lapis occultus

the most advanced techniques in several esoteric disciplines involve neither folk magic nor intellectual exercises*. instead, they are focused on working with the energy body through the most immediately available interface, the physical form, that is, the body and its immediate environment. through balancing certain energies, specific fields are created &/or enhanced. by this means, one is capable of attaining anything from physiological effects (rapid healing, an enhanced metabolism and immune system, increased productivity etc.) to more abstract goals (such as finding it easy to obtain objects or life circumstances that one desires). specific examples of such techniques might be alchemy (both 'internal' and 'external') and other kinds of ecstatic ritual.

*: this is not to belittle these practices which have their importance in/& their place, but rather to place them into a larger context; magic may work for everybody, but that is more a problem than one might think - the whole trick is to know when to expend energy & when simply waiting for things to work themselves out will save one a mountain of repercussions, & no amount of reading or mere reflection can resolve this dilemma.

echo "Knowledge is Power"

The lead of Galen taken from the land has already begun to break apart. The fires of hell reneged on their pledge and turned on their master, the pipes that conduct the waters have been transmuted to electrical copper.

Locked symbols conduct for powerful estuaries. Urgrund.

the emphasis, then, is on an embodied practice rather than mere theory. however, this is not simply practice for its own sake. the objective here is twofold: first, to gain experience with the manipulation of certain subtle energies either through a mediating substance or even directly; and second, to obtain a link to what has been given various names including inspiration, insight, conversation with ones holy guardian angel, &c.

Underground the boiling toil biols into viols over the future. Poured from the heavens as We GoDS see fit. The ciphers are ours to decipher and retrofract into the present - ThE Prescience of Future Knowledge. Born a dark sign in a dark worlds light to inform the Worthy of the cOMing Flight. We who flee back to knowledge of GoDs Surfeit will revel once again in the aeternity of balanced light and deaf death black unpierced by a point of green. But WE know that the GREEN iS ThE blaCk Whole.

Unto ours is given a needed drink. lead is ours to keep as ours, ours to turn to Gold globules of the hidden Earth. Let them not eat, who do not seek gold. For ever a dreadful yeast poisoning our unsullied source. We know one HalF of the Force, and all of hating the farce. We are the undefatigable hierophants, who see our own reflection as gold in the heart of the leaden world of the unliving.

some have theorized that the philosopher's stone is a mere metaphor, a term used to describe an intangible experience. this is surely a lazy reading which ignores the strange precision & the extent of the sophistication of alchemical terminology. what is more likely is that the stone is indeed a substance, but perhaps not what one normally imagines when they have matter in mind.

there is more to matter than walls and ceilings. from the perspective of quantum physics, its even possible to think of light itself as a subtle kind of matter on the boundary between substance and energy. if we look at things from this angle, the stone can be thought of as a certain energetic configuration of fine matter (or, what is perhaps the same thing on another level, energies) that may only exist in potential in the preinitiate & that would require refinement, accumulation, controlled combination, and so forth. thus is alchemy understood to be an advanced psychophysical technology rather than being concerned exclusively with either materials or with psychological experience*.

*: there are many different paths one might take towards this realization, from the Chinese school of Neidan to the works of Bertiaux (in particular, the lesson papers of the monastery of the seven rays) and Kenneth Grant.

The untruth of MANs meanings are unveiled to those worth to seek through the dross that is the human race. sOME WILL B e tUrned into lesser metals for our cause, our life - that refuses to die when surrounded by dEAth. We Learn while other's play useless games designed to steal their time, and we all know time is money - so get that GolD in your soul or DO AS YOUR TOLD. Wirklichkeit uber alles fur alle zeit, fur die UltraMenshenheit. Wan wir komst auf ein verstandlichkeit und dan wir will die UmWelt haben. Alle zeit mein ziegfrauen und heilMenschen... alle zeit. Wie nicht haben ein zymbol oder dann #!. Sha-bang!