$teal thi$ Legba Lodge




..this is the beginning of the beginning...........@LL together now...........frAum the beginning,




“A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.”

– G.I. Gurdjieff





Money, it's a gas - grab a stack with both hands and make a stash. 



Hrmm... money... that idol of man that goes under many different guises, yet which always constrains and controls him and marks his path. What can it be but the external representation of human energy itself. 



Though it may be exchanged for goods, those goods ultimately always boil down into some act of man - if only picking up off the street a penny, or a flea. They who control the money supply control that path of man by laying down the roads they must follow in order to survive, and possibly thrive if they may.


Don't dare think you are outside the economic dictates of the financial masters of the universe, that bit or coin, bill or note, is a lien on your life energy as much as it is on those around you. The massive role of peons and functionaries is beholden to the hypnotic spell of what they can buy with their allotment of cash, or even more imaginary credits if needs be. And they, we, will never have control over our destiny if we cannot control our own collective energy in its external representation. 



Who does the dollar serve? The community at large or the legal-financial pirate crew sworn to those who issue the currency? It must be both to some degree. The anonymous obscurity, at least for some actors, of the world's financial system enables untold ills. As things are, if the upper echelon of the hierarchy wishes, it can and does generate unlimited fictitious units of account to gift to its devotees. 




And these numbers have the real power to greatly affect reality - all because people make an unspoken agreement to treat these numbers as if they had value, and for that they do. It is the biggest con of them all: your life and its energy is a numerical entry on a page, made up by some random person, probably, actually must be, a bastard, sitting behind a desk somewhere.  




If all transactions and accounts were transparent, traceable and visible, then the people would again have control over their collective energy, as they would be able to see it flow, and with those flows what is done or accomplished: their effects in the real world of people and things that can poke you. 



The mirage of anonymity provided to the masses is no blanket of security and only further enables those who wish to do others harm. If we all could see where all the money is, and who or what it is moving between, we could collectively blacklist those entities and douche-bags who are making the world a shittier place.









..the truth about LL? you can't handle it..or maybe there's nothing to tell..it started with a black magician walking into a black magick group, from which he recruited the best, the most promising; but it turned out they weren't @LL that..so he was initiated into the most progressive order in existence (to his gnowledge), & proceeded to push the borderlines of esoteric research beyond anything currently in existence..but to achieve this he would need allies, friends, & an audience with whom to collaborate..





Invisible words on a fresh page.

Wings in my head, anchors for my heart.

The tone and muck are on me.


Is that any way to start a prayer?

Hey, player?

Is that really what you want from me?  


The page is here.  


Walking into the woods.  


Am I looking for, or running away from you?


No need for a Sheriff to come strolling round this cliff.

Slam myself in the county lock.

Cuz lord, I’m a bad man that can’t let things be.


Deposit. Refraction. Treble.


Rubble. Distinguish. Tone.




Where is the traffic now?





.. detach yourself from your feelings.. 


they're just reactions anywho


..stay with who you really are..


who you really are..








Fire is what, the soul..? 

Yea, that's kinda the sense I'm going for

..the observer


.. what's observed is just that, a show

..but most ppl err on the side of taking that too literally or mistaking it for something it wasn't supposed to mean..

..it's like do what you wilt, etc



..the paradox is that those who gnow what they wilt don't need to be told to do it..





We're like, the same reflection in different dimensions 




Nike and Minerva - both bound beneath the crypts of the cross.

Why can’t you see anymore? 


Why don’t oaths come to rise anymore?


I don’t care anymore.


I’m not fair anymore.




Your god sickness isn’t worth the chore.













..& there's one Shades today but tomorrow there'll be a hundred & the day after a thousand.. yea, we reproduce exponentially, mofo..& we're cumming for you & your outmoded values..

Wisdom says, "you just can't win. No matter what you do, trust me on this, you die at the end.."



..those other schmucks quote what their teachers say; recite from lists, mimic & ape...but we innovate, create & push the boundaries of the "tradition" in spite of them, & against the grain..we're not the same (& we never will be)..




Don’t you lose sight of what they steal


And where you stand.



Is the grip on your cock or around your throat? 



And what difference would that actually make?



And when I spin out and skip town, what you going to say to me? 




How you gunna grind me again?





When were you going to lie to me about this …again?













"..there are no mfing coincidences" 

- shades



"The occult is so hot rn"



"[s]he's beginning to be lie ve"





Steal this legba lodge


1 - yea, we're franchising, so listen up. You don't need a roomful of ppl; just a few..what do you be lie ve in, what's your truth? ..where the f's your gnosis..& do you reaLLy think that anything matters more..? really..?..reaLLy..



2 - so why are you sitting there for, looking at this screen..stand up for it, write about it, make art to express it..do something ..anything ..meditate on it, fuck..we need you now more than we ever have..



3 -it's literally that easy..how do you think we got here..?




[exeunt omnes]