fractal, kaleidoscopic, boundless (astral toast)





The fox has many tricks. 



The hedgehog has but one. 






But that is the best of all. 







- Desiderius Erasmus (paraphrasing Greek poet Archilochus)






..I gazed across that black mirror into the other world & I gnew I could just leave you there, in purgatory for who gnows how long..





..but I also gnew I could never live with myself if I did..













Conformity is ingress of the dreadful









interpretationsssss are so sssaturated, 



redundancy turns to comfort





Atman splayed across the tomb of independent thought 




The monochrome monocle of enfeeblement 




mechanical into the end





Ego fodder to grow fatter, 




and farther away from the song you want to sing




The harbinger of rapture, righteousness, and lithium





A crippling con juring of con ceptual crime


And if you can’t have me, then I will have my end



An addict suited up just fine for any fall




Storms to chase, seas to swim 





One would hope that at least on the other side of the valley there’s an ear, 



or even better, a heart




When that note rings in wu wei, 



the eye on the mind, 





bitter in the hand





The lasso lets loose, 






and so does the wind
















..a dream within a dream, shaped like a machine ..



..when I was very young, I decided I wanted to live a magickal life.. no ordinary life would do for me, no..




..fortunately I didn't gnow then what I gnow now, in particular what such a decision would cost & entail, or I probably would have hesitated at least a little bit..






..even so, I still maintain it's better to reach for the stars, even if you end up on your ass..













..usually, we tend to be swept up by the flow of time..this is especially true when we are in a crowd of people..hence an experiential reading of Kierkegaard's "the crowd is the untruth"..but with practice & by saving & accumulating energy, we can learn to manipulate this flow, to slow it down or speed it up at will..

castaneda calls this "stopping the world"

..by practicing thus, we can eventually learn to shift the flow of time..

 ..& by practicing such techniques over extended periods, one naturally con nects to the rhythms of the future, & so isn't just able to "foresee" the future, at least for themselves, but also to stand facing it, well prepared for what may come..



.. indeed, by con serving energy & discarding all that is superfluous, we eventually learn to follow the trace of energies, & even see the difference between our energy and that of other people, places, spirits..

 .. someone who experiences reality in this way has truly become a magician, gaining access to a world that is fractal, kaleidoscopic, boundless..& often overwhelming..a vast terrain for exploration, ever offering new experiences, sensations..as well as openings into ever new worlds, each of them just as engrossing..

.. there's no apocalypse like an ironic zombie apocalypse ..

..neither hard nor soft, but flowting..

..the summer solstice is when the whole energetic system, the macro system shifts from longer to shorter daze..



..so all those micro adjustments I'd made to that system need to be redone for the new system..this is also true for other nexus points in the year, such as the vernal equinox, winter solstice, etc...



.. things most ppl don't notice & if they do prob attribute to some arbitrary thing that in point of fact has nothing to do with what's actually causing it..




.but also an opportunity to grow & evolve & adopt new better ways etc etc..that is of course assuming one has saved enough energy to benefit from them





.. because if they haven't they'd prob just end up going around in circles...which is fine, if one happens to be into that sort of thing..



..me, I get bored easily..












 ..as for mercury going direct following a retrograde, my own experience of it is very clear actually.. as mercury goes direct, I have an inner sense that "it's getting easier to see the way".. 



..maybe because my path is more or less focused on working with spirits, when I can't hear them, I certainly miss them..




.. which isn't to say that there aren't "uses" for mercury in retrograde..if nothing else, it def keeps one on one's toes; keeps one sharp..




..but there's also a sense of experimentation & play that one can certainly learn to appreciate..

LL is a machine for facilitating the Great Work .. incidentally, we're very welcoming of aliens here.... indeed, it is our honour to be something of an esoteric Embassy ..in fact, it might even be the case that there are other aliens in our midst, even as we speak..





Shades (thus named because even his PJ's & undies came in shades..of black) awoke he did not gnow where the foke..as Castaneda might say he'd danced with the Ally, & the latter had landed him in a new reality, one that in no recognizable wise resembled the last.. although there were similaritease..


 [to be con tinued]

















.. I'm you in the future..




..altho tbh I dunno who's who in the future..






 ..I don't even know if there *is* a "who" in the future..