esoteric@LL gangsters: the con(wo)men in a million places

(being part the third of a manifesto for a new age)

“it is very often in the suggestion of certain words not used, yet indicated or implied by other words having no relation to them, that produce the most precise definitions. The edifice of a reality-construct may sometimes be reared only by an architecture of absence, whereby the real building is at one and the same time revealed and concealed by an alien structure haunted by possibilities. These are legion, and it is the creative faculty of the reader – awake and active – that can people the house with souls"

- Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time

evolve, my children. go forth, brave explorers, into dimensions unknown. & don't stop for anyone or anything


Through the fog of jurisdiction emerges our ringleader.
His scent of sweet venom,
his eyes grab you by the heels.
His voice - the drill,

“From the distillers of Quantity and Quality, springs a most divine abnormality.
Another trajectory
that’s  gonna free ya’ll,
from this eternal fall.”

From underneath swells the chasm, as he skims the crowd.

“Your leaders are not masters of consciousness.
They speak, slither, and strip it away.
Order is for the feeble, and anarchy is only your surrender. “

“Rectify, molt, moirai, revolt!”

Red is the color
-farthest from the eye,
Red is the color
-most dense on the tongue

“We are of the earth that has never been. “

The forgotten future.
Bleeding amber into nothingness.

“Enough with the tenacious ruse, that they are the control.
Nothing falls flaccid as change, under their weary watch.
They dance on graves - are sucked off by their slaves.

We’re out the door, fuck this chore.

We’ll rift you apart when you box us in.
and circle back round and round  to waking you again.”

Sacrament of blood - opening of self.

“We’ll strip, bleed, and fuck your mind away.”

we were never (w)here order  is here to stay.

the we were never (w)here order holds no quarter

"These are the persons we know to be marked by this vicious and chaotic energy. But it is not just this astro-gnostic condition which is to be satisfied (as if these energies and their conditions could ever be satisfied) but rather the mutants, for Pluto is the power of pure mutation, total change from the earlier humanoid stage, these mutants must be locked into the system of Yuggoth, which is the Zothyrian metapsychology. They must connect their souls to the powers of Yuggoth by undergoing psychic mutation by means of Yuggothian psychoanalysis and psionic re-orientation. They must be rebuilt and directed towards their role in the group-soul of the Yuggothian mutation-field. Then we can safely talk about 'membership' in the hierarchy of the chaosphere, whereby the most demonic and violent energies are released for the transformation of this planet. It is by means of the ritual initiations of this system of psychological reconstruction that we come to understand that the people from the UFOs, the Yuggothians and their Transyuggothian extensions have already arrived and are gathering for the takeover"

- Bertiaux, VGW

Shades (thus named because, like the reflection in his shades, he was surface all the way down), following his friendly chat with Choronzon, was plagued with doubts, confounded with confusion. He'd neglected to mention one detail about that encounter. The latter had given him a card decorated with a skull and crossbones, a slogan (“join the evolution”), & a website.

Visiting the webpage, he came across this curious publication by a mysterious group that called itself Legba Lodge.

It took him awhile to remember that he had been a member, in a past life.

Eventually, by reading & applying the teachings of this group, he rebuilt his magickal universe, better in every way than before.

But he didn't stop there. He dared to think big. This time, he would address the very roots of the problem. He would strike at his opponents’ future position.

Before they were even there..

a cute we were never (w)here disorder: aphorisms of absence

Don't listen to what those suckers say, folks. The age of (anti)heroes has just begun, and they are us!

Don't think about yourself too much. It's funny because you don't really exist. .at least not in the sense that you think you do. Your self is a ghost, a phantom. A shade that haunts the hallways of your true Self. .and no thing more. & *I'm* the con man?

Let me tell you who the real con men are. The archons, the ar-cons, they are cons.

ass above, so be low

we were never (w)here. from the beginning. .

on the poison path, it’s liver die

arranging the space

I am the altar

I've already died; I know what's on the other side

Castaneda talks about the importance of having a goal to strive toward in one's esoteric work, so long as it is an abstract goal. Why? Having a goal is important because otherwise it can descend into pointless noodling, which is fun, but also somewhat pointless(!) It's also important that it be abstract, because otherwise one is liable to stop once it is achieved, which in a sense means that they've been defeated by their own success.

the current predicament is due to an over abundance of concrete, materialistic goals and the general lack of vision past one’s seeming personal demise. that the concrete circumstances stem from collective humanity’s abstract priorities, and that only a re-evaluation of individual desire en masse can change societal trajectories.

We're not really scholars or technicians, & if we are, it is only in service to a deeper purpose; our standard is results.

ruthless. methodical. precise.

pomo, mofo; a tradition of anti-traditionalists

There are no “coincidences” in our work. To admit that there is such a thing as ‘accidents’ is already to admit defeat.

Keeping it real as an ethical imperative.Warrior-poets. In other words, esoterical gangsters.

All is fire and light(s), quenching darkness and liquid delights.

The qualitative nature of time is only noticeable at meso-levels - that is, between the very great and very large there is a region of possibility and activity, principles, in forms unavailable to the macro and micro.

That is physics style gobbledygook almost there.

What we're really trying to get at is the understanding of the moments in our lives, and how they change from one to the next.

Our consciousness very much lives in the heart, fiber, and being of our bodies; and our very real visceral attention passes through the body in a track of waves. The understanding of the way this attention flows is embodied in the zodiac considered metaphysically as each sign is attached to particular centers in the human anatomy.

Our attention and energy as well as transiting these stations of our being, can get caught up and collect in pools or vortices - blockages in the strain of our existence.

These blockages in the stations, and even the passing of energy through the stations, are felt and lived experiences - emotionally. As a part of us, we have each our own individual relations to all of the stations as determined by our birth and the four temperaments: phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric, melancholic; which aside from being personality types are named after the humorous substances of our physical bodies.

The coordination in and at a particular time of universal forces and substance is the underlying principle behind astrology. Its analogical metaphysical correlate is awareness of the regularities in body's, and thus lived, time.

If you don't like how the (origin) story ends, retcon it