bodymind complexi ties ii: toward an esoterico-energetic Vitruvian man

i:        implanting my platonic solid in your vesica piscis

"For a long time in the West we've managed to forget the original meaning of the word 'philosophy': love of wisdom, not the love of endlessly talking and arguing about the love of wisdom. And what's even sadder is the way we've managed to persuade ourselves that we haven't forgotten anything"

- Peter Kingsley

collective id


golden section

divine proportion


platonic solids



you're alive

& even death is a fibonacci golden spiral breath

ii:        a black magickal interlewd1, or: how I learned to stop hurrying & enjoy mercury retrograde

& then you enter my sphere
sift & stir &
fall away dirt

who am I, really? is what you should be asking


q: how can we understand the wei wu wei, the acting without acting of the Taoists today?

a: there is a way to know the future, and it is to align with the future.The future is not, after all, a place, but a trajectory that is actualized, being the resultant of other vectors. the magician's task, then, which is demanding but far from impossible, is to clear the rubble, the flak so that they can see these vectors in action, and can follow them into the future.

q: how can one improve in life without compromising the advancement of others, or how can one move up in life without actively causing others to move down?

a: there is only one martial art, but it is not physical in nature; indeed, its adherents hold that to enter into open conflict is already to lose. this method2 is really rather simple. In the spring and summer, sow, and in fall and winter reap. by allowing others into their sphere, the black magicians3 obtain a 'lock' on their psychosomatic coordinates. the magician's servitors or allied spirits are then released into these coordinates and they work to, as Bertiaux might put it, 'take over all their magical computers'4. this approach is also fractal, relating to the beginning of the week and its end as well as spring and fall respectively.


ah, the encounter with Death. now we're getting somewhere! Death is powerful and omnipresent, and thinks of mortals as flies.

but the magician is different. Death must seduce, entice the magician.

& those who know know that Death does not like to discriminate, but likes to be on top.


1: ah, yes, the so-called 'black magickal interlewd'. well, for one thing, there's nothing black about it: poking fun at that old strategy of labeling powerful (i.e. potentially 'dangerous') esoteric methods with warnings and whatnot. I think we're way past that culturally.

2: the other irony here is that its not really a technique at all; it just tends to do itself. if one is more disciplined and what Castaneda calls 'tight' energetically, streamlined with what is superfluous cleared away, they just tend to move 'faster' than others energetically. I'm sure you've encountered this too: you start learning a new 'game' and soon enough, you're further ahead at it than someone else (it might be useful here to refer to the movie Revolver and the previous legbalodge post that discussed it). now, my own experience is that this experience/technique moves cyclically and is modular; i.e., the beginning of the week is always uphill, slower, you have less of a sense that you know what's going on, as it were. same with the summer and perhaps especially spring, when there's high novelty.

3: a black magician is one who is not employed by a 'higher power', but rather a free agent, if you will

4: the 'esoteric' aspect of the technique: it seems to me that once this energetic clearing/tightening is done, there is a sort of 'infusion', from what the vuduists, spiritists call the spirits and what someone like Castaneda might call the nagual - there is an energetic vector that enters the equation, so to speak, from 'outside'..it is this that is really the guarantor of success in the technique

iii:        on time, and the radiant heavenly city

The night is still long and the watchmen are few. Will
the magnum opus be carried forward to a new stage toward its
completion? Who will be the alchemists, the Gnostics of the

-Stephan A. Hoeller, the gnostic jung

Follow your gut. Following the advice of Alice Bailey, I have begun listening to, talking with really, my abdominal cavity. It truly is a reservoir of great energy - the great store house of the lower human, where feelings still reign supreme. The center of reception, the solar plexus. Listen - I’m really not ready to be swept up in that current of humanly emotion. Listening, right now, just isn’t my thing - maybe one day. In any case this cycle of expression seems to be the dominant one on this planet, at this time - whereas I am, it would seem, predominantly cerebral to the point of having excluded, to a great degree, the other centers of embodied activity: crown and brow, brow and throat, throat and gut, gut and star, star and heart. The major centers are what I seem to be working on at the moment. A little bit of swimming in Aesch Majim - pushing around the waters, but not much; I really miss the times when I’ve had the chance to dive right in and swirl around.

So, the gut broadcasts and the plexus receives. So I’m thinking maybe I can set up a feedback loop between my diaphragm and my bowels leading directly to a return to awesomeness (in my own perceptions, that is). That is yet to be seen...

Long time no throwbacks

We are all, at all times, continuously broadcasting outwards and receiving inwards from the various centers - from entire body really, but the organs and regions each have their own peculiarities. Even if we don't know it this is all going on to one degree or another. Others, assumed to be less in tune with such things, seem to notice what and when I have sent out some feeling or series of word embodied thoughts. They seem to, perhaps mainly unconsciously, respond in kind with a thought, look, or slipped near silent utterance. It is indeed possible to pick up on these quiet or silent responses - more direct access, for me, seems limited to vague generalities about state and character; I've yet to find the keys for attuning to another's internal dialogue, which, however, does appear to occasion itself yet rarely. Success in these things then, for me, seems to arise in the combination of a calm receptivity and a known transmission.

I believe I've said this before, but it has begun to impress itself on me once again as I return to the more hidden things. When one's state is changed, one encounters what more pertains to that state. In my experience, this is predominantly a consideration of the environment of humans I come into contact with. Working in a large city, differences in the 'random' collection of agents whom I pass on the street are apparent. It wouldn't be clear at all that anything was different if always the same set of characters made up these interludes in my routine, though even living in relatively small towns I have found the milieu of different moments sympathetic with my state (more hostile/annoying elements included).