King Con (synonymous with ignominy)




"are they a band or a gang" = we're your worst nightmare, & your only escape..from this world of waking dreamers, zombies, living(?) dead..






What on Urrth are we talking about here? 


Inspiration, respiration, expiration, exhalation climbing a spiral spire in the sky, sliding down until we die. 



Breathe in breathe out - magnetic flowing aerial force, building up mind and body but of course. 


Without a doubt when we shout, part of our soul flows out and about. 


Song called into being different realities and ways of being beating in the heart, pumping that magnet blood from foot to head. 



The elements are the psychological experiences of the form of sensual forces out in the "other". 


But being an imperfect mirror of the self, fire, water, earth, air are also potencies within the control of the "isolated" ego. 



Within our body and our control over it, we have, to various degrees, control over all the elements of reality. As above, so below, and all that jazz: micro/macrocosm, etc. - you should know the drill by now. 


You gotta feel it to believe it; seeing is so passé. And isn't that all what we mean the truth is in front of you as a feeling, a being, a seeming - a convergence to a point inside your mind's eye of all this sensory mumbo jumbo - and then a calling out from the depth, structure sounds in an acoustic space: you can't close your ears and even the grosser body of feeling senses sound. 


A searching spotlight illuminating the dark to whatever degree it can. 



More light!





there isn't enough life to go around (so grab some while you can)

the master isn't afraid to get their hands dirty; it's these flake-arses who worry about getting dirt under their fingernails that worry me, tbh

 (un)fortunately for you, we're the good guys





Jai Kali ma, ewe who kill to bring about new & ever better life 

Ye who destroy to create ever more diverse & developed forms 

Nature favours replacement over repair, & who am I to argue with that..




I be lie ve, @LLfather, I've seen your bliss, @LLfather, I be/long to you, @LL father






..the spirits dance around me, possess me, caress me; [censored] me....

Recriminations of what tired metaphor can I hawk to you?



When I knock. 


On your door. And further implore, 

that my rhymes aren’t still just another bore.




Could I sing of the serpent shedding skin among the fallen cherry blossoms?



A layered rehashing of the Per-sonix calamity us old plagiarizing mixologists 


pretend to enhance.



Chipping away, for another day, or two…a true...revelation (17:5) – aren’t we all?



Got yourself a new ball cap there chap?

Shave and a haircut? Hopeful days are here again?


I don’t mean to shit all over your ball game.. but I guess I do. 



See we’re an esoteric rag(tag) , and 



‘round these parts, sport, we don’t take to kindly to blossoms (like you) who can’t 


stew in the muck 



with the snakeskin, and the mirrors.



And it may impress upon you the stations of our birth, and promise that we will break through..

 Time acting weird.. i suggest: time / timing / rhythm. apropos for equinox issue?

& who among those writing today can expect to be read even a hundred years from now..? Maybe we should take that to heart, roll with it.. so many others seem to be doing just that & enjoying it; getting off on it, even..🤔 

..the initiates, the masters are of varying views on this, but most admit that con quering death is a real possibility.. having said that tho, some say there's no point to con quering death cuz you just end up stuck in rebirth upon rebirth, the Buddha equivalent of reality for us I guess 😂🤔.


.others say the cost of conquering death is too high, like you need to be prepared to sacrifice even your nearest & dearest, either actively or passively (which makes sense - inevitably you'd outlive them anywho)..


.. still others are of the view that if you save enough energy; accumulate enough power even death will be powerless to stop you.. I personally prefer the last of those but for the record I do be lie ve it's possible to overcome death, just as one can overcome anything else I guess..🤔🤨

.. it's been going around, a certain pessimism about the mundane world..& there's certainly more than enough reasons to justify it I think..but it's a mood, & like all moods it cums & goes..if you will 🤨

the hollow..the emptiness the no thing..

...to elaborate on this, Crowley says the master can't "die", even if they try..all I can say about that is, I've tried it more than once &, well..ahem ..

..Castaneda puts it in a somewhat different way, but to more or less the same effect..he says the master to prove to themselves that they're a master jumps off a cliff, the test being that they'll assemble a new world before they fall to their death..so, who here hasn't metaphorically done that..? cuz my guess is everyone has ..


"..my butt hurts from all this discussion.."


- 22