Let me tie it all together hear, at the start & frAum the beginning: Uranus is collective insurrection; total war against The Man, The System. Let me tell ū: you think û have what it takes? Many are called to The Great Work. But a disturbing few are chosen... most don't have what it takes; focus, power, dedication.

But for those few, the very future, the world is theirs. For the taking...

"The passion caused by the great and sublime in nature when their causes operate most powerfully is Astonishment; and astonishment is that state of the soul, in which all its motions are suspended, with some degree of horror. In this case the mind is so entirely filled with its object, that it cannot entertain any other"

- Edmund Burke

You know I am, I'm a [redacted], I guess, by day. Strange practicing occultist by night, and I like to think about things that are far out there and think about what is, what could be.

And what I like to do is base all that on geometrical thinking, and the environment that I find myself in a lot of what we see everything that we see actually is sketched out according to the laws of projective geometry.

You see how things smaller small how things further away shrink and get smaller as you received from them, and how they get larger as you approach. That is all written into the language of projective geometry, and you can calculate. Many things using it. I don't know all the details. I tried to do it as a living geometry of living living mathematics, if you will.

So when you're looking out into space into the world in which we find ourselves at some point you will reach the end something infinitely far away infinitely small, and then you find it loops back behind yourself, if, if you go in a straight line, assuming that the, the, the re shooting from your eyes continue in a straight line on DVD by anything.

Then you would come to infinity and wrap around and shoot right back through your skull back of your skull and rearrange and read realign in the eye without initial right now it's a question of how long this takes if this is all happening instantaneously, or the speed of light or some greater or lesser speed it's unknown, as well as the fact that these rays of razor site shooting out from our eyes may or may not be banned or deviated as they progress from our organism.

Now what I'd like to suggest here is that the world in which we see is really a projection from our own minds. Actually we're looking into the projection apparatus to the back of our skull when we look out into space and specific point in our, in our minds and our brains where this alters is the pineal gland, that's the center of our mindset of gravity of our mind, and it's where all these things align and are distributed throughout our bodily frame and and our bodies the sense of touching site proprioception I guess is what the technical term is, is, is also embedded in this geometrical environment of forces and structures that are just, kind of, kind of the ambient space and that we can't get away from from here.

 And that's how the average, and pretty much every human being perceived perceived reality. And what we get out of this is the fact that we're really at the center of a wheel of the wheel of the zodiac and the wheel of space turning around us as we move through space, as we move through time. We just get to these places where more or less meaning and, you know, it's just kind of a thing.

..I don't know why so hard for me to talk but I guess I don't, I feel nervous about things I want to talk about because there are deep things. And then, I don't know if people understand them or if I even understand that myself and I get worried about that. So, I don't.

I guess I'll start about talking about, like, what, where are we, what are we, what do we see what do we feel what it what is it what is it what is this thing that's in front of us, our bodies, our minds our hearts our souls, this, this thing.

It all started when we were conceived or born at least so it seems.

And then you've got a wonder

Whatever happened to us. When we died. Whatever happened before were born.

And then, you think Wait a minute, I only exist in this life I only live my reality is contained between these two points or So as we've seen my birth and my death. Now, what does that mean, I guess, I guess, I guess something already happened.

I was already born I already died and you know what, I think I made up my mind but I choose life. I'm not gonna die again unless I'm reborn again into another body and into swipe again into a world again hopefully a better one and I got to do what I can to make it better right now in this world that I live in.

With all these people and all these things. What does it mean to be alive, what is the responsibility of being alive. What do our actions determine, so little things solo change, can lead to such a big rubber cushion. Like the butterfly flapping its wings in a hurricane spring.

I don't really know, but I wish I knew that sometimes I feel like I can feel. I can feel the decisions I make have brand or brand or arena then one, I'm immediately involved in. I, I can feel the weight of decisions. Simple things such as moving my finger or such as moving my arm or leg, turning my head, making a sign making a gesture. All these things have meaning, or they can have meaning can be known, even if it is too subtle to usually be understood or felt or seen or heard.

I guess that brings me to another point where we are legion we're not just an individual we are made up of all the people who've influenced us in our lives. Just had to wait there for a minute, let some people out, I guess. I don't know if I should have let them out, or not but I did and now what's, what's going to happen to those people have now that they've been let out maybe earlier than they would have had I not been there. I don't know.

But you know, sometimes I'll make up my mind to do something. Or, I must not have made up my mind or one of the cells in myself has made a decision to do or to not do something. But there must be other cells there as well, who will overcome or overpower that one decision made by the executive at the time.

That leads us to question of what is the executive nature of the will, in our minds who do something or not do something. Do we do, we have a single individual who sits on that throne a single personality, or your continual battle for that throne. As the king is often upset and listens to for counsel. I don't know, but it would seem that we are more than one personality each and every one of us, whether we know it or not, whether it comes out or not. degree to which we are one person or another at any given time comes down to the fact of who we lend our ear to which of ourselves who we lend our ear to, and making our decisions and governing our actions, our movements our thoughts or emotions.

All these things change when you change your perspective when you change your brain. When you change what you believe in. What belief is very important. Belief structures the world reality is structured by belief. If you don't believe in something, or you can't conceive of it. You won't see it it's not there. The ships on the sea were not seen by the natives in the South American Mesoamerican people's when Conquistadores came to the new world. They cannot see the ships on the sea.

And I thought, a horse of the main writing it was a single feature is not tell. There were two separate things there.

"It's finally beginning! 

You'd better get ready! 

A world where only true pirates can survive is drawing near! 

Those of you who are powerless - run for your lives! 

Soon, the tide of the times will wash over all and a new era of champions will be upon us!"

- from the anime One Piece

Shades (thus named because he wears shades to protect û from his gaze) say, listen to me.

Don't let anyone tell ū that ú can't, that you're not able to..

.. I started this group to publish the Great Secrets of this, Our Esoteric Tradition for free. So no one could say I can't make it no way..listen to me..

... no one can stop ù from achieving any thing..

..it is so, if ü want it to bb..


..& thus ends our second (this one a Uranian) trilogy,

thanks for reading; it's all for ewe, our astral progeny..