initiatory incantations

“when I finally became free I realized there was nothing else I needed to be”

- me


The magician uses their own body as a subtle bioenergetic machine to reach different states of consciousness each of which discloses a new world. They might also use a number of esoteric technologies such as mediation and yoga, certain kinds of drugs, sexual experiences, etc...


our M/other who art every tree I meet as I walk down the street, & our Father who is the voice that whispers bellowing echoing from beneath the psychic See, be you now/here with me!!


The best sound is silence. That I learned this early on is my greatest strength. Silence, however, is easier to come by than one might suppose..

Experienced meditators know that even when there are no external sounds, there are internal ones. These are described in many and varied esoteric ways as the buzzing of bees, the sounds of the kundalini echoing at different chakras, the sounds of many waters washing up like waves on the shores of a new Atlantis, the whirling of the vortex gateway to the world of the qlippoth which is called Daath, etc.

But what are these sounds, really? These sounds are the echoes on the inner passageways between different states of experience, which signal a transition in the esoteric explorer's state of consciousness. They are at the same time the very means for these trance formations for, by following them, the magician is “carried” along by them into other worlds.

Here, there are many possibilities & inner planes to explore & experience...


Did you recognize your sister/brother/mother
who is you & not an other
when you met them in the garden
as you did ‘fore time began?


The warrior-magician uses their own inner dialogue against their opponent. Using this technique, esoteric tectonic plates, inner machineries of levers and pulleys are as it were ‘re-programmed’ to more accurately represent the practitioner’s perspective on reality.

If the world can be conceived (& advanced adepts can confirm the accuracy of such an idea-complex to reality) as a computer, then those who use this technique can be thought of as reprogramming reality itself, charging the very air with their ‘in can tations’, the efficacy of which is limited only by the power stored and carried within their bio-machine bodies...


Shades, Middle Toe of the ‘we were never (w)here’ (WWNH for short, pronounced ‘One’) order was hearing “those devil voices” again. Of course one man's devil is another man's initiation, & those voices had taken our anti-hero all over the world. & while he'd never attained much worldly success (& never cared for it to begin with), he knew more about the occult than just about anyone..

“Sin”, the vices were saying. “There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. Surely, this world must be fallen and evil”.

“But there is good in everybody”, Shades thought as if in reply.

“True. But how many of them heed the call of the spirits to live free, & do who they want to be?”, came the response. “You must teach them by example that even with nothing, one can be free”.

“But I have the whole world in my hands. You want me to give it away!?”, Shades exclaimed, remembering why he called them devil voices.

“Exactly”, they answered. “eXactly, eggsactly”.

“That's so crazy, it just might be fun”, Shades thought, preparing to hurl himself like a voltigeur with a mighty leap, backwards of and around the Tree (teehee!)


Different times of the day have different vibrations &, therefore, different possibilities. For example, the morning is by nature peaceful & serene, such that to be awake in the early morning can be said to be a meditation in itself..

These esoteric layers of our daily experience pertain to the electromagnetic trance-formations of the Earth, as well as the sun and moon, the planets etc...


Let us posit that reality is composed of threads of light, as Castaneda might suggest. Those who might laugh off such formulations as fanciful should spend some hours starting at the back of their own eyelids, as Terrence McKenna might suggest, or try to explain why people sometimes see strange patterns like clusters of bright dots in the sky, especially in liminal times such as the morning or when it's cloudy. Indeed, we would remind them that DNA is composed of energies which are only visible under relatively obscure circumstances.

In any case, will insist that the utility of such formulations, setting aside their aesthetic beauty, is that they can be used by the shaman to move through reality in unconventional ways.

We do not mean to refer merely to physical movement. These threads of light enable the magician to access events in their past or even their potential future (one of our basic assumptions is that the future is always in flux), to gain energy by reliving or examining the unexplored possibilities of an event which has already occurred. The technique is best practiced lying down, with eyes closed.

In this way, the adept can be conceived of as a spider, drawing into themselves esoteric energies as sustenance...


& still they did not be lie ve


The Master is a player; the kind who seems to win, one way or the other. & everything in life is a game

The Master is a fighter who allways puts in 100%; after all, there's no pulling punches when one's life is on the line

The Master is impervious, seemingly bulletproof. And if you deign to designate yourself as such you'd better be bulletproof too, because they will come for you. All of those who seek to enslave others in darkness & ignorance will reach out with their unconscious to silence you, punish you for revealing what's behind the(ir) curtain. And when they do, you better be ready...


Naked and possessed by spirits under the full moon, the shaman/magician accesses the recesses of their own awareness, the transcendental id collective unconscious of the soul. Thus, entering energetic caves where dwell the raw, primal aspects of our own selves as revealed by the darkness, we empower our selves to evolve into a symbiotic future filled with limitless possibilitease

& that's how they do it, those hoodoo gentlewo/men (A l’Ancien) as they practice & plan towards a new atlan