.. unto the very firmament & further yet (.. not to mention dimensions & such ..)






 .. the mistress or master trims the fat; this isn't a coincidence .. it's how they became a master or mistress in the first place in fact ..










"If you can’t offend part of your audience, there is no point in being an artist at all."



- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God








Fear of life and fear of death are invariably different guises of the same fear of that which stands itself behind life and death as indissolubly united



















"Intellectual laziness and common sense are the same thing. Common sense is just the trade name of the firm.


The greatest folly of all is to think that this moment can be other than it is. The second greatest folly is to blame oneself for the moment being what it is. The third greatest folly is to find somebody else to blame.


The first folly is called Imagination, the second Conscience, and the third, Improving the World. These follies are all perversions of language, based on comparing what we can think about with what we actually encounter and endure."



- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God









 Post Modem Blues





The electronic supersonic  transmutating fiber-scen-t-ric ….bEATS.
Dots and #’s.


The thread under my step isss…ss…v vv..verbully vibrating with uLTRA vvv…iole(n)t beams of emotion.



              There is a river
    in the sky



Pressure in the temples - man is the measure of an analog treasure.
((sssSSSSilicone ccccyclonnnne))
Absently altering
symbolic interaction, instinctually faltering reaction.



“Trade my lady for a cigarette,
cuz she’s just another damn regret”   



This recollection procured for you by the good people who bring you somatastic life. The one with the label with Jesus and the ham who goes by the name of Uncle Spam.


Radio thumping same ol’ anthem.


“Rock n’ roll time machine, like nothing you’ve ever been”  


But I think I’m ok
at least for today.
there is a river in the sky.



Planes come crashing down,
Everyone wears a frown,
but who am I,
to argue?  



The answers can never come too fast, over every broadcast.
Hasty conclusions, of absurd contusions.



Boulder of Babel,
stones of sophistries,
push them up the hill again.


Same brave new order, of the old border. Gunna cure us all, with its crystal gall.



Ain’t got no time to complain and whine. Have to earn my keep before I can sleep.
So tired of my bed.


    I think I’m ok,
    But who is to say?


There’s a river in the sky, that swoops up the souls, when planes come down.

















"Pure Mind is pure Chaos, with 100 percent adjustment of each atom to the whole.

Try that last one again. “I” am as much outside as inside. The “world” is as much inside as outside. Euclidean geometry is fine for architects but does not include the data of psychology.

And one more attempt to say the same thing; the world is inside my head and my head is inside the world, and if those two propositions contradict each other in logic, they are still true in experience."



- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God








Fear /of/ life and /fear/ of |death| are [in][var]i[ably] different guises of the same fear | of that which stands itself: behind life and death a|s indissolubly united. Fear of life and the fear of death are /under/[ly(]i)ng [anxie]ties about the [real]i(ties) of [hu]man [ex]i[stance]. F|ear of life and f|ear of death are f/ears of [dif](er)[ent] a[spects] of On~E (sing)[u]lar Reality. Fear of life and fear | of death are the sa/me in that the T~w~O N~o~TION~s are inseparablly (unit)[ed]. Th F of Lf n t F of Dth R O. ThifofflifnotfëDithRen. - The moral of the story: don’t do it.


















"There is no complete theory of anything. The damnable habit of giving children examinations in which every question has a “true” or “false” answer has conditioned us to think everything in the universe is “true” or “false.” In experience, most things emerge out of Chaos, confuse and muddle us for a while, and vanish into uncertainty again before we know what they were or if they’re coming back"



- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God











The change between change and not change - varying degrees in chains of change. Half a spin doubled twin, two begins yet once again - flipped on on,  twisted spins, head or tails or edge again? And Besides the pale a darkling hour, passing beats go by the hour; days; years; seconds passing. night and day, short weathers passing wither, whether, if not we change the season’s wither into something a bit better. Weather changing whirled at pleasure, chains of gold or leaden tethers - by the hour we take our pleasure, pain… gain whatever; gears and bits, black and white, kaleidoscopic bright delight. Three then four flipped six make more about the one that is the door to left and right, from east to west - north / south and all take care the rest.






"The self or ego is a malign growth, virtually a cancer, caused by the society of other humans. I think it is contagious, and language may be the medium by which it infects each new generation"


- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God







 .. but I'm not even doing it for you; I'm doing it for the widow's son..






..ok, very well, you want the real thing..? ..so be it; I'll tell you how it really is: in 2020, the "world" "ended"; i.e, we actually did reach the end of history, but not by means of our many & con secutive, indeed seemingly endless successes, but precisely the con trary, by holding hostage the future health, well-being, the very survival of our own mother, this earth we rely on for literally everything..


.. that was when the esoteric space coLLective from another dimension finally decided to intervene to save us from ourselves by effectively energetically taking over, & actively working to prevent any further deranged damage to our own selves, basically, when projected into "the environment" 


(here's a thought experiment for you .. can you draw a line without anything to draw it on ..? .. that's the "environment" we've been poisoning, & without which we wouldn't even exist to begin with .. )

.. now I gnow what you're thinking, but that's the thing.. this doesn't even need to be literally true, because it's effectively true.. & if you really think it through, & examine closely the arguments against it, you'll slowly discover that there literally aren't any ..














"When laws are outlawed, only outlaws will have laws."

- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God




 .. the chaLLenge is that there are those who claim, purport nay insist they gnow, when what they know is nothing beyond how not to do it tho .. & what can we do about this, abort the creation..!?  .. well, that's above your pay grade.. we can only do what we can.. & at the end of the day, we were never (w)here anyway ..





 .. secret passwords or "grips" don't have to be restricted to words & physical actions..






“The Marks, by themselves, have meaning(./s which can operate in combination.”



I'm thinking passwords in the sense that if you can read the signs in their native language, then you can glean something of what say a producer's product supports based on the artists they hired to represent the product and the choice of design elements that end up on the final package. More directly, road signs and such are made to actually get you where you are going safely. The hidden road signs on the highway and byways of life are much the same I'd gather (or hope) - life forms are able to live on by proper response to the various stimulating signs in the environment, and their continued success gives evidence that the enviroment is not lying to them. The human ecology is very similar, so you do have parasites and predators in the market place; but even they give off signs, which in some sense have to be truthful.







 Oh…and maybe someone should write “A Portrait of the Author as an Old Geezer.” Etc.







".. what could be a greater sin, in this economy, than inefficiency..?"



.."in this e con omy", incidentally a refrain that's been repeating in my con sciousness lately, what is it that makes good sense ..?






.. I wear a mask *as* a mask, being one of those perverse ironists of the old school ..






Shades (thus named because "I'm the excluded middle .. pleased to meet you, (twenty) too") .. etc, &c ..



















".. the truth is way more depressing.. they're not even smart enough to be as evil as you're giving them credit for .. "




- from Don't look up








 .. for I am them & they are me; thus has it been since eTern@LLy..






".. beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a con tinuous process of initiation" 


- Robert Anton Wilson, the widow's son







Angels of Mo(u)rning



Through glass angel I see, the grace of Agni, slide down golden slivers.

Enveloping a sadness with a mist- so holy.


Some thoughts are like daze – costumes of seasons.


There was a shiffft {key} in the narrative, and the dimmest heart did glitter, and the sharpest mind did splinter.  


In the moment, of a stance, we all dip inside the unspoken something after.


And in this state I did sneak, a peek at a stasis of perpetual bleak  

from the deepest depths of Dante’s muck,
the neverwhere rose I did pluck.


a nacre
a pathos.



Blessed are those whose dreams are ghosts.






 .. I'm a free mason, man, a con tractor .. .. a wise guy, eh ..

















"There is no governor anywhere but there are hierarchies of competing intelligences everywhere, all motivated by the joy of creativity and the Will to Power."

- Robert Anton Wilson, Nature's God







 .. here's a proposed re: solution for the new year - let us strive to resist the cruel & oppressive tyranny of mediocrity ..







.. pseudoprofundity; a mode at which incidentally I excell..






 governmint your own coin 







.. Shades (thus named because black is the colour of the duat, the land of the dead, the spirit world if u will, & of Osiris-Guede, OG Lord of the Dead ..) [.. to be con tinued .. ]