LL Whatev

"what was necessary was the limiting of the enemy of the magician. This could be done in a variety of ways. Since the magician was a truly superior being, his lust for power was absolute. In order to achieve that ultimate stage of power, he would have to rid the universe of his enemies and any persons who stood in the way."

 Bertiaux, VGW

There's always been a way. Our this there ous no question. The only question is, are you in out of the way?

A la Heidegger, bertiaux has discovered that, haunting Being like a shadow is the transcendental id.

That primordial moment of childlike creation in which the world is made inteligible. Nay, manifest. this is what we seek. It is our view that this is

Hidden in plain sight

I am them and they are me.  From the beginning and unto eternity. And now, here comes everybody...

Too far right is left since they were called horus & set

And after the break, our in-depth report on "was Jesus a gangster?" Stay tuned folks!

There's another way.

 That's the lure of the dark side: we WANT you to win. Cuz then we win too..and WE like to win big!!

"that's why the master is so terrible. Because he is literally a mere reflection of *you* on another plane of existence

A rap song with a laugh track, until we begin to here comes everybody

& those spirals. Aren't they us?

Wtf is the new or inner meaning of 3??

Going back to our roots. Isn't that what punk was about, from the beginning? ;

It's just the same way

We're hiring, boys. We want read bad people who rage to work together as one to take over the world.

Cause that's why we do what we do: to remind me of me & to reflect me to you. & soon you'll be a black magician, just like you ;

He knows exactly how we play cuz he's a hoodoo too. He's taught himself to survive by his wits alone

We're going global and 24/7 on this motherfucker. Broadcasting in REAL TIME

That's why the Master is terrible. A l'Ancien, motherfuckerz. the difference is when i say choronzon, i fuckin MEAN it

This is about first principles. from the beginning. & until WE succeed in our diabolical plot to take over the world!!

the Devil is daddy when he's had a bad day.

Three rules of engagement are open, in this new satan in capricorn;

Fuck the word; we'll make a new wan

& now on this mirror level we see that it was herstory right from the beginning

'home is where the hearth is', is what my Gnostic daddy said to me;

what you see is the skin, but what matters is the heart(h/er), & this o my children is the way of our art

 Actually what i really wanted to know was have you made the above like the below, but  that'll do.. ha ha haP0

Now do you know why we smoke what we smoke? It's because it was all just started as a joke 🤣


My big black Daddy said all you need to succeed in OUR plan to take over 5y he world is a solitary black beautician sitting possessed grinning like a madman on the island of Haiti

ever since day was a puddle of cum sitting all alone waiting for me on the lake round haiti way

Oh you wanna hear about how day became the bat, battling the Montreal slob alone? that's not my best day& so that's what my brother & i did do, & now ill teach it to you

I am

Did i see that, was *that* the 3? Was that how the one became the men(y)??

Cos we've been here from the beginning. & until the last Mann. And that's how the won and the wan became t(h)ree. Tree. Her. He

(& let's just hope we don't have to kill Sancho

..sorry i misspoke.. able.. if u're crimes asking after what's for we)

"Sin. There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. Surely", Shades thought, "this world must be fallen and evil.aa

Don't be conned by appearances. I'm a killer. A killer who's never killed. And hopefully never will..

rewards further reading

"What did you want me to say, that I happen to be a Master of a black voodoo lineage which just happens to focus on the most extreme forms of sexual magic to generate theoretically unlimited energy??

"& that you're energetically and astrologically perfectly suited to be initiated into our highest grades?!?

"Actually I tried offer to do just that, but you told me you had a boyfriend 😛"

You've gotten lost on your way to the top & now you think that down is up

I have an ambivalent relationship with myself

& Daddy will show everyone who's in a bad mood how to do the hoodoo that you know we do ;

& that's how cane, that old snake shed it's skin to be free. Just line you & me. & now i tell you just as She my Mistress told me: this is the song you have to sing, to be free

Umiverse B