Till Death do us Art (or, 'the clowns will outlive us')


necromantic, unrepentant; on the con trary, I'm proud of it...




..so I practice a supposedly "dark" magic but all those megalithic corporations don't..? 





Must be a nice delusion to think so..





..but nothing to do with the truth, I'm sorry to say.. 

.. & anyway, that's really how people should live..without guilt






..& if that's something they're feeling, they should check themselves, their environment & their upbringing for possible causes & work on them thoroughly..

I don’t have any guilt - I have gilt.


barking nomads,


poisoned by the light.




Ain’t had no salvation like this before.


Wired to regret.



Plastic wrapped.




And (yet) you speak to me.










Mendacious. Spawning. out of tone.




Your sigils scream to me.




Membrane tuxedo….(in) a thunderous pulse of abstraction. 




An inconceivable infinite bliss of striking at windmills.



Blood on the moon.




Our southern gal.



Will never forget the harm that you do.





The strobes seek the serotonin right(s) where It begs for hurt. 





 a ritual of you.





Right between the inerts.


















Power comes & goes, & the further along on the Way one gets, the more of it comes & goes; but discipline persists..

The Haitian tonton macoutes ((a Haitian Creole phrase meaning 'bogeymen') were, unfortunately, associated with vudu..as, of course, is everyone in Haiti.. pretty sure they consciously adopted a very very dark, violent strain of it tho..stuff even the vudu secret societies wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole..those strains effectively sell their souls, feeding their patron spirits pain energy in exchange for worldly success & wealth..a similar practice to some fringe cartel spiritists in Mexico, I'd con jecture..🧐 


The problem with such practices is that they are inherently self-destructive. One can see this play out historically, sure enough, but we could also reason it out logically..to benefit literally at the expense of others is flawed thinking & shoddy practice, & such practitioners can be said to simply take these ideas & methods to a certain extreme. A branch cannot thrive at the expense of the tree..



..indeed, everywhere & all around us today we see clear evidence that this is the case..


"..the crowd is the untruth.."

-  Søren Kierkegaard 

"...being social is the gates of hell because one often loses their sense of integrity getting cozy with the crowd"

- 22

Shades (thus named because he had decades ago dedicated his life to providing spots of shade where the seedlings & sproutings of a new aeon might grow & develop in the harsh glare of an old world order burning down) surveyed the scene with grim satisfaction..



..in a brief respite in the battle for nothing less than the future of the planet, of the very soul of the world, he took pause to think back to where this had all started, at least for him, & how it had evolved from there..

..when I was 16 I decided I'd be a writer cuz it was something I tend to be good at without really trying; guess that's what ppl call talent..so I studied philosophy, got into the occult & eventually was able to obtain a charter to organize an occult lodge..


..if only I knew then how much I'd change & evolve with all the challenges & initiations, as the world changed & evolved, to even make this shift into a whole new long-term paradigm possible..a shift that that is even now already in progress..

..& do you have the wisdom, courage, will & discipline necessary to join us to build together the foundations of a brand new aeon? 

..well then.. 'till death, do us art!

 Co-inside-ends: aphorisms on free will vs. predestination

other people’s accounts be to the dogs. as far as i am concerned i appear myself to myself to have free will - and isn’t that to the point that will is more or less constrained, and at least by desire. 




to discount free will is to give into a useless fatalism. 



can you direct your belief to ignore any self styled experts and instead focus on the experience of your own self? 


any lack of free will seems to me to be external coercion- i can walk into a wall if i want to, but i prefer to eat bacon. 



clap the talk, but i was just saying, supposing you have some modicum of will, to try making choices or endowing your actions with “non-sensical” or metaphorical / analogical meanings and see what happens. 




do it repeatedly and over time. in my experience it has seemed to really increase the synchronicity factor. 



remember: it’s all coincidence (co-inside-ents) - pronunciation matters.. 






..i guess i’m saying, "don’t do things haphazardly and see what happens"..

the whirling world of words

We already live in a virtual world; don’t fall for a digitalization.


If you want to know everything, you must assume you (g/k)now nothing.









..what falls shall rise again..