"There is a wave-motion in the psychic
envelope of our experience, a constant
movement; yet this movement is like the
movement of water, or the movement of waves,
and yet it has its own mode of expression -
its own rhythm or 'beat'..."

-Michael Bertiaux

its vibrations or rhythms

within them are planes, surfaces, quantities

but the oscillations, which are the

more challenging to perceive,


& how do we know this? simple. changing
quantities, surfaces, changes nothing in our
life. Or if it does, it's a minor and trivial

changing the rhythm, which is not
at all easy, changes things in our existence
so much that we can say without exaggeration
that it makes one into a different person

it is a war, you see

vibe versus quantity.

those black magicians

Even though the external world in which we (usually) act is a three dimensional ensemble of objects, they are all actually processes or (at least) four dimensional objects. And this includes our own beings, and we know this although it may tend to be only a background noise. Yet is this four dimensional world indeed static or must it have its own form of time to which it is beholden, where timelines are like string in the wind. Time as we experience it is full of recurrences leading to suggest that time itself is cyclical in nature; that there is something fundamental in the nature of time that leads to repetition.

There seems to be a force compelling the existence of an ever changing present sandwiched between the two vast spaces of the past and future - a surface of contact between two four dimensional spaces. We can view this surface, which is also a three dimensional volume, as moving along a track at each point presenting a section of a static four-fold reality. We can also view this surface as itself being static with higher objects passing through from either side, future or past.

What we see in our present reality is the collision or interaction of the past and future. The force of change, or time, seems most often to be a pressure coming from 'behind', from the past, but it may just as well be a suction from the future. This order may be reversed or they could be both either of the two alternatives. Pressure and suction, although some of their effects agree, are two different things. Suction takes from a large volume and compacts, while pressure give from a smaller volume and expands. This distinction can be easily discerned from either one's breath or a fan. Hold your hand in front of your mouth while you inhale and exhale, or hold it on either side of a fan, and you will notice a qualitative difference - yet the amount of air moved is the same.

If current scientific big bang cosmology is correct, then the force of the past is a pressure - and this is all they see, yet instead there may be a pulling from the future which is qualitatively different. If we see time as inherently cyclical we need not choose one or the other. Imagine time as a torus, a doughnut shape. A push in one direction is then very much also a pull. If we imagine the torus as cinched then there is both a divergence from the 'beginning' of time and convergence to the 'end' of time. From the analogy with our breath, these forces would manifest as different qualities in our three dimensional present. Perhaps, however, one of the two is truly the original motion.

what does this have to do with esotericism?
these so-called rhythms are themselves definitive of the esoteric

they are the very texture, structure of

These rhythms are neither outside nor inside, but rather interact and converse. .

Or at least they should

what interests the esotericist is the nature of these rhythms, which can be 'synced' to various wavelengths, moods, vibes, or spirits, gods, or what you will

Time is best felt through the sensation of moving bodies, including our own. Different forms of bodily activity give rise to different sensations of time. Tai chi or Aikido for example highlight its fluid nature, while a more contact based martial art such as karate highlight its punctuation by distinct events.

Time independent of the body is best experienced in busy places such as a train station. Look at an unmoving point but focus on the entire visual field. Relax your mind and you will begin to notice the echoes of the past in the form of trails 'behind' objects and people. While performing the exercise you will also come to feel the energetic environment more clearly and it is also possible the you will notice time begin to get sticky. You will notice a backwards flow and instants of time being replayed.

Absorption in the experience of the flow of time leads to its linearity breaking down and the recurrent nature becomes evident. In a way one becomes outside of time and the whole eternal cycle of cycles is suspended at that point, dangling by a thread the whole is pregnant with possibility. Deja vu is a similar experience of recurrence, but that comes without effort on one's part - you made similar choices in a past past that led to the same point.

By suspending the moment, you can step outside the well-worn pathways of eternal recurrence and begin to make a new path. It is also worth noting that in such a state you are also more likely to meet other beings for whom time is not so linear.