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" .. passage from one world to the next requires bold steps .. "




- from Westworld 





















Outside, inside t’was a hut a house a hole


a fit for king or pauper or mouse.

The home at base,


where took’d our place:

each one shining family face.


Was smile or lash, or bit of both

from where we took our early note


A sounding out a from the past,

our mom and dad and sister lass



The ways of woman, man


held out upon their face and hand.



A book a tune a place a land.


A couch a chair, a tv there.



A desk a nook a cellar crook


A crack a rock a running brook.


A speech a word a nod a turn.



What maketh one a woman, a man


but waters running white and red


leading up from deep dark down



Flowing up into our head


they make the mark from one to ten.



A measure that, a number pat -


all flat all square



and even that.



















“Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house: all must be done well and with business way"



- Liber AL, III:41






.. shades (thus named because he'd pick the black hat every time) was a student & a scholar of energetics as such, & inasmuch as money was a latent mode of energy, he studied that too ..






" .. according to my own research, to say that the world economy is in recession & that it'll be that way for quite awhile yet isn't the whole story..






.. the last really major recession that looked anything like what we're witnessing was in the 70s, & as Robert Anton Wilson notes in Right where you are sitting now, the number of millionaires doubled in the US between 1971 & 1979 .. rather an odd.. "coincidence", wouldn't you agree..?"







.. indeed .. the world is changing ever more rapidly, & moreover unpredictably .. whether it's for the better or for the worse prob most depends on whether one is an initiate or not..






.. stability is long dead, rip .. welcome to 21c, baby .. this is a time for gangsters, & no one else can make it, from what I've seen ..





.. & isn't that what success really is, becoming expert at evading response ability..?





".. watching the rings of power right now, & that loss of innocence of the elves (trying not to spoil it in case u want to, & I think you should, watch it) might have a parallel with where we are at collectively right now 





.. for so long, we thought we were on the right track with a growth-obsessed, technocratic culture .. & we've sacrificed everything else at its expense .. 






.. maybe we would actually benefit from being forced as a species to deal with the fact that no matter how much we try to con vince ourselves, we're not the measure of all things absolutely & without need for negotiation with anything .."








.. but isn't there anything better for us to do other than the same-o tried & true, in this boundless reality none of us are at risk of ever exhausting ..?

















" .. the great artists always hid themselves in their Work .."



- from Westworld 

Call my name in ways I can’t understand.


Stones thick as throwns. Abundant as memes.



Every story to be seen, every ever to have been.


Every whisper to be written, every soul to be stained.




Off-beat heat deep in a river of defeat.



Thirty six and ninety four.





“I choose to live and to grow,

take and give and to move,

learn and love and to cry,

kill and die and to be,

paranoid and to lie,


hate and fear and to do,

what it takes to move through.




I choose to live and to lie,

kill and give and to die,

learn and love and to do,


what it takes to step through .. ”


- Tool







Keep lugging stones that don’t skip




When all I want is a trope without so much effort, and such common pain.




I want those weird dreams that happens to be you in a state I’ve never seen.


Cause I got places to be, and dynasties to see.




Seems any dimension I’ve been I’ve just strapped myself down again.




Thirsting so heavily for truth, reason can’t settle in.




Addiction is my crown when it’s time for the beast again.






Paper without a stain. Regret without refrain.

"Yoshitani Roshi, trying to explain the Zen con cept of 'Buddha-Mind' (the closest thing Zen has to a 'God'), used to say that it is not far away and metaphysical but always right where you are sitting now .."

- Robert Anton Wilson, Right where you are sitting now

“ .. we’re not adults; we're adultered .. ”



- 22

You say who man you man



I say hummin


Cuz i am buzzin






From tree to tree




Taking in all that sweet pollen



Filled with universal knowledge


Preparing for the ultimate win



While you splash about in your dreams of sin








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