Let their be(e) (b)Light / dark side of the coming s(w)oon




( .. being our regular communique to our sisters, brothers & others of the venerabLe & respectabLe we were never (w)here order around the world & in every dimension where they happen to exist .. )





.. the following is restricted to those of the who gives a fuck degree or higher..






 .. humor me for a sec .. 





.. this isn't a thought, but instead an attempt to communicate certain energies:




.. "the time is out of joint" - Shakespeare's Hamlet





.. the Venus retrograde in Capricorn..




.. full moon effect is .. in effect ..






.. solstice whole world shifts* ..







*: w is the 23rd letter of the alphabet ..






(.. it's called eviL to con seaL its holiness .. )

















.. a disturbing number of articles on recent scientific developments ( = more than one ) that I've read have commented on this fact that they always seem to find just the new subparticle that they happened to be looking for .. an odd "coincidence", no..? .. except that as initiates we gnow better than to be lie ve in coincidences ...







.. I had something of a dream when I was very young, where the monsters of nightmares were trying to get me to join in on their version of fun. Which was generally Something to do with giving pain to cute creatures. I’ve felt that energy near occasionally as I’ve been older, and once it caused substantial fear in my wife’s cat. Then there are sometimes of the year when it can feel like knives from somewhere far out in space have descended from all directions trying to cut into my form. - was thinking back on “The Earth Will Shake” with the Alumbrados ..








- money makes people evil, man..

- no, that's not it.. "money" is a word.. the scarcity of resources makes people evil .. & that's actually true ..

.. the excluded middle .. there's always an escape .. you gnow this already; you do it every day ..

Thought of an occultoeconomic phrase: It takes something of a prophet to turn a profit.

.. there'LL always be money in streamlining processes .. trust me on this, for I am one who gnows .. if u don't get it otherwise, it'LL fall from the sky .. what the hey; can it hurt to try..?


.. & that's the game..the game that's played by those who reaLLy run things..






.. it goes both Ways .. so when they open themselves, they're open t(w)o(o) ..











 .. you'd need to grasp the lure of the dark side.. you'd need to gnow its power.. & you need to understand that it's the only side that has ever existed, could exist or will exist to begin with amen ..






- yea..? ..well that wouldn't happen if I was running this ship..



- really.. well, it's not as great as u might think.. it's endless work.. do u understand..? .. that's all "captain" is..


Every time something moves it breaks.




Imposter syndrome they called it? Or perhaps Icarian?


If I can stomach the words, I’ll never keep peace.





Suffering on a swing, that rung like a jingle.


Bells and roots – thick – as fog.




    In my recollections


Eternal rejections ….(or was that internal?)





A trading post of unholy relentless volatility. 




Where every savior with a smile already made a stich outta me.


They always portray that it’s the night whi(t)ch lets loose the chains, 






and it is the dawn who brings the flame.


The portal is always the same. Never a smile, always a refrain.



I don’t know, but I hear them say, that there’s virtue in the business of the sane. 




Never done well in business myself. 



My head was always too big for the skill of my pen. 



But yet here I am. 





With my smiling face on a stake for you again.

 - ..what do you seek..? 

- ..more light; I seek the light..

- .. look to the East..


The proverbial “machine” has seemed to turn into an actual one:





Once upon a time, there was “The Man” who was able to push people around with superior force and (sometimes) intellect. 






His cronies, lackeys and goons danced to the man’s tune in exchange for a cut of the spoils. There was more than one “Man”, and they each wanted the whole pie so they patronized those in the arts and sciences who could, and would serve themselves to that end. 






Culture accreted along with trade, and the notion of the written law led to the enshrinement of systems into and through which people had to pass while alive under the local strong arm. .. [the record skips ahead] .. 





All herald the corporate boss man force feeding people with simulacra of life in exchange for his cheese - always looking ahead to (being) the BIG cheese. Now, in the quest for ever increasing profits, or cut of the pie, pioneering engineers introduced the ideas of automation and efficiency, both in production of goods, and the management of personnel. 






They used mathematics to perform their analyses, and, as the complications involved in calculating according to those analyses, in order to inform operating procedures, increased to the point where the time factor was too much to bear in the hopes of acting “right now”, calculating Machines were created, i.e. computers. 







Right now we are in a phase of time where, although “The Man” is supposed to be running this corporate machine, he is subject to the same algorithmic management as the lower echelons in the pyramid. He is fed the same news and other media, according only somewhat according to what he himself has sought out, but in the larger measure what some computer somewhere has determined he ought to see. 






Following the mass of psychological facts in terms of causal relationships, his world is colored by what “The Machine” of society and industry have collectively churned out what  the picture of his world is to be. 





And, unlike in the past where there was a human involved in every step of the decision making process, we now have literal machines, to an ever increasing extent, running the actual show.

 .. it's a subtle shift, but an important one, perhaps.. πŸ€”.. namely from thinking of oneself as an employee, a cog in a machine, to con ceiving of oneself as a con tractor 🧐.. a (emphasis on) *free* agent who is in business with other free agents .. an idea that keeps coming back in different forms in my con sciousness &, as I've hinted, one that's been formative for me, certainly.. πŸ€“












..if people gnew better, they'd do better ..








- .. is that all LL is..? ..a bunch of jingle writers for the apocalypse.. 




- I was gonna say they were the Miles Davis second quintet of the occult ..or is that too obscure..? 

- .. aren't they basicaLLy the freemasonic poststructuralists ..?







.. it goes both ways ..

..the key to grasping the inner sense of a phenomenon in my experience is to get the rhythm of it .. not to learn words or techniques, altho these are certainly helpful.. but it is precisely to the extent that they serve to bring the inner sense of the phenomenon in question into focus that they are so.. & this in turn con tributes to getting the rhythm of it..







.. I would tend to say that it's the manipulation of inflammation, but others might well disagree .. 🧐 .. tee hee. . 😼








..& meditation also serves to reduce inflammation, as do such energy circulating practices & techniques such as yoga, Tai chi etc, & in similar ways (altho this may not be immediately obvious on the surface) - when energy is moving; circulating properly, there are no problems..








 ..even as a kid; I've @LLways wanted to be a gangster .. one of those who reaLLy run this world .. those terrible wo/men/&c. who are response able..





.. those Atlanteans, regarding which much has been written in the tradition..







"Those whose words make new metaphors that sink into the public consciousness create new ways of knowing ourselves and others"


- Robert Anton Wilson, masks of the Illuminati 






..& who are you to judge!? .. therefore, may u be judged. . it goes both ways ..








 “It just goes to show that inside every sinner there’s a Saint fighting to get out”



- Robert Anton Wilson, masks of the Illuminati 

Money is the symbol for (human) life (energie$) - whereas we should not love the symbol of some thing better than the thing itself; therefore the loving of money may be put over the love we should have 4 our (shared) li[f/v][e/es]. The living of life is the living of it, the symbolic totemic representation should not have the power to end in the taking of other humans’ lives.




Money is directed, and directing, Ξ±ctive attention.





Someone just makes it up though lol




at least the paper bits and such, and now digital - original money was just real shit





.. which evolved to take place mainly using shining metals. Now, taking into consideration the fact that we can attend to things with our time and energy and by doing so come up with real shit to trade with, we see that the 7 metals that were early on separated into elemental states are somehow or other intimately intertwined with human energies as evolved themselves. 





- And we all know the 7 classical planets were also connected with the metals, lending us a link into the astrological realms. By doing real shit™, we can make our own lives easier in the future - but we can't do it alone; and so, we trade our goods, and time/energy/ingenuity - which are at base the same thing - with other people. Some people will be better at directing their own energies in bettering their situation, and they will be richer. 





Now, with an overabundance of totemic representations that can be used to make people do things that money can now be used in greater measure to organize the local, always local, environment..



.. there may not necessarily be bad actors, but people have different ideas of better ..





.. & indeed, even in this very symbol of the mundane, is the arcanum con cealed .. 


It goes both ways..








igni natura renovatur integra







"It's always darkest just before the storm"

- Robert Anton Wilson, masks of the Illuminati









" .. I've been hunted my whole life; it's all I know .. me against them, from the beginning .. what do I care .. ? I'm a hunter too .. " 

- from New Rose Hotel








..you need to see the light of truth; or to con sider the chances that truth wasn't meant for you..
















.. I get to a similar trance state in yoga asanas and working with gravity though. Sinking into deep stretches with the breath for extended periods really puts one in awareness and conversation with the different parts of the body. We hold different thoughts and feelings around the body and deep stretching releases them to allow one to observe what thought forms flow out and to let them go. .






shades (thus named emphatically *not* because 'shades' was a mask of one among the illuminati, but rather because he was dark as night, dark as death; dark as the absence of absence itself)






.. I find that I can have similar experiences (or, having never tried floatation tanks, I can only imagine to be much the same experience πŸ€”πŸ€¨) in lying down meditation, but I've been practicing that particular technique for years..πŸ€“.. apparently it's not as straightforward as one might hope/imagine..(?) 🧐





.. I would add that the physiological effects are only the beginning ominous silence or, ideally, some somber notes from that guy who does the music for like Nolan's films πŸ§πŸ˜‚






.. having become temporarily "free" of physiological & immediate mental con cerns, one might even often find oneself entering what the Buddhists would probably think of as "higher" states, tho to me they seem more deeper than higher per se.. 













.. it does make sense that this time of year is associated with con fronting the shadow tho..& astrology fits into this too .. one can have whatever feelings about the un con scious, but eventually it seems, one will come across it in some form ..





.. it seems that there are certain ideas that ppl more or less 'worship': good - docile - con ventional - sheep vs evil - independent/creative - innovative- goats.. very subtle nietzsche reference there .. in that case, those who aspire to being "actual" or embodied archons are those who seek to .. well, imitate, in fact .. those con cepts ..

all of nature is renewed by (an astral) fire

* note to self: con template the relationship between inflammation & electromagnetic waves