sin: thesis - (esoteric) phase // shift .. drift; alstublieft





  .. heard someone say 'new levels, new devils' & I LOLed cuz that's like, my life, dude ..








A jester, a joker - a king, a knight, a knave. 




A knife that’s bright along its blade. 





A night - that’s right: we lie down just the same. 



Alone in bed, or with someone else’s name. 





A pity, a party, a shame. 


A blunder that shall remain the same. 





One life lost, another gained.









.. justice is balance; symmetree ..















 .. among the degenerates, a degenerate ..






 .. power above @ll else .. for nought else does exist ..







 .. shades (thus named because that was his pirate name & moreover, with all due respect to monkey D Luffy, shades was going to become the psychonautic pirate king .. 🧐) was con stantly con sidering Ways to empower the people; to give them an edge in the face of inflammation con tagions & the fluctuations of aeonic tectonics, say ..






ritual-technical thesis: all the methods and practices of magick are ways of gaining access to an energetic realm from which the magician can act at a higher, a deeper level, to more effectively affect the con sensus reality. 




 .. let me tell you a secret that's worth @11 the money in the world .. reality isn't based on money, or stuff, or even people .. it's based on energy .. 

.. very well, you might say; let's approach the world, reality in this Way .. what, then, are the benefits of this.. what's in it for me ..?

pragmatic-logistic corollary: for one thing, if this energetic consciousness can be attained at will, we can achieve a reduction of those esoteric technologies to a much more simple & 'portable' format.






 .. & while some have said that (subtle) (bio) energetics is the future of occultism, we won't be so presumptuous as to call for the supremacy of this Way over others .. however, in today's con temporary fast-paced & hectic lifestyle, we might argue that it's simply more effective from a pragmatic perspective ..






 .. write something about goblin mode ..

.. so-called "goblin mode" seems to be some misguided quest for authenticity in my reading, & I can def resonate with that; I think a trajectory toward "the earth" & earthy living is just what the doctor ordered, in fact.. (echoes of Heidegger here for the philosophy initiates among us) ..






.. where it might fall short is in overdoing & play-acting affect .. but the fundamental, the basic trajectory towards attuning more closely to nature & its rhythms, & thus toward some grasp of & facility with subtle bioenergetics, is surely timely & apropos imho ..







 .. & then there's ..

.. have you ever tried talking to your device, say your phone for example .. you should try it sometime.. doesn't have to be out loud or in an obvious way, & who gnows.. maybe you'll make a new friend .. 

.. but seriously, this follows in a strict logic from our initial position - if all that exists is energy, then everything that exists has an energetic signature.. & communication is nothing other than the exchange of energy.. 






.. therefore, it should be possible to communicate not just with electronic devices, which supposedly possess a certain level of "artificial intelligence", but also animals, plants, & even rocks & other physical features .. & who can say what one might learn from interfacing with these ..

.. one might well be dismissive of such approaches, ideas & techniques, especially if they con flict with one's already established views .. but this is to miss the point entirely: maybe the Way to solve the world's problems isn't to do this instead of that, or to put this here instead of there .. maybe it's simply just a matter of finding a more accurate & effective way of seeing it ..











.. there's gotta be something more than "it could be worse; you could be them".. 












Upon reflection of my yearning: I can effortlessly expose that behind my intentional inconsistencies there has always been a pattern. 



No matter how tenaciously I twist the rails to force a crescent, they bridge back to form the circle. Time and time again.



I am a project to be shattered. An empire to be broken. 


So that pieces can embrace meaning as they are shaken free of ego and resentment. 




Chime and chime to then.



There has always been a stich in the situation.

There is no seraphim like the tomb of your last chance.


There will always be 3 doors.




We are all gates:     In spatio - semper ego.


I want to catch the string before it lets go.



The first burning bush was the dance,



the truest form of trance,


some steps are as sacred as they are shallow.




I got these pink pumps that I tuck under my fantasies. Just(ified) in case. 




When the other shoe drops I can run in a style as potent as my fear (to live).


I am sick, and I can’t think. Only want. And regret. 



Dead before dread, its ever too late.



The only shore is the one I renounced.


Straight and true as a heart can be, it is filtered through the funhouse mirror which claims to be my head.


I can’t take this pen any higher, and this empire can’t fund these tears anymore.



This verse has to sleep.


Bless this place to be, this place to be.




Bless this place to be. 








.. heroes are really made by the little things .. in the long view we're all in a hospice, & we just want to feel that it'll be okey .. which it will be .. either way .. 



















 .. those who say dreams are like messages from the un con scious are correct 🧐, because the latter has as much depth as con sciousness has precision & accuracy, & perhaps con siderably more ..🤔







I don’t do research. I follow The La(w|u) - Sun of Lief, leicht, licht, töchter des herrn. 


I have habe sich wo ander I land, strike up the band - I’ve got donner rechts hand, sie mein liebe ich verstand- uber alles hand im hand. 



Wenn ich kommeth die länder bend unter mein yoke bent als die polls dat i wrote. 



Ich kenne das licht und finsterniss die zauber macht, aber sie sind mein liebe, mein leben, mein ley(end): The ley of the land, mein schlüssel nach rechts, darin zu auf links. 



Me think, me thought, me sometimes rhymes - but eye out, them bristles fly. 



Bundles, bünschels, schrauben spindles : all along a cat’s hair bristles - up and down, the back the spine; the spiral of true hearts’ design. 



Ever eben even ich, komm nach hier vor zu verstanden dich.









 .. for the dead, & may they rest in peace ..