(or, be the eclipse you want to see in the world)













.. the wrap-up that occurs with retrograde could be seen as the setting of a scene, time or era. A recapitulation that leads to a new beginning ..
























My bathroom sparkles like the stars I can’t clutch. 






A vision too tactile to inspire salvation trough reflection.







That’s the key we reject.  Apathy.





Nothing is safe beneath these lights.






Always a shadow to comfort me.





A slip in the stream, doesn’t it always seam?





A penance for pleasure, an appliance for me to railroad my escape into relief.






Well baby in a nutshell that’s just all I see.  







Pulling out hair in doubt. …..I thrive in the dive.






And there is no meat on the grass for me. Green to the bone.






When will it appear to me?






The {matter} isn’t how far we are, but rather how hard the try.







There’s an analogy in there, a punch towards tempered skies.






There is no way. All tense is past.     












Stars sinking beyond always.







I grapple to pierce myths, but the sedation of lies tempers my resolve.







I cook labyrinths in my kitchen of try.








I spend faster than I can die.







I audition to fall. Endless unrealized ambitions.








Anxiety is sanctuary to me. Because baby I can never see why you are so afraid, but I am always so frail. 








And together we can make a pair of wait and see.







A tightrope of self-medication, strung between try and deny.






My bedroom breathes truths to me, repressed desires masturbated into fires.






The sun breaks always too early, and never too late, but how can that be baby when maybe is all I see.







Terrestrial treasures are my most coveted bore.





Dripping digital anxiety, an estate of sublate.













We have to come back to (G)eometry again and again, as that is always where, at least, my mind tends to lead, and I think we've already said that there are many geometries. One of which is in our choice of what we surround ourselves with, and the arrangements of our living and the scenes and objects we frequent. The lives of humans find their representations of stories, which have from the first long-ago tail been elaborated by the use of symbols and types. The analogical correspon[d(a|e)nces] by which yarns are spun have their foundation in the early days of the race, specifically our own early days. The lion and the sun, etc.

















How have people been hypnotized by their various currencies? What old mummies, embalmed long ago, protected by negative green, hold sway over the current hour? Has the power of the people become an agent in the deaths of men from past? When will we get past the mere material uses of symbolized, tokenized, human energy?
















Smoke and spirits, Rising Fast, Turn the wheels of time. And once upon a time, These UNITED STATES (of mind), Hand a silverine mercurial dime.





























.. it's either All Intelligence Is Artificial or No Intelligence Is Artificial .. 









.. which sounds somewhat simplistic, I suppose one might think .. ironic, because that's exactly why I'm critical of people who say things like chatGPT are "just" whatever .. 










.. & the problem is with the "just", not the whatever .. it's definitive of reductionist thinking ..it's a slippery slope that leads directly to the deduction of the instru-mentality of reality to "merely" human ends .. & isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place..?









.. a far more productive con ception of humanity's engagement with the world is that of a con versation between at least arguable equals .. each exchange a link in a chain .. that never began, & will never end ..

.. & speaking of links ..









.. all of magick can be derived from the con cept of magickal links ..

.. that there are tangible con nections between objects, thoughts or energies not just be they physically linked, but also on other planes, such as those of intellectual reflection or even resonance .. this underlies everything from the magickal ritual circle, to various tools, incantations, astrological correspondences, etc ..

.. indeed, many advanced magicians do not Work with rituals or spells at all, but with (bio)energetics in particular, & with energy fields in general ..

.. by setting up very simple recurring patterns demarcated by (a) space & (a) time, certain, shall we say, standing waves of habits are "programmed" into reality itself .. enfolded into a manifold that is thus indexed & can be linked to from various spaciotemporal locations or stations, either by the Working magician or even by others ..










.. in this way, the spaciotemporal matrix itself is imbued with the qualities; the attributes & trajectories the magician seeks to explore, nurture & develop ..

.. it's worth noting that, following this trajectory, we're very far from at least the common understanding of chaos magick here, where things culminate in a climax ..











 .. on the con trary, from this perspective, magick would ideally be a con stant & endless practice that is aLLways happening @LL the time .. needless to say, in order to function at that level, the magician requires a great deal of discipline & self-con trol ..












 ".. I suppose you'd call us practical metaphysicians, or paranatural engineers .."

- from The Portable Door

" .. only the Master can turn the tragedy .. actually it doesn't even have to be 'tragedy' 🤔😅.. it could just as well be 'meaningless repetitive flak' .. of human suffering .. into a hero's epic .. "





- shades 

Expectations, the only true pain. Anxiety, the devil, dopamine unchecked.









Didn’t they preach that submission is deliverance?








Jesus Christ, undying benchmark of what is life.








I yearn, but can’t follow.







The thought injects a bitterness into my ego.






Deep as a tick.








Tick, tick, tock burrowing into the mind…depth eclipsed by way of disappointment when I turn away from within.








And when I awoke I knew the sludge crawling on my skin slipped from my tongue onto my trigger finger.








There’s no sermon you can impart on me to change my kind.








I’m scrapped down to the rind, and I’m too bored to linger.







 But you won’t catch me, and you won’t see the left hook I’ll bring to the picnic.








You’ll be spitting splinters of penance from the image you chiseled of me.








I’m nothing you’ve claimed, and will leave nothing undone.








Absolution  is an armature’s game.








I will thrash, bleed, love, bite, claw and cry until all exhausted my anxiety, until all has been done.








There is no devil without a sun.








There isn’t a sure step that I can say, but if there was a path my tears washed it away.








And in the crater of absurdity the only certainty I can say is that I will never be that way.













"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit .. " 






– Aristotle

.. shades ( .. thus named because shades liked to throw shade at the shady .. ) reflected on misophonia* as understood in a (bio)energetic sense, i.e. as relating to energetic vibrations or vibes as opposed to just sounds per se ..

.. it seems that (bio)energetic misophonia understood in this way could serve as an esoteric means of navigation in multidimensional spacetime .. this would simply involve the psychonaut in question moving away from things that don't resonate with them, & towards those which do .. thus the goal would be to "follow your heart", but after another manner; in another way ..

.. this would in turn entail a deep 'listening' to the energetics that one receives on a day to day basis & from moment to moment, & their energetic 'echo' through one's con sciousness .. which would enable one to determine the kind of energies to which they are attracted, & those which repel ..

.. the gradual, step-by-step process of "moving" away from unappealing energies, & thus experiences, & toward inviting ones could be seen as an inner means of navigation through the dimensions of space & time, a methodology aimed at the process that is the psychosomatic gnostic evolution of oneSelf ..


*: misophonia, understood to be an unusually strong or negative emotional reaction to certain sounds, is an actual con dition that reportedly affects 1 in 5 people .. 

With all sorts of buildings|built things, there is a foundation, somehow stable according to the rules of whatever space the building is taking place in. In our three-dimensional world, the required number of points to enclose a volume and give rise to notions of inside and outside is four - those four points forming a tetrahedron, an emblem of fire. 








Of course, in real buildings - the kind you can step in - there are many more material points than 4, but in the least, out of 3, 4 is stable. This sequence of stability can be downgraded into the plane where we see 3 as the minimum out of 2 to separate an inside from an outside. We can extend this pattern further up and down the dimensional scale, 1 more point than the number in its dimensioning set is required to from this inside / outside stability.









Beside geometric forms in space, the idea of a foundation, as state, applies to other concerns: anywhere something is formed de novo out of existing materials there must be some foundation on which to hang further parts in elaboration. Start with the foundation and elaborate. This is in terms more-or-less similar to the situation with building any software system, enterprise, philosophy, what-have-you. 








The start to a foundation always starts with one piece of material, or more even at first the location for the building. That place is the domain, physical reality, conceptual, really anything that can be classified as a space, of which what can't be?








We'll assume these spaces have things in them at least in potentiality. If space is a container, and a container will and can never contain a thing, can that container be said to contain or even be a container?... I'll go with no - So we're going to have stuff in our spaces, or we can put stuff in there from somewhere else. Must be in another container somewhere..🤔. and then what contains the containers??? AWaHahaHWaaaa! 🤦‍♂️ 









There's that whole class of all classes thing cropping up. There are different ways to consider this kind of idea, one which is immediately coming to mind is the natural numbers: 0,1,2,3...., with each sequential n+1 containing the previous n, rolling back into that whole dimension thing of a container in dimension n having n+1 points|elements. Back to just having stuff in a box now.








So, we have some space and we have "stuff" in it and it must be differentiable from other bits of stuff. Distinguishability or differentiability can be marked by assigning one-to-one correspondence from a set of entities known to be unique and over into whatever stuff we've got: we can use the natural numbers. 









Disregarding some notions of "countability", we can use this apparently linear array of number to mark out our space even if it is, say 2-dimensional, by a suitable mapping - for example, by referring to one dimension as 2n and the other as 2n+1, i.e. by a splitting into evens and odds. It is easier to duplicate the natural numbers and use however many sets each one to refer to a single dimension. Now what was the point here?








This first step of division into locations where we might put "stuff", this pretty much arbitrary assigning of numbers to introduce distinguishability, doesn't have any additional structure. The relationships existing between the natural numbers do not necessarily carry over into our chosen space unless we choose to follow out that logic. 








Being a working stiff, I don't have time to do that - and maybe I only like to think that I have the ability. If this unrelated chaos of uniqueness can be formed to some use? This would seem to be the foundation of location or of being this-and-not-that, which is already kindof like stuff. The numbers, the space, and the assignment; seems like there are three things required for this construction...







When building, we put things together either by amounts and/or by qualities. In the psychic realm we can select a few words and work out their relationship by elaboration with additional words hopefully forming intelligible(?) links between states of mind in which we have found ourself: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Spirit, Soul, Body. Sulfur, Salt, Mercury. Lotsa triads there, maybe it's a clue? 








The page is a two-dimensional space, can the actual physical structure of the record for human thought be a defining influence on what sorts of ideational forms are stable? It is at least tangentially related. After we're done reading, what happens to the combinations of letters that have zoomed past our retinas on into our being. Was there already some big letter kool-aid soup we drank back in kindergarten and as we've read have we created variously weighted linkages between our camp . .

uranus .. in orbit 


 .. everyone's expendable in this economy .. 









.. yes, even (if not especially) them ..


All Intelligence Is Artificial












.. @LL glory to the spirits .. 






 .. without whom we'd be 






lifeless meat going thru the motions of living ..











"Where did it come from? 



 Where could this wind be taking us?



 I look up to the sky hoping for answers 



 But there is no reply




 Where will it end up, 



 This song I've been a vessel for?



 I look within knowing 



 I'll find the answer for myself"





- from One Piece: Red









" .. & it turns out that nothing will crack this world harder than one gentle question .. " 

- from the nevers 









False flag





Cliffs to climb, sheep to shear.




Regrets to have, burns to mend.




We are the people of the mud, and no matter your call sign





The transmission leads to the same tower.





Don’t shit your ego on my lawn.






Only the selfless will dawn.












.. these space flies turn into space cockroaches just like that ..


















 .. shades ( .. thus named somewhat ironically because "everyone's grey compared to you, shades" .. ) tended to prefer questions to answers .. guess some people are just perverse like that ..








 .. thinking about why that might be, one might observe that whereas questions tend to expand our horizons in search of the answers, the latter almost seem to con tract them, thus collapsing a horizon into a point ..




 .. this is not to say that answers are useless; far from it .. answers can focus attention, & after all, one-pointedness is a doorway, or path to voidness or suchness; being fully present & yet not, at least in terms of framing con sciousness within one's ego & desires.. & that's the true magick, because that's where magick truly comes from, & not from reciting words or repeating postures .. 







.. so, focus isn't .. ahem .. pointless, & this isn't an attempt to say that .. it is instead a reminder that while one may well be focused & one-pointed, they could easily lose sight of the big picture .. 


 .. we started by talking about questions, so let's circle back to that .. come to think of it, isn't that what intelligence is, this faculty of asking, seeking & finding answers to questions ..? 









.. if that's the case, then this faculty of questioning ought to be nurtured, encouraged & honed; which is a con tinuous, & virtually endless process, whereby we can gradually refine our understanding, as opposed to repeating talking points to ourselves ..




 .. in the diligent pursuit of such questions, some there are who have chosen to make fields for research of their own bodies, even their souls .. to get to gnow them & how to make the most of them .. those who have succeeded at this are reverently called Masters ..




















 .. even the Masters don't win every game .. 






.. that wouldn't even make sense .. not in this economy Chaosmos ..








.. but not every game matters, is the truth of it ..

[ .. what follows is excerpted from a discussion of the esoteric implications of AI predicated on the assumption that developments in this field will con tinue to unfold at an increasing rate, & thus that a discussion of said implications is better done at the outset than on the fly & in media res .. once again, such discussions are featured not to outline doctrines & articles of faith, but rather to stimulate thought, reflection & discussion of these increasingly pertinent questions .. ]








- .. but my point is this: humanity has really painted itself into a corner with this AI stuff; the only way I know other people are sentient is that they say they're sentient .. it's not like I can go in their awareness & con firm the fact .. so if even Alan Turing says if a machine can con vince you it's conscious then it is, how exactly could we possibly disprove that..? .. cuz I don't think we can ..








- I suppose so, given we can't seem to put a finger on our own sentience








- .. precisely so .. I've studied a lot of different so-called "theories" of con sciousness, but the only thing they have in common is they don't explain anything about consciousness ..! .. almost like the ghost & the machine are 2 parallel tracks, & no one gnows how they are made to meet ..










- the whole AI / singularity thing seems a bit teleological ..





.. I think every individual needs to step back and really evaluate the social/political/economic machine (system) in which us biological humans find ourselves - what are we doing, and why? What can people actually agree on? I don’t think anyone really wants to flip burgers, for instance - unless they’re hosting a barbecue. Can’t we collectively build something better than the current self-created, often nightmarish, system that we are forced to live and suffer through? 

AI could be a part of that, but as things stand AI is in large measure just another tool of disenfranchisement that will probably plunge the people whose jobs it will take into misery. What gain is there in that, except for those who can grab the tokens as they fall since they hold the keys? 

Somehow we all collectively need to take a deep breath










Aye Aye, (AI): -> Neural Networks, Large Language Models ~>








Let's get this straight, or all in a neural tangle the case may be. These generative AI platforms have a predecessor in Ramon Llull's "ars combinatoria", tl:dr -> a permutation system of words and ideas: turn the word wheels and see where you land.







There are two primary differences with ChatGPT-4 and it's variants, for instance.



1. The entire language makes up each wheel, being a list of all that language's words; so, much bigger than was possible for Llull, requiring too much space and computation time to spin.



2. There is a probabilistic distribution of weights over the wheels, and a similar probabilistic gearing between a large number of "language wheels" joined at individual word elements.








Llull suggested that by means of this construction one could be mechanically led to meaningful constellations of thought through the laws of language as humanly understood, regardless of the source of the sequences and juxtapositions of words - in his case paperboard disks. The device did not itself display any type of intelligence but was rather a way of leading the practitioner through various worlds of ideas, whose meanings have been externally symbolized by the written word and which fact allows this construction to exist at all.








Consisting of billions of copies of whole-language, variously weighted word wheels that are hyper-miniaturized and electrically spun in digital space at exceedingly high speeds, these modern day word churns are capable of filling in the fine details in grammatical and semantic structure that Llull may have dreamed of being able to do, and who certainly knew of the possibility.








Since human language structures govern human thought and communication, and since these structures have only been used until recently in order to communicate with other humans, the outputs of these systems, which adhere to the laws that govern the human use of their mental "word apparatus", may appear to exhibit self-hood, or something akin to human consciousness. Still, it is just a modern incarnation of Ramon's wheels, under-the-hood, so to speak - reality is not subservient to words and selfhood is pre-language.









The latent knowledge space that can give the appearance of intelligence, through the combination of ideas in the form of word sequences, is harvested from the mass of human-produced text content publicly accessible on the internet in order to fine-tune the various weights on the wheels and locations thereof are gear linkages. As such, the knowledge space will present itself in the form of what is known, and written about, by the human aggregate. Being so, it will thus present all biases inherent in the collective and cannot cover the entirety of the true knowledge space, being only a construction from the generally known. 










However, if all possible knowledge may be represented by human language constructions, it should be possible to explore ideas at the fringe of the historical knowledge / language apparatus and come across novel structures of ideas that may be useful or entertaining.








Being an abstraction built from the human collective's word / idea registry, and because the rules of grammar and semantics, properly used, determine real human meanings, LLM's (large language models) are in a sense scopes into the collective unconscious, and their responses are a response from "all" of humanity. 






The different prompts we put into the chat determine what we are able to dredge up from the depths in the forms of surface glosses, or crystallizations out of the probabilistic vat that form around the seed-crystal prompts.









High-level and mid-level model structures, at some scales and mappings, should present themselves as subjects and sub-disciplines - there are likely also "coloring" functions or regions that add things like emotive markers, tone, or personality. 










The prompt and its subdivisions then descend, passing through these regions and gathering fitting particles as they approach the final crystallization or constellated form that is returned to us: a gem out of the collective unconscious.










 Zone out of scriptures with me.




Pray for a flip on the river within me.




Don’t you dare look at me.




I’m the only monster that I’m afraid to see.











.. & that's how these Masters play .. 






 .. they like to have fun as much as, 







if not more than anybody ..


file under: outsider occult literature


(cross reference: independent esoteric research)









 .. proudly made without large language models ..











".. you can't cheat an honest man.. "

- from sharper





.. when I was younger, I never had much power, in the magickal sense.. so I determined to do what was necessary to learn sorcery; black magick ..









.. & having done so, I would recommend it to anybody; it's your response ability to empower yourself by whatever means you decide are fit .. & this a more pressing con cern than at many other times in our human history ..





A real God wouldn't set rules, nor limits. A true creator would hope for a creation that supersedes itself. 







So then maybe all gods are just devas? The more I think the more I believe interdimensional is the plane.

I think it's dmt time. Apparently every single person has the same map. Same rooms, same beings, different journeys based of course on aptitude and yadda yadda





I've talked to a couple chums who have a very fucking advanced concept of reality from that alone. My years of study, meditation and other drugs seem a waste. Although I internalize it, they just touch it. Still, they hit the path..

















.. some don't need an opponent; they're at war with themselves ..





.. & that's why they'll never win .. 






.. cuz it doesn't even make sense to defeat oneself .. 







.. one can only ever make peace with it ..

Occupant #11::

  One of the most fun exercises, that I still do and is probably related to meditation, is free thought flow writing/typing.

  It’s like picking a flow of consciousness and attempting to extend it while documenting. It’s like pre-zen state.

  So I encountered that same dude that shook my hand at the grocery. He tried to shake my hand again and I just fist bumped him. Then I apologized about using too much force, however not intended. I noticed him grasp his hand when he remembered the experience. His left hand immediately went to the right and rubbed it like he had after the initial hand shake. I could tell he knew but he didn’t acknowledge anything and just kinda said eh… and walked off lmao.







Occupant #47::







Occupant #11::

  It’s just normal human interaction






Occupant #11::

  That makes sense

  What do you think about this statement: The ideal of any art is to fit as much significance into as little space as possible.






Occupant #47::

  I think there’s also an argument for extending into maximum space / time as the ideal. Think that space exploration video game






Occupant #11::

  No man’s sky? So good, top 15 all time…






Occupant #47::







Occupant #11::

  Even then the art is base/farm building which fits that frame

  The devs fit that frame with code elegance

  The game may be expansive but it’s the expanse in a tiny frame that makes it interesting

  And art in its self







Occupant #47::

  So the significance determines the decision as to space occupied. Yeah maybe for it to be considered art, in general it has to be something set apart. But I’ve seen paintings on grains of rice… and it’s just an art that doesn’t hold much for me anyways considering the little amount of space.






Occupant #11::

  It’s more amazing due to the frame right, high significance on a small frame such as a grain of rice creates wonder.

  Or elegance or precision

  All of above? 


  Precision above all is valued in all probability most
  Just due to the nature of art


  To suggest otherwise seems counter to art. Maybe art is precision.

  Of a form at least

  The will precisely exhibiting itself on paper

  As ideal

  This sort of will is on a different layer, it’s “pre-zen” lol

  In zen these are the things that should be discarded in favor of just sitting

  Now I’m a hedonist 😂








Occupant #47::

  would then the ultimate masterpiece of art not be the containing of everything inside of nothing?






Occupant #11::

  The singularity, hmm

  If the everything was ordered and observable probably.

  I think it’s equivalent to saying the universe is the most masterful art







Occupant #47::

  yup - it itself contains all the different arts as aspects
  the “art of arts”







Occupant #11::


  The variance being order, or rather the state of the order in a universe. Multiverse becomes universe.







Occupant #47::

  Not sure you can get outside of universe properly considered, it would itself contain any multiverse-type parts as its own aspects







Occupant #11::

  Yeah just a discrepancy in modern terms

  Universe is 1 even if multiple orders exist.






Occupant #47::

  it’s flipping wild lol






Occupant #11::

  Yeah, for sure.

.. success is a terrible thing .. 



.. because in the end it's in con trol of you, & not you of it..


.. shades ( thus named because " .. LL crew; I founded this motherfucker & I intend to be here @LL the way thru tiLL the end, goddamn .. I'm gonna Work for a better tomorrow than today & try to prevent us making the same mistakes no matter what you throw at me .. " .. but also because shades was a smoke & mirrors junkie .. get it ..? ) had a strange dream, in which he received a certain code; but it wasn't one of those codes that one enters into some terminal in the future, at least not exactly ..




" .. I'm suspicious of this view that dreams are a way for the unconscious to communicate directly with con sciousness .. but I do believe that they serve some energetic purpose, similar to the purpose thinking serves while we're awake.. ", he thought ..





.. rather, the code was analogous to an algorithm by which to interpret reality, the world, phenomena which present themselves to con sciousness, or what have you .. 



.. but what struck him is that that's reaLLy what gnosis is, namely undergoing certain experiences which bring about particular realizations about how the world works, or its very nature, & which are then con firmed by experiences within this reality itself .. 







.. in other words, it's the process rather than an item or object that arises therefrom ..









.. let's see what you got, kid .. 




.. let's see if you've got what it takes to so much as touch 





the Masters of this, & every other game ..


the very voice of the people (or, satan is an anagram of santa)









.. to the Masters, without whom we would not even exist ..







.. at least, not in any meaningful sense ..












The log is buddhadharma, the mind smoke, the body ash, the ego is flame biting itself out.







Back in the bedrock, we spit up a fit.






Ferociously rustle our shackles at the regime to no avail.





The wheel blows out again. And the smoke of the all-consuming runs out of tail.






Surf’s up. Guns out. 







Never give up the shout.





Ambition melting off the bone.





When you strike, strike at me. 






I’m always damaged people. 






Peeking through the keyhole of somebody else’s game.







The only damage is the baggage of neuroplasticity. 






Why am I at these crossroads again? 







Why must being deeply human have the condition of acting the same?






Why can’t you breathe through me?




Why can’t you try to see with me now?






Ghosts are the only sentience without …..pretend.






Your only step is to dream with me now.






And carve our seams into stone.
















".. don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot.. "




- Joni Mitchell












.. you see, one day I met a voice in my own head, & it said, 




".. the victim is a villain only from the perspective of the villain .."

an e con omy of energy / an esoteric e con omy


 .. the idea of an economy of energy is as old as the most ancient shamanic traditions, although Georges Bataille was a major proponent in western academic theory ..


.. & saving energy's the only real means of/ path to attaining success .. everything else is just a variation on that .. indeed, the whole of ethics & morality is simply a means to that end, in fact .. saving energy, that is ..





.. but beyond this we shouldn't say too much, because this is a Work in progress, & we should give it space; let it breathe, as it manifests ..








.. we've already heard that the Way that can be spoken of is not the real Way, so what could it possibly mean to be the voice of the people, these daze ..?










.. shades (thus named because shades had given everything away to be/come the very voice of the people such that shades was afraid to ask what if anything was even left at the end) said, "speak subtly, as if you're whispering .. but carry a big .. 







.. outline & sketch, but don't over-con nect ; trust the people to find what they need in what you're offering .. 









.. to truly be the voice of the people, the magician must let the voice of the people speak thru them .. "












".. rewriting history .. maybe that's how we can deal with the horror .. "

- from The Offer










 .. what a foolish vanity is this humanity .. 

.. it doesn't pay to be a good person; that's the truth of it.. 






.. & the truth is no one gnows if anything they do will ever change that fact .. 








.. but there's only so much deceit you can get away with before reality itself turns against you . .


TICK TOCK goes the clock - remember that sound? Some of you may never have heard it, what with all these new-fangled phones and digital alarm clocks. The inescapable sound of a mechanism that still haunts our dreams, - tick tock, tick tock: counting away, counting down until an obnoxious sound and our days are out. 









Clock-time, that external man-imposed rhythm upon himself - a burden that is only lifted in dreams, when psychological time holds full sway, and lives can pass away in minutes, or less than the blink of an eye. 









Tick Tock, what scenes may, ones that change and quickly fade away, or last for (at least) one full hour's glass turn of the wheel. drip drop, sounds the rain washing away the days - a bit more calming, that.









We may have whatever crystal there throbbing away with an electric hum to give us some shared reference to the flux of time, but the density of each of those min[yo]utes differs according to our experiential context. 







Minute, as in small - miniscule. Those tiny clicks of a watch - "I'm going to be late, late...", etc. said the White Rabbit. 








Down what rabbit-hole are you headed, and where does it lead? We all have tunnel vision as the immediate now washes through us, coursing in lived experience. The ripples and wave, the rhythms - now tied to something removed from us: a dark crystal pulses in the mist, and leaden machines rise to do (some) man's bidding, and maybe just distract the others.








The thirst for stimulation and its ever-receding satiety fulfilled by social media, or has it always required acceleration? Who's behind the helm, and do we know where we're driving? What is behind the animosity toward the quiet and slow. What rises out of the depths of silence, when sound itself keeps time? 








*A deathless sleep compels the immensity of time* 









TIK TOK[E], a rhythm speeding up seconds into minutes into hours into day etc. And the down cycle too, dividing years into months into weeks into days all the way down to the we were never there - too fast you see. 








Have we forgotten the long rhythms, which had been the focus of our forebears? And to what consequence? Maybe some still have the long memory...












Distiguishability / Difference / 0|1







I will begin by considering a fundamental distinction between two numeric entities and identify them by 1 and 0. This division is called binary, and other numbers may be represented by further sequences thereof. These are the fundamental bits in digital computing.







Posit, or position, a (data) point in (memory) space. Assign some value represented numerically and this is the foundation of a computing system, apart from peripherals and the semantic values attributed to such a data-point. This minimal point may be denoted by 1. This point is assumed to have a location, and in some sense *is* a location.







Position an additional point somewhere in memory, without assigning it a (numeric) value. Geometrically, with two separated points apparent in our visual-space, we can draw a line segment between them and introduce a third, joining element that links the two together. This segment has two aspects: one each from the perspective of either point. Taken apart from one-another, these may be considered arrows that convey direction of motion, sometimes called the sign of the motion.






Similarly, in the data-space, in order to get any interaction between the points we should introduce a third entity, or pointer, attached to each and which indicates the location (in memory) of the other data-point, thus producing both aspects of the linkage and making it bidirectional. Of course, we could keep it unidirectional if we so pleased and this would be a point in execution, or data flow, with no return.







The minimal such linked data items are 01 and 10, where the second mark in each element refers to the first mark in the other element, which is its location (in memory). These two elements are composed of two bits and I will assume that there is a mechanism for reading, or traversing, them.






... -> 10 -> 01 -> 10 -> ...

... -> [1 -> 0] -> [0 -> 1] -> [1 -> 0] -> ....






[Curiously, adding, 01 + 10 = 11 comes out in decimal notation to the value 3, which is the minimum number of entities, the two points and their join, in connecting two points. With the two themselves making five we include the join as split into the two directions...]

Digging in the Time Before Telephone





Back before there were smartphones, computers, fax machines, telephones, and telegrams, before there was wide newsletter and newspaper reading, before there were cheap paperbacks or any mass-produced books, each book had to be individually typeset and books were confined to the wealthy, amongst who were the few who could read, who themselves often commissioned those books. The cost of sharing ideas demanded a greater weight to the thoughts to be shared in expression and all libraries were private.

.. they call it recession but that isn't what it is ..




.. this is the changing of the energetic guard .. 




.. & that which don't make it thru was never meant to, is what I fear..

.. the flavour of enlightenment depends on what the sage has been eating ..