".. I suppose you'd call us practical metaphysicians, or paranatural engineers .."

- from The Portable Door

" .. only the Master can turn the tragedy .. actually it doesn't even have to be 'tragedy' 🤔😅.. it could just as well be 'meaningless repetitive flak' .. of human suffering .. into a hero's epic .. "





- shades 

Expectations, the only true pain. Anxiety, the devil, dopamine unchecked.









Didn’t they preach that submission is deliverance?








Jesus Christ, undying benchmark of what is life.








I yearn, but can’t follow.







The thought injects a bitterness into my ego.






Deep as a tick.








Tick, tick, tock burrowing into the mind…depth eclipsed by way of disappointment when I turn away from within.








And when I awoke I knew the sludge crawling on my skin slipped from my tongue onto my trigger finger.








There’s no sermon you can impart on me to change my kind.








I’m scrapped down to the rind, and I’m too bored to linger.







 But you won’t catch me, and you won’t see the left hook I’ll bring to the picnic.








You’ll be spitting splinters of penance from the image you chiseled of me.








I’m nothing you’ve claimed, and will leave nothing undone.








Absolution  is an armature’s game.








I will thrash, bleed, love, bite, claw and cry until all exhausted my anxiety, until all has been done.








There is no devil without a sun.








There isn’t a sure step that I can say, but if there was a path my tears washed it away.








And in the crater of absurdity the only certainty I can say is that I will never be that way.













"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit .. " 






– Aristotle

.. shades ( .. thus named because shades liked to throw shade at the shady .. ) reflected on misophonia* as understood in a (bio)energetic sense, i.e. as relating to energetic vibrations or vibes as opposed to just sounds per se ..

.. it seems that (bio)energetic misophonia understood in this way could serve as an esoteric means of navigation in multidimensional spacetime .. this would simply involve the psychonaut in question moving away from things that don't resonate with them, & towards those which do .. thus the goal would be to "follow your heart", but after another manner; in another way ..

.. this would in turn entail a deep 'listening' to the energetics that one receives on a day to day basis & from moment to moment, & their energetic 'echo' through one's con sciousness .. which would enable one to determine the kind of energies to which they are attracted, & those which repel ..

.. the gradual, step-by-step process of "moving" away from unappealing energies, & thus experiences, & toward inviting ones could be seen as an inner means of navigation through the dimensions of space & time, a methodology aimed at the process that is the psychosomatic gnostic evolution of oneSelf ..


*: misophonia, understood to be an unusually strong or negative emotional reaction to certain sounds, is an actual con dition that reportedly affects 1 in 5 people .. 

With all sorts of buildings|built things, there is a foundation, somehow stable according to the rules of whatever space the building is taking place in. In our three-dimensional world, the required number of points to enclose a volume and give rise to notions of inside and outside is four - those four points forming a tetrahedron, an emblem of fire. 








Of course, in real buildings - the kind you can step in - there are many more material points than 4, but in the least, out of 3, 4 is stable. This sequence of stability can be downgraded into the plane where we see 3 as the minimum out of 2 to separate an inside from an outside. We can extend this pattern further up and down the dimensional scale, 1 more point than the number in its dimensioning set is required to from this inside / outside stability.









Beside geometric forms in space, the idea of a foundation, as state, applies to other concerns: anywhere something is formed de novo out of existing materials there must be some foundation on which to hang further parts in elaboration. Start with the foundation and elaborate. This is in terms more-or-less similar to the situation with building any software system, enterprise, philosophy, what-have-you. 








The start to a foundation always starts with one piece of material, or more even at first the location for the building. That place is the domain, physical reality, conceptual, really anything that can be classified as a space, of which what can't be?








We'll assume these spaces have things in them at least in potentiality. If space is a container, and a container will and can never contain a thing, can that container be said to contain or even be a container?... I'll go with no - So we're going to have stuff in our spaces, or we can put stuff in there from somewhere else. Must be in another container somewhere..🤔. and then what contains the containers??? AWaHahaHWaaaa! 🤦‍♂️ 









There's that whole class of all classes thing cropping up. There are different ways to consider this kind of idea, one which is immediately coming to mind is the natural numbers: 0,1,2,3...., with each sequential n+1 containing the previous n, rolling back into that whole dimension thing of a container in dimension n having n+1 points|elements. Back to just having stuff in a box now.








So, we have some space and we have "stuff" in it and it must be differentiable from other bits of stuff. Distinguishability or differentiability can be marked by assigning one-to-one correspondence from a set of entities known to be unique and over into whatever stuff we've got: we can use the natural numbers. 









Disregarding some notions of "countability", we can use this apparently linear array of number to mark out our space even if it is, say 2-dimensional, by a suitable mapping - for example, by referring to one dimension as 2n and the other as 2n+1, i.e. by a splitting into evens and odds. It is easier to duplicate the natural numbers and use however many sets each one to refer to a single dimension. Now what was the point here?








This first step of division into locations where we might put "stuff", this pretty much arbitrary assigning of numbers to introduce distinguishability, doesn't have any additional structure. The relationships existing between the natural numbers do not necessarily carry over into our chosen space unless we choose to follow out that logic. 








Being a working stiff, I don't have time to do that - and maybe I only like to think that I have the ability. If this unrelated chaos of uniqueness can be formed to some use? This would seem to be the foundation of location or of being this-and-not-that, which is already kindof like stuff. The numbers, the space, and the assignment; seems like there are three things required for this construction...







When building, we put things together either by amounts and/or by qualities. In the psychic realm we can select a few words and work out their relationship by elaboration with additional words hopefully forming intelligible(?) links between states of mind in which we have found ourself: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Spirit, Soul, Body. Sulfur, Salt, Mercury. Lotsa triads there, maybe it's a clue? 








The page is a two-dimensional space, can the actual physical structure of the record for human thought be a defining influence on what sorts of ideational forms are stable? It is at least tangentially related. After we're done reading, what happens to the combinations of letters that have zoomed past our retinas on into our being. Was there already some big letter kool-aid soup we drank back in kindergarten and as we've read have we created variously weighted linkages between our camp . .

uranus .. in orbit 


 .. everyone's expendable in this economy .. 









.. yes, even (if not especially) them ..