zero point field / the heart (sun) is born(e) in darkness

  (where's the red queen)








black magickal mofoz 








 .. LLegends & mythras of yore tell of a coLLective of master con artists who got bored; ran out of cons worth their time .. 






.. eventually they came upon a con that was weLL worthwhile .. 





.. they set their sights on con quering Death itself .. defeating Darkness at its own game .. 







.. now doesn't that sound like fun ..










.. to the Dead .. 




.. & lucky them, for they get to rest ..

























Words enslaved to jurisdictions induced through chronic confusions.



You aren’t learning the dance without a foot in the trap.


Sin is the state of mind that fear can’t hide behind.



Drums and prayers, into the still…..why still, always still – endless, unforgettable, never-endless….lee


Search and Fate – separated to endless – breathless– we’ll never signal until …




We resign in the again.




….god bless – faultless….


Directions and doors what for?





There are places to be, and there are minds that we avoid eye contact and procreating the premise of tripping in that fashion is something that can’t be natural, and who would want to be anyway. 





Automatic is the end, and through that in we do trust to the must of the mast. Steer me away from the fears of shipwreck, but the contract doesn’t work like that, and these rocks have nowhere else to go.





And a shore is the story they say, that place eternally away, but yet only a dream to me, of a state that this is where we can all be. 






And we’ll live to forget the thunder again. Because there’s nothing that shakes the terra like the flavor of our disfavor….





The thing about hypnotism is you can never pass up a spell.






Where we’d like to forget, believe or drift, is always an elsewhere – a rotting excuse to not move about in the muck you fear to figure out. 





There’s always a monster under there, according to all the chatter always their. Summon an angel that ain’t right, because every line is a blight.




Believe it not to be. 




Believe you can’t see.


















 .. the tried & true is safer, cheaper & easier .. hence, our opponent is none less than physics itself ..

.. those who have had so-called "near death experiences" gnow that the line between life & death is permeable .. & just as so many are born every day, some return from beyond death..  & stay just as long as they will . .

.. careful what you look at, & who; 





cuz they might also be looking at you .. 






.. like we say, it goes both ways ..

 .. for the magician, Time is just another substance to Work with ..










"Why should I live in history, huh? Fuck, I don't wanna know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me time is a flat circle, where everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over & over again .."

- from True Detective








 .. as we've written, money is a form of energy, & for the shaman, following, & when necessary, predicting energetic flows is an occupation unto itself ..



.. shades, thus named due to having emerged from der schatten (but also because shades drew strength from the very black heart of the winter solstice) wants to tell ewe that light can only emerge from darkness, & this by definition .. 🧐

The heart (sun) is born(e) in darkness






Like our own hearts lying in the darkness of our thoracic cavity, our sun is encased in the clear darkness of space, against which they both thrust and pull in their respective fluids. The life giving light of our each blood coursing, constrained in veins; pathways laid down through the dark ages of the past. And now I feel my heart beating in my chest as a train passes by - a train of thought I hadn't quite caught... and hopefully now I've hopped back on board, but maybe this train leads somewhere else?





Send out, take in, breathe out, breathe in, exchange value: credits in debits out. Little magnetic donuts swirling round, breath in breath out. The heart is the center of, and central time-keeper for our bodies - it defines the overall rhythm of our bodily experience. After the breath, it is the easiest to notice - and I'd venture the next function on the list to be brought under conscious control as far as the generally autonomic processes are concerned. 





The breath is the link to control the heart, which in large measure acts on demand to supply the system with the necessary oxygen according as that precious gas is drawn into the system by the bellows of the lung and diaphragm - that magnetic gas transformed into activity that has indeed moved mountains.





The sun, like the heart, pulses as its extended body, the planets and asteroids change their demands upon the center - the gravitational force being the veinous blood, returning the light that was spent in illuminating its dark bodies - for the planets do indeed belong to the sun and are directed according to the demands of this heart shining in the darkness.






As the sun makes its retreat from high noon in the northern hemisphere, all grows relatively quiet, retreats into itself for introspection and renewal. A cold dark death descends from the north as the sun sinks earlier and earlier below the horizon in the south. The darkness of space cloaking the land, which is not mere simile: as the trees lose their leaves, and the fields fade, trampled down and covered in snow, there really is more space in which to move. The productions of the earth are gone, shadows of themselves in spring and summer the same as the shadows have grown longer in the winter.





What the sun has urged forth in the other seasons and brought to fruit are stored in the bosom of the land. What was sown has been reaped, now kept to fulfill the passing sleep. When we are true, we act according to the dictates of our own hearts, which bring forth the scenes and frames of our passing moments, stored up in memory for some future after our twilight days - when our own light itself fades. Our heart stops, the sun stand still. And the cœur of us is reborn.





On an XMAS note: The light of the world did not die “for” our sins, but “because” of them, in a half-cocked attempt to counter the effects of KARMA. At least that’s one reading - there are many — happy hunting >——>

.. you can't ..

.. you can't ..

.. you can't ..

.. you can't let them win ..






.. don't give in ..

.. keep fighting ..



 .. every bully has a bully that bullies them; that's just physics ..









.. attune to the zero point field, & you can access limitless energies ..

.. what really needs to happen is a perspectival shift .. so, say, taxing fossil fuel profits might seem like a solution, & perhaps for a short time, in the near term, it can be .. 






.. but what happens when we realize that the taxes increase as the profits from fossil fuels do ..?






.. no.. what we really need to do is move beyond money altogether to an economy of energy .. an esoteric economy .. only then can we truly transcend an object based thinking in which what has value is things, & not the reason there are things in the first place ..


.. if one really thinks about it, every technical achievement causes as many problems as it solves; by definition, even.. the logical con clusion from this is that the only real solutions are on another plane altogether ..








@LL of you, you're beautiful & powerfuLL & perfect every one of you, my children, & one day we'LL go places we can't even imagine yet .. I promise .. 

.. synchronicity's overrated.. look, listen .. try to trace out the themes in your life, that you hear or see in everyday things .. they're calling to you; literally asking for your attention ..

Nothing more tedious than success





 .. people think success is something that happens just like that, but it's a curse actually ..

.. success is its own sentence; once you've attained to it, you're con demned to it .. anything less, & you disappoint yourself.. it becomes the new normal .. but what's normal about that ..

Nacre (Clam Lining)




Soma days the highway etches your ass into the stone.


Rrruutttssss ssss…and drraggsss…



If the mind trusts the heart


There is no way to lose.


Balancing on a harp string, rumored to be a sharp thing, cutting through the clouds


Disrobing peaks of mountains below.



Beyond sentient reliance


the path is all, because there is none.

.. & as day breaks, our valiant hero(in)es emerge from their dark night of the soul into the light of the reborn son..