"Don't play what's there. Play what's not there.."
- hoodoo wizard Miles Davis


I went looking for you after you left,
I did what i shouldn't do, peering behind the curtain of this "all the world's a stage";
seeking, questing hoping to find out if it's true that surfaces reveal what they allways con seal
but i couldn't find you, my objet petit a
& i realeyesed i might never see u again
so i determined to
through the x dimensions of space-time itself.
To peel away those veils of Our m/Other isis until i found ewe

If we say that the world is made up of words, ideas, thought-forms in the Minds of those who experience it, who will be lie ve us today? Everybody knows that the dice are loaded with atoms and neutrinos & that's the way it goes all the way down & around right?

Not even close. Propaganda is a dirty word these daze but how many have under stood that the above position is also a form of apolitical propaganda? (dig)

If the Earth is our mother matrix, we also should not be afraid to dig, gently but firmly, be neath the sur face. Who knows what we'll dog up?

the veil(s) of Isis (a reference to our M/other nature) are there precisely for the unveiling; we should not fear to ask terra what it is that lies beneath her.

The matter, the skin and the flesh of our experience also might (& unbeknownst to us) con seal rivers, tributaries and streams of consciousness which we barely gnew existed because they were just waiting to be uncovered & explored in the cool moon light.


Going hack to the be ginning: if we're good girls and boys who believe that the world is made of structures no one has ever really seen, let alone personally experienced, we won't pay any at tention to the man behind the curtain. Dig!(?)

& yet arguably the key to creating a better world, both in dividually & collectively lies in digging deep within the layers of our selves.

Needless to say this is not intended physically; rather we mean that the psychological muck of our everyday chaotic mess should be cleared away through a mode of internal meditative digging to get to ever deeper, richer, inner layers and levels of reality herself . Dig.

The Masters give this kind of advice to the initiates, but they don't give it without rhyme or reason.

I can only speak for myself, but eye two once received this advice from my own teachers in those inner schools of esotericism to which I have for many years been affiliated.

Having received such instructions to dig beneath the sur face of experience, i of course did so & eventually, following the signs disclosed through my experience itself, I saw through to the truth of my own calling: namely to establish my own school of esoteric philosophy within the wider esoteric continuum. 


Against this tedious static mechanistic view we propose the image that we are ourselves the all ways recurring song of the spirits; those wonder full spirits that are the true building 'blocks' of the (w)hole wi(l)d/e world. Dig?

Perhaps not. Some are more "hard-headed" than to subscibe to images of an ocean of spirits overflowing through the whole of creation & being the very building blocks or notes composing even our own inner experience within our in dividual stream of awareness.

To these latter we say that we can equally well describe reality as being composed of fields of energies. So far so good, but where there are energies there are also intentions, directions, & this by definition: students of mathematics and its applications in the physical sciences will recall that energies are expressed as vectors, & that the latter are defined as forces moving in a particular direction (or, in our lingo, an intention). Dig

Amusingly, those who have been following our arguments and positions thus far as we have sought to uncover the truth, the reality of our world and what it is made of will have already put 2 and 2 together, as it were.

These vectors of energies are the same as those spirits which permeate the wide world and (here comes everybody) are expressed in the traditions of vudu as the ghuedhes.

It is none other than these spirits &/or energies which under lie reality (Isis) herself & form the basis for our own school of esotericism. Dig!

Those depths and caverns below the obvious and well-worn *sur faces* of the mental (or, equally well, the spiritual) world are also the realm of the transcendental id. Within those *spaces* all but overflowing with energies, oceans of desires toss and turn with tides of longing for the habitually obtainable, the as-yet-unfulfilled, the inconceivable..driving the individual subject experiencing them (& by implication his story itself..

Thus, whether one posits that the under-lying reality of the world is spirits or energies, what is important is to do the great Work of bringing these components of our own living world closer to our own hopes & dreams.