esoterical gangstars: speculative & operative fragments


“there are these mutants and they are now within the most powerful magickal orders and groups in the world today. They are slowly working to destroy utterly the old ways. They are making use of the most subtle methods of modern information science to achieve their ends. They are fearful of nothing, which means they only fear the powers of the Meon. They possess the disciplined mentality of the synchronistic robotic consciousness and nothing else. They have only one loyalty and they have only one sense of honor, and that is to Yuggoth and only to Yuggoth. And by means of their weird techniques of computer programming, they will win out over all their opposition because ultimately there is only one fundamental power and that too is Yuggoth”

- Bertiaux, VGW

Seize the esoteric means of production!!

What mystery they ask. All is matter they declare, without any thought in their mind from the unthinking matter that forms their body and brain. Since when has the mind been replaced by the “brain”, and every(one) by every(body)?

The truth, even if it be relative, can only be found personally, by self endeavor and exertion - and it is always transformative. By noticing what had previously gone unnoticed by oneself, and what will always be beyond the ken of those who except another’s word as fiat truth.

The popular modern answers dictate: biology, brain, genetics. That we are at the mercy of blind forces and have no, or only passing, say in our fate. That our choices and decisions, our very being, are an outcome of chance and the blind mechanical combination of sub-microscopic particles and their cascading effects.

All this comes from denying the plain fact staring each and all of us in the face, that the world cannot rightly ever be separated from the awareness thereof. How one chooses to assign priority is where the modern conception of consciousness goes afoul - in choosing to declare in belief that the external is first and foremost, and that the lived experience of being is an epiphenomenon.

In ascribing human life and being to be an inessential consequence of material forces, and by up-playing the role of genetics and brain states on behavior, modernity is attempting, perhaps unconsciously, to destroy the principle of personal responsibility. On the contrary, the esoteric doctrine declares the possible infinite sovereignty of the personal will, and the unlimited responsibility that comes with the active knowledge of the true structure of being.

Truth is not “out there”, it is “right now” - it is our immediate experience. That is what is ultimately true. Not to say that there are not laws, or rules of action and consequence. There are laws governing the transition from state of truth to another, from one state of being to another - but what they are is up to each and every one to experience themselves.

Energy = consciousness=u

 If G=God, then w= we

 what or who is the we were never (w)here order 


So you wanna join *our* hellfire club? You baroque-ass, cookie-cutter mother fucker. Well you have. So what you got to show for it?

Are you a sister or a brother in good standing of our we were never (w)here order?

Who else can you con into seeing the truth of their own being? ?

Shades (thus named because there was Nothing behind the shades) had been thinking about Jung a lot lately. Hence the gangster archetype. The warrior would work too, but these times call for more of a collective, collaborative mindset..

"There is no me. I do not exist. There used to be a me, but I had it surgically removed"

-Peter Sellers

wwnh in 2 senses, exoteric & esoteric:

Exoteric in terms of training oneself to reduce material & energetic waste in the direction of a certain minimalist primitivism (certainly for lack of a better term).

Esoteric in terms of bypassing egoic accretions to access the primordial consciousness & to act from this standpoint. .

Deleuze & Guattari on nomadology

Idea of a hypersigil

The need to be more aggressive, as time is running short. In fact we would like to reclaim, to reappropriate the word gangster. The emphasis is on actually doing something  rather than just talking about it. .

challenge, subvert, de(con)struct. This is our generation's Great (w)irk


When the magician becomes too distant from themselves and the natural world, kinks and fractures creep through the fabric of the mechanism. These rifts animate through forms of change and misalignment.

(This isn’t a cuffing a value judgment to change. It neither implies properties of good or bad. Change in itself is only change.)

When misaligned, change incites difficulty, and fear. When this occurs the psyche becomes frantic and fractured. The flow is off. Spells abate.

Still, a spell won’t save you, or give a shit. A spell is evidence of attention to synchronicity. It is not a cosmic secret that serves you.

Like all beings, the magician gets comfortable. Then their self is subdued, or constrained. They unknowingly edge towards detachment from true nature.

The physical requires illusion in (the) order to manifest. The misalignment and estrangement of the magician provides a canvas for the illusion.

As with any practice – practice is necessary. As with any task - mindfulness is essential. The fruits of practice aren’t the groove. They aren’t the moment when the dew of sweet synchronicity shivers down the soul like warm breath on the back of the neck.  The very lifeline of practice breeds from being uncomfortable, out of sync. Your skin must crawl. Your mind must clamber and wraith, your bones bathe in osteopenia. Your mind must scuttle, and clasp for sanity.

Existence is panic cradled by pain. Show me an original moment that’s a reenactment of scripture, memory, or myth. The moment is revelation, and the mycelium of the soul.

Show me everything.

Don’t baby bird me.

Shove it down my fucking throat.

Make me choke.

Serenity is despair.