"to the ordinary person on the street, the coming period will seem like the end of the world. It's already started, with the earthquakes, stocks, the weather. You see, Those great spirits, those venerable vudu of whom we ourselves are but an expression, have decided that it's high time to accelerate the psychic evolution on your planet before it's too late.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that, as you know, is to place tests and challenges before the initiates"

-from  an (esoterico-)energetic cybernetics, January 2019

the problem with being able to see the future is, who's going to be lie ve you? That's what Shades (thus named because ) was thinking as he sat in a private mental institution in a developing country. It had been, after all, his tendency to not hold back from proclaiming aloud his prognostications that had landed him in a private mental institution in a developing country in the first place. 

emotions are water but in what matter does it fill? Man-made lakes and ponds, fountains... or nature’s?


Chaos was without form and void, all disjoint and illogic. The rising din from the void was unknown for there was nothing to know in that noise; but what was impressed upon it - whatever could be found, built, from the vibrating, pulsing, disordered ground. One way of thought, one approach, has built the world of us as parts of that grand being, mankind. Adam Kadmon, the eternal type of man, the grand man, (in)forms our being and roots our essence in threads of necessity built on the logic of the twin lights of woman and man. Our world is built out of the interconnection between the two sexes and divine potencies, centered multifariously in various selves, souls, complexes of mind and body. The world is a surface, like a sheet, between the two sides of the divided unity that is man.

Maybe it's our energiez re:syncing/sinking/sin king


Everything is always falling - either together, or apart.

How far are the real and the royal distinct?


you and me can. We can defy all these half-arses & surpass them to the last man


In which direction do you “look”: up or down, in or out? How we approach observation with the meanings of these stances can change our fundamental approach to the phenomenal. Where do we place ourself in relation to the ray and point of consciousness? Re-ordering the experienced world is achieved by moving fundamental notions in the web of association.


We make due,
when all we left behind,
was the sting of the absence.

All I need to know is what they made.
So I can understand why we couldn’t.

Complacency is the tapeworm of the mind.

Without sound,
or home.

Will sculpted of stone,
Regret cemented within.

Ever find you a soldier not lost?
Or a gift without cost?  


Stability in the mental fabric of reality is determined by a consideration of certainty in the mass unified type. Deviations are only possible in a limited degree and to that which can be overcome by force or finesse. The old displays of fakirs in the near East are examples of this, where they would create shared illusions. By allowing more and more concepts and thoughts, no matter how petrified in mind, to be encompassed by a true notion and belief as ultimately unknown - stability is overcome and the realm of possibility opens up. Belief is the strongest form of certainty, and rooted in the determination of the structure of the experienced environment. By giving up belief, or transferring it to being as “unknown”, we can enter different worlds - but certain things are more easily unknown (verb), as they are, or were never, part of our own immediate experience, but rather mere(?) stories we’ve been told