we are @LL Shades

I've been thinking of writing about the energetic effects of the current events..like enforced isolation &c..

like, isn't this exactly what the Teachers and Masters have been recommending for aeons, the turn within, in order to real lies the Self..?

even the most hopeless of social media addicts will be unable to avoid the terrible effects of physical distance from the thought patterns of the Crowd; terrible, that is, from the perspective of the ego, the lowercase s self, ever seeking warmth in the company of other egos, so that it may forget that it's a fiction that created it self..

you could even think of it, this unprecedented opportunity, as an incubation period in which those who will make the future itSelf are free from the usual distractions and let's face it, inefficiencies of our customary day-to-day existence..

..what, then, should we expect to happen next..?

It is a mistake to think that the world inhabited, seemingly shared, with other human beings is the same for each individual. We are not prone to make this mistake as regards the inner lives of other living creatures other than another human, but among species it is perhaps Homo sapiens that differs to the utmost degree from one specimen to the next. 



We each are able, and do, piece together the world idiosyncratically based on our past experiences and the doctrines which we have made our own. Below these, and this has been written before, there is an underlying sensory-geometric manifold that defines the realm of (external) action - a way of the world, reinforced by perceived mechanisms and received physical doctrine. 




We are for the most part still living in a mechano-materialist framework that dictates the possible. Disregarding the quantum strategy for the time being, we have not yet collectively, if personally, even internalized and harmonized the electromagnetic truths to inform our experience of what may be sensorily known. 



This lived experience in the “new” electrical world seems to have begun to have been approached when electrical problems and theory were in their infancy. As evidence I purport the findings and diagrams of the physiognomists, showing great deviations of the regular and accustomed structure of the human cranium. 



To this I suggest that these diagrams are not to be regarded as indicative of the gross material form, easily and simply seen by all, but are in fact suggestive of what is see by energetic sight as surrounding any individual’s head with the particular proclivities as indicated by, at least some of, the physiognomical lore. 



These energetic protubances live in the electric / magnetic / energetic space which surrounds every object, the human form and its organs of course no exception. 




It is possible to notice these / this field of yourself by paying attention to the twitches and tensions on your own scalp, skull and forehead, particularly when coming into closer proximity with another human being, changes being elicited by the interaction of the two personalities in terms of the mental radiance. 



The spaces that surround, like the hollow of a cup, are as much a part as what seems to be the sole real existence.

Power isn't being able to get whatever you want; that's a side effect that can destroy u if u don't have power, which is the ability to gnow what u don't want, & the self-control to avoid it

- us

Shades (thus named because he was but an exemplar of a worldwide, nay, a transdimensional trend) sat alone in his room, contributing to an issue of an esoteric e-zine. around him for every eye to sea, The Old Order was collapsing, holding on by its fingertips to a yesterday that no longer existed..

gnow this, all you who come across this - the World is not just the works of (wo)men; far from it, it is a living, breathing organism, and our own Mother at that..

& gnow further/more that we are Her very own Children, neither numbers nor stats nor names on a screen; yea, we exist in spite of Them


When the mind stumps on a concept too vast for cognition it kicks the block to the /edge.  
Incites instance, always anticipated, internally ignored….unfilled…unfit…until….

Aware –

you recoil, clasp your tongue under the fear of vision.

Mind cowers behind the coatracks, scrambles for the tracks.
Dimensions in doors ahead…uncharted.
Swaddled in faith, you trust that we fall through skies.
You look when you should leap. And swim when you should dive.  

Yet you shout out for the words:

You can’t take it away from me,
no matter how much you reach for me.

All the fear, tucked streets away.
Scouring towards the tears - stationed within.  

Impatient fits split the mind tow words the pit.
Dead into the meta-/egit.

A crown deep in the shit.

Categorical imperatives looted by specters of control.
Waste is the right, for which we fight.

Intolerance (the cosmopolitan refrain) cryin out.
You and mind/e are gunna bout.
And someone’s salvation is gunna bounce.
Lords of the chapel ingest golden repression.
Regurgitate webs of eternal plea.
A beholden radio casts a dying net across the sea.  

With regret chained to the chest, amid eyes marred in political hastilude,  
Empowered by internal feats abound - I’m your hound.

Gather your hopes – tether them to me.

As I skip away from insurmountable ruts of reason, and empires of doubt.

We sift through the shi(f)t for spontaneous solidarity.  
A petition bottlenecked in the bogs.

Burdens are not beasts, and fruits are not your release.

Through forests sterile of scruples, lost marbles everywhere.
Over rivers of flux, open to all being, now soiled with intent.
Synching the vest of compassion, we surface in tides of bogged hate.

We collapse through the bunkers.
Behold dunes once glowing and tranquil,
and we breathe beneath the rolling waves.

Grains as free as dreams wish for the soul

The pollen of today thrives through the sorrow

I carry the banner and the sword, but when we storm the stars, 

you finally see that you are we