de Mundus Imaginalis: parall(h)el(l) devilopments





 .. everything matters more or less, and to an unknown degree ..







 .. astral pirate radio beaming blasting broadcasting right straight direct the fuck into your third eye ..









"Hypnosis exists on all levels of human society, and very few scientists can remember that their favorite models started out as metaphors"



- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth














I’ll sift more than be.


I’ll wail more than sail.



You won’t need to step around me,
as you pass on through the gates of undo.



I’ve already failed the scales.


The only hand I forced was the wrong one.



Across a heart.  




Put a stop to where I stamp it from.


Words through straws.



Fetishize the fringe I can’t choke.





I sit more than stand.


I’ll take more than give.




And baby you don’t want to know, how short I am in love lately too.



Liquid to dust.



It won’t stay light long enough to tame that fright.


The fever only breaks when the mind is inaudible.   




Till then I will weave like a firefly into the jaws of the night..














"I don't mind being accused of  being an 'escapist'. On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break"


- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth 





.. but we were never really aiming at being comprehensive or systemic in the first place .. not even seeking hard & fast rules, at that; we have @ll ways insisted that the most one can do when dealing with the imaginal realm is to outline trajectories .. 




.. on the con trary, rules are the death of the occult, which isn't a Euclidean fantasy world of perfect circles & straight lines, but a very tangible &, therefore, a messy one of tangential tantrums & a chaos that is as potent(ial)ly destructive as it is creative..








 .. shades (.. thus named .. no, that's it this time .. ha, just kidding .. got you tho .. ๐Ÿ˜.. thus named because it was a code name, shades being a secret agent of that shadowy esoteric co11ective, the we were never (w) here order, battling archontic forces hellbent on enslaving humanity .. ) came to awareness following an esoteric phase shift; drift (alstublieft) to a voice whispering on the wind ..





.. it's your un con scious that destroys you in the end ..







 .. here's another high- level secret that is only approved for those of the who gives a f degree (& higher ๐Ÿคจ) of the we were never (w)here order: it has never been, nor will ever be, any outside force that destroys the magician; only their own weakness(es) can do that..





.. thus is that great, perpetually reverberating initiation: the con frontation with the shadow, facing all those terrible ones .. but I'm here to tell you, fear not.. for there is a way to overcome them .. yea, even the most terrifying of them.. 






.. but it's not easy, & it's not straightforward .. it takes courage, dedication, discipline, to win .. must one therefore become 'boring', to succeed in the long term..? .. certainly not, but it's not easy to balance creativity & con sistency .. on the con trary, it's an endless chaLLenge ..






 .. & if any of this sounds familiar, it should ..




 .. after all, you (un con sciously?) do it every day .. 






.. the ch@11enge, however, is to do it intentionally, willfully, con sciously ..


















Of course, by now, we realize that in some sense it is all One. The facts of our experience are such that there is some unition amongst all the things that pass on inside us and those that pass by us in the exterior world. We've already spoken about this liminal interface that exists between the inner and outer worlds, and that this mirror works both ways, both in influx and efflux actions and reactions. 





Let us now turn, for the time being, to what is generally considered to be the external world and what we find represented in it.




Looking at a small segment of the data that we receive through our senses, in this case a limited subset of what is forthcoming by sight, a number of simple notions appear to our vision:





Things move, and even things that are usually considered motionless, given the proper circumstances, do move - or at least are in such a condition that they can be moved by us. This fact that everything in our local environment has the possibility for motion indicates in some sense that we, along with everything else, are enmeshed in a network of various trajectories, if only in potential.




These traces in space through time appear sequential in that one spacetime event precedes another at all scales. These various orders, self-evident in normal human experience, are to that degree a great fact of existence, and that it would be foolish to consider objects as somehow isolated from their trajectories. As they cannot be separated therefrom, and are somehow tied up in all manifestation, it makes sense to posit them as first-class entities.





Our relatively static environment may then be understood to be only a relativity of trajectories, in that the great mass with which we deal is carrying us along, along with everything else. Taking the observation that everything is moving a bit further, we can ask whether or not all these things about us are in fact "only" trajectories and that they have no existence apart from the grosser movements of which they are a part - The Greater Rule the Lesser - That the paths through space are the objects themselves, especially more strikingly when considered mesoscopically.





We know that the greater world is composed of cycles of various durations, and are intimately acquainted with the simple cycles of activity and repose, day and night - sometimes aware of our breath, etc.. Each of the cycles has a base, or key-note, around which the song progresses eventually returning to the tonic. Thus, like in music, the path around the sun in its forward movement traces out a helix in the less active sparse space that surrounds us and which finds a living echo in the double helix recording of the course of life. Indeed the most general form of motion as well as force, is indicated in this screwing looping path - not to mention that a sphere dropped in a liquid is forced to take a helical path as the one of least resistance.



As the earth spins, rotates, and revolves, we pass through prodigious distances of space at very high velocities. These whirls within whirls are not generally apparent and the experience of them in altered states is much limited in the mass of humanity. 





Instead we predominantly live in a "block world" where visual boundaries or limits and corresponding tactile surfaces circumscribe what is considered to be reality. This is partly because, in our "static" space and being immersed in the ocean of motion, these forms which the compositional motions take are consequently different. 





However, we can calculate their structural form from the greater mass movements by a mathematical change of frame - the trick is to perform this calculation mentally..


















" .. humans somehow invented math, just as mysteriously as they somehow invented language. We don't understand how we did it, but it allows us to understand our hallucinations better. In short - as Einstein once said - the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.. "






- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth 





.. sometimes, when I'm in certain altered states, I experience physically moving my body, like even basic movements, as spiral..๐Ÿค”.. I would've written about it by now but it's more an experience than an idea, & if one hasn't had it, it's hard to empathize with ๐Ÿ˜…, but on a certain level, it makes sense.. we ourselves are energetic vortices or complexes of spirals as per the teachings of several esoteric schools .. ๐Ÿง










  .. a gnostic with a little g and big b's ..