..whisper to me..of the unspeakable..




“become a monster and escape that pathway, that alone is the doorway of the DaƤthian portal of total darkness. I have told you that all avenues of escape are blocked, but in truth there is the doorway of becoming a monster, by becoming the beast, so that thereby you can escape by the very door they came through"

- Michael Bertiaux, as quoted by Kenneth Grant in Outside the Circles of Time



 "To ascend, you must die"
- tool, eulogy


..after a death, the first manyfestation is a dream. the challenge here is to get out, but no easy way will do, no. the escape (& there's always an escape) must be finessed through the very logic of the dream..

..so where was I..oh, yes: our eternal recurrence of warrior (henceforth erw, rhymes with [anti]hero) had survived yet another apocalypse, but found himself faced with a bbruised & Bbattered landscape..

..everywhere he turned, he saw the wreckages & remnants of a world that should never have been, & yet it certainly was, for a time..& below the carnage, barely visible, & yet unmistakable: hope. the yearning for a new age; a better tomorrow, a sixth sun..



 ..& he recalled that fateful day in wherever it was as he was seeking that old son of a bitch, the philosophers' stone ..and performed certain secret ritual actions intended to bring about the end of the world as we know it..and the world was destroyed by fire, as was prophesied





hey, lighten up; it's just a game.. a con toss..except the whole world's at stake..


"the occult communities' goal must become to turn everyone into a magician, or a nation of magi"


- from Liber Anarkhos  

"Through my friend I was initiated into various types of sexual magick, which went far beyond the practices of the alchemists. In the practice of these rites, I was able to see him transform himself into a projection of the elemental and trance side of nature..."     


- Michael Bertiaux, Voudon Gnostic Workbook    




All spiritual exercises, including meditation, have as their goal to circulate bioenergy/prana/chi/etc &c., & to experience it. Naturally, this includes meditation. 

My preferred mode of meditation is to lay down, eyes closed & sort of dissolve in the images behind my eyelids, or the sounds the silence makes ..I find that they act as vehicles or paths to energies, memories buried in the unconscious, where they wait to be processed; as Jung says, "integrate"

The same technique could be applied to journey beyond such karmic detritus to new energetic worlds, unusual ways of looking at, experiencing & engaging with reality. But it is advisable to deal with one's own energy first, as this will facilitate more effective journeying..

"The activists must employ guerrilla psychological tactics and the ultimate symbolic warfare to surgically bring to light the pathologies of our culture"


- from Liber Anarkhos

Forget the quantum indeterminacy and the fact that your assumptions

build the world out of what you think you know. Forget Bell’s

inequality for a moment and step back in time before even Einstein and

the spacetime continuum, back to the simple electrical fascination

that swept before the onlooking eyes of an almost pre-technical and

thoroughly mechanical humanity. 


The electrical forces playing somehow

through an apparently empty space, causing attraction and repulsion -

polarities and elective affinities existing between all things

gradually coming under the sway of rudimentary mathematical

calculation, but having at first laid under an intuitive knowledge of

the conflicts and emotive tendencies of elements, stars, plants,

animals, stones and peoples. 



In the human, and indeed more general

realms of life, the two electricities find expression in the

biological sexes, their organs of generation, and the attractions

between them: the one pushing and giving out, the other drawing in 

and receiving. The rhythmical motion between them being mediated by 

a magnetic fluid. 


Or in the case of copulation, the other more extensive

field of play being the atmosphere and the energetic exchanges

proceeding in the case of the gross breathing with its inhalations and

exhalations, as well as the more subtler exchanges occurring over the

surface of the skin with the various effluvia released as other

essences are absorbed. 



Stepping back again, staying in the pre-quantum

age, the mass understanding never came to a practical realization of

the meaning of electrical science in terms of everyday existence and

the experiences thereof. The surfaces we feel and resistances to our

movement are conditioned by the electrical interactions between our

bodies as such and those of environmental objects: the sticking,

sliding, gliding, the colors and qualities depending on the balance of

the two forces and their mediating magnetic union. 


Before the movement

of mass, or coincident therewith, there proceeds an electrical

disturbance as with the flash of lightning in a storm and the

resulting crash of thunder. This ties in with the hidden understanding

of the vishuddha, speech, chakra as acting beyond the mere

vocalization in the material, or gross atmospheric, and having an

influence on the subtle, or pre-material plane by directly controlling

those electromagnetic influences stemming from the vocal organ which

precede and cause the mundane sounds associated therewith - in

addition to being able to color the utterances with electrical shades

of meaning. 



By and by, it seems safe to assume that most people never

take time to consider the grand position the atmosphere holds in

relation to our lives and all that goes on around us, instead to take

it as simple empty space, when the reality is that it is the seat of

the spirit as the etymology of that word shows. It is the sea in

which, like fish, we live. The knowledge of the properties and

interactions of that sea leaves one in the position of a dolphin as

compared with an average bony fish. The ways in which that sea moves

us, and the ways that we in turn move it, is a study that is

practically unknown...


Premonitions of phenomenon

Self-inflicted calcification


Signals are made.
Words are given
- sands
the instrument of psalm.

Thought is a Shell Beach.

We embark, gutting through obstructionS.

I sway

A surface unearths, and ego asserts

I stay

Fragments forgotten, weathered and worn,
by obsessing tides of consternation.
An incorrigible infinitude staked through to the core.

I drag my trash into your street
I fade into your beat,
Oh baby, ain't this dance a treat?

Every moment is the next
Every home is a hex.


P(l)ace ferments into state.

Awaken ravaged and wayward.
Deluged in ferous mind of no quarter.

The states I've drug(ed) myself through, and ventured towards.
All the while looking over my shoulder.
Circle back round to home once evermore.

In the instantaneous extraneous eternal equanimity.
Abides the external infernal.


A passage is disproven,
They say you got to, got to
follow, follow,
follow to be free.
An invitation
which welcomes assault.

And the tide once again heaves the jetsam to our shore.


Shells reign again
As I drift, to the left
Once more.
Oh baby, ain't this dance a chore?

"to be a real magician you must learn to DIY"


- from Liber Anarkhos 



"allways save energy"


- from Thus Spake ShadesOfTruthstra