esoterical gangsters: prolegomena to a new aeon of (anti)heroes

“The etymology of the word 'dragon' comes to us via the Latin but is derived ultimately, it is thought, from the Greek, though the origin of the word and its definition is probably much older. The word in Greek is drakon (drakon); as in edrakon (edrakon), an aorist of derkesthai (derkesthai), which means 'to see clearly'”

- The Dragon Legacy: from Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells

“the Fey, because they participated in the eternal spirit of the One, were themselves eternal, needing no forgiveness - for sins they transcended - and no priest to intercede for them to a god whose spirit they were at one with. The Fey knew salvation was chemical and physiological, being determined on the ability of the mind-brain to perceive the eternal mind of the Cosmos and join with it”

- The Origin of the Dragon Lords of the Rings

"You know they tried to kill you right? Blasted you. ."

- choronzon

Think it's time for a flashback,  don't you?

For some time now, Shades (thus named because he was involved in certain necromantic pursuits which entailed certain energetic exchanges) had been living by his wits, engaging in ever more elaborate cons for fun and profit.

Now you might think that made him a villain. You'd be wrong, though. See, his marks were corrupt governments, psychopathic corporations and people who'd sell their children for a buck. So, you see, he was more of an antihero.

His modus operandi was deceptively easy to describe. Basically, he was a 3 card man.

His superpower was that he allways won. Except he hadn't acquired it through some manner of accident. On the contrary, he'd deliberately cultivated it over years of study and practice..

At one point he ended up owning a hotel (which naturally he had acquired precisely in the manner outlined above), basically a front for certain more “esoteric” operations, if you know what I mean..

In actual fact, it was a temporary autonomous zone & a front for teaching black magic.

Through his esoteric research at the time, he came to witness an awakening, signs of a certain force or bioenergetic energy developing in his guests & associates. Hints of an imminent vortex of novelty, or so he interpreted it, just over the temporal horizon..

Naturally, Shades started a whole esoteric order to explore the possibilities of this impending new aeon of (anti)heroes. The we were never (w)here order. And by reading this text, you have initiated yourself into this wwnh (pronounced wan) order, dear reader.

Unfortunately, he also came to realize the extent of the corruption within which the project was embedded,  and decided to do something about it.

 everyone knows me; the people chose me

Except he barely had time to construct a hyperdimensional energetic portal before being discovered by his opponents.

The last thing he remembered was saying to said opponents, "you think you've won? I'll just become more powerful if you strike me down! And that's the game, son. I'm playing for the future. Goddamn you, those are our children, & I WILL bid for their souls!"

I'm just sitting here patiently waiting to hit escape velocity, to reach critical mass..

The faculty of predicting the future is widespread in, at least, the animal species of this Earth. Humanity’s adeptness with this skill is what has most led to the inordinate success of its kind and all the modern technological accoutrements.

The sciences, being attempts to disentangle the universal web of cause and effect have always had as their aim the dictates of that higher science called “prediction”, as the early astrological hierophants set out to chart the heavenly cycles and their catastrophes. The very fact that things in time can be foretold, or predicted, indicates a limit to the sequential possibilities of actualization for any line of occurrence.

It would seem that only X, Y, or Z can follow in and from the flow of what has just transpired. This is particularly true in structured, logical use of language: syntax and semantics, as attempted to be relayed by the speaking party, dictate which possible words or phrases are allowed. Hence, it is only natural that the desire for humans to know the future finds expression in communication: I attempt to suss out, at least, that word or phrase that will be next uttered.

w is the new G

What I seem to find, however, is that another token is chosen by the other party in preference to that which I have just selected as what would most naturally follow. But the speaker first paused, as if they needed to retain spontaneity - and if, in my mind, I have run through the most exhaustive list of possibilities, I often find them at a loss for words, as if I had stolen away their thought, interrupted and diverted their channel of flowing ideas to my own local personality.

That this happens so frequently when I am attempting to predict in conversation, and infrequently when I hold no stance toward that future word, seems to indicate that my own, only mental, process extends in effect to another party. Perhaps this stoppage, so to speak, is due to the inability to let the semantic unit continue on its way to the intended recipient, and that if I could so only slightly arrest the course of its delivery, instead of causing an interruption in thought and communication of the speaker, I could accurately predict and lead the chain of thought.

“The ceremonial magician sets his stage for the rehearsal of reality with all the traditional weapons; but Zos maintains that this is unnecessary mummery, because the apprehension of our greater realities is to be effected consciously through living the symbolic simulations of the ego ‘as if’ they were real, not as a mock rehearsal, but as a spontaneous evocation within the magic circle of immediacy—now”

- Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare: An introduction to his psycho-magical philosophy

Another possibility, that seems corroborated by other occurrences, is in keeping with the dictum that “reality is stranger than fiction” and that the Grand Architect demands we cannot foretell the entirety of the story of this one of our lives and thus collapse our expanse in time between birth and death to a point. And what fun or adventure would it be, and what boredom it would be, if we knew all in advance?

Reality, humanity, is slippery and resists being  pinned down and played as if a piano. The music of creation has way of surprising, and when we think we know, there is that turn in phrase changing tenor and indicating that “what is” is larger, more complex and spontaneous, than what an individual can predict - in short, there is no limit to knowledge, and there are always new doors to new unknowns.

the Master is terrible because she is YOU


We qualify and contain a continuous dimension by tracking the movement of matter.

An immaterial reaffirmation,
boiled into concrete shoes for the river.

Coagulated opus con[trap]tion.
Conceptual retraction.

Cosmic repression.

Catatonic depression.

The most predictable and cruel of mind fucks – gonna’ jerk you into a corner.

Where is time?

The memory?

Or the prophecy?

Stick a pin in it for me.

Time is broken – you are reading a memory.

The illusion only unveiled by abstract cracks if all that distracts.

Tear a rift in your continuum by eroding compulsion.

That vicious cycle fattened off your fear.

You tenaciously combat creation.

Dip into the wave of the curse.

Ride time to death – the unavoidable conclusion that backs the psyche of the species off a cliff of pain.

But we have our moments in the breath, when we are released from it all, and swim in the energy of life.

And the soul gives a nod as it passes itself in the sunlight.