

- from the anime shaman king 

"I can't think of anything more tedious than success"!? ..you're full of shit! ..you, who sold out family, friends, lovers & careers, (w)hole worlds, to win. 

..ah, to win, to win! ..the winning is @LL..is there anything else, to begin with? ..surely, no thing else exists..!

..of course, from another perspective, to say that is the same as shunning success, since every success is but another step, another win, on a path that never ends..thus does one only lose if they cease winning..

..it may even be the case that that's precisely how one goes about becoming more human along the way..for how can one value anything that they haven't striven, worked hard to attain..?


on the mysticism of the everyday:

[from an internal LL document commenting on a recently released cultural artifact; a cinematic work, dare we say:]

..I thought of that alien starfish as representing con temporary human society ..& the crew as the only ppl who would or could stand up to its herd mentality..



.. moreover, I felt the group were stand-ins for crews like LL, working on the fringes of the con temporary socioculture...




.. maybe not necessarily to destroy it, at least not primarily..!




..but rather, on the con trary, to prevent the herd mentality from itself destroying something beautiful & unique..

 you think this is a game..


.. you're right;



'cept the stake is your breath..your soul.. your very(?) existence..




















Cracking skulls, and clues, in slews. 




Troves of alley(wu)weis, less intact than then. 




When there was a hovel, we all twirled to.


Angels in the airwaves, steel solo rolling, churning out breaks. Cracking skulls.




A pattern so pleasing, nailed to the sand.



So easily. 


A chamber.



Erroneously cast (as) a blessing onto/of you.


Somehow a sling – shot -  drive bye, finds time 4 (space) and he’s coming for you. 



Sirius as a heart attack.






Wee R hear 4 you. 



Deliver your hands to the air, like industrious ambitions that just don’t care.


Cracking culls actualizing. 


No longer behind the screen. 


Their defiance enforces our compliance. 



But don’t make me spell it out for you. 




Why are my chains ok with you? 


And at what age do we no longer turn to you? 


As the children of the apocalypse, we never thought to have this conversation in true.  



Too many times we’ve turned the cheek to the harlots of your savior, 


represented untrue.




We walk on the weeds of your stone, our minds stirring in the sun. 



Don’t you dare hawk me planetary nebulas polished to bland.


Somewhere, a slingshot, flyby of surrender breaks through.





Cracking campaigns of isms, because nothing is less true. 


















.. the more energy you save, the more successful you will be..









 ..in such a supposed kali yuga, the best one can hope to do is save themselves & maybe if they're real lucky, one or 2 of their family or closest friends..




..that was one of the main justifications for the founding of LL actuaLLy - the ambition, the hope, the foolish thought that one could do better than that, if they reaLLy put their minds to it..if they reaLLy tried for it..