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 .. proudly made without large language models ..











".. you can't cheat an honest man.. "

- from sharper





.. when I was younger, I never had much power, in the magickal sense.. so I determined to do what was necessary to learn sorcery; black magick ..









.. & having done so, I would recommend it to anybody; it's your response ability to empower yourself by whatever means you decide are fit .. & this a more pressing con cern than at many other times in our human history ..





A real God wouldn't set rules, nor limits. A true creator would hope for a creation that supersedes itself. 







So then maybe all gods are just devas? The more I think the more I believe interdimensional is the plane.

I think it's dmt time. Apparently every single person has the same map. Same rooms, same beings, different journeys based of course on aptitude and yadda yadda





I've talked to a couple chums who have a very fucking advanced concept of reality from that alone. My years of study, meditation and other drugs seem a waste. Although I internalize it, they just touch it. Still, they hit the path..

















.. some don't need an opponent; they're at war with themselves ..





.. & that's why they'll never win .. 






.. cuz it doesn't even make sense to defeat oneself .. 







.. one can only ever make peace with it ..

Occupant #11::

  One of the most fun exercises, that I still do and is probably related to meditation, is free thought flow writing/typing.

  It’s like picking a flow of consciousness and attempting to extend it while documenting. It’s like pre-zen state.

  So I encountered that same dude that shook my hand at the grocery. He tried to shake my hand again and I just fist bumped him. Then I apologized about using too much force, however not intended. I noticed him grasp his hand when he remembered the experience. His left hand immediately went to the right and rubbed it like he had after the initial hand shake. I could tell he knew but he didn’t acknowledge anything and just kinda said eh… and walked off lmao.







Occupant #47::







Occupant #11::

  It’s just normal human interaction






Occupant #11::

  That makes sense

  What do you think about this statement: The ideal of any art is to fit as much significance into as little space as possible.






Occupant #47::

  I think there’s also an argument for extending into maximum space / time as the ideal. Think that space exploration video game






Occupant #11::

  No man’s sky? So good, top 15 all time…






Occupant #47::







Occupant #11::

  Even then the art is base/farm building which fits that frame

  The devs fit that frame with code elegance

  The game may be expansive but it’s the expanse in a tiny frame that makes it interesting

  And art in its self







Occupant #47::

  So the significance determines the decision as to space occupied. Yeah maybe for it to be considered art, in general it has to be something set apart. But I’ve seen paintings on grains of rice… and it’s just an art that doesn’t hold much for me anyways considering the little amount of space.






Occupant #11::

  It’s more amazing due to the frame right, high significance on a small frame such as a grain of rice creates wonder.

  Or elegance or precision

  All of above? 


  Precision above all is valued in all probability most
  Just due to the nature of art


  To suggest otherwise seems counter to art. Maybe art is precision.

  Of a form at least

  The will precisely exhibiting itself on paper

  As ideal

  This sort of will is on a different layer, it’s “pre-zen” lol

  In zen these are the things that should be discarded in favor of just sitting

  Now I’m a hedonist 😂








Occupant #47::

  would then the ultimate masterpiece of art not be the containing of everything inside of nothing?






Occupant #11::

  The singularity, hmm

  If the everything was ordered and observable probably.

  I think it’s equivalent to saying the universe is the most masterful art







Occupant #47::

  yup - it itself contains all the different arts as aspects
  the “art of arts”







Occupant #11::


  The variance being order, or rather the state of the order in a universe. Multiverse becomes universe.







Occupant #47::

  Not sure you can get outside of universe properly considered, it would itself contain any multiverse-type parts as its own aspects







Occupant #11::

  Yeah just a discrepancy in modern terms

  Universe is 1 even if multiple orders exist.






Occupant #47::

  it’s flipping wild lol






Occupant #11::

  Yeah, for sure.

.. success is a terrible thing .. 



.. because in the end it's in con trol of you, & not you of it..


.. shades ( thus named because " .. LL crew; I founded this motherfucker & I intend to be here @LL the way thru tiLL the end, goddamn .. I'm gonna Work for a better tomorrow than today & try to prevent us making the same mistakes no matter what you throw at me .. " .. but also because shades was a smoke & mirrors junkie .. get it ..? ) had a strange dream, in which he received a certain code; but it wasn't one of those codes that one enters into some terminal in the future, at least not exactly ..




" .. I'm suspicious of this view that dreams are a way for the unconscious to communicate directly with con sciousness .. but I do believe that they serve some energetic purpose, similar to the purpose thinking serves while we're awake.. ", he thought ..





.. rather, the code was analogous to an algorithm by which to interpret reality, the world, phenomena which present themselves to con sciousness, or what have you .. 



.. but what struck him is that that's reaLLy what gnosis is, namely undergoing certain experiences which bring about particular realizations about how the world works, or its very nature, & which are then con firmed by experiences within this reality itself .. 







.. in other words, it's the process rather than an item or object that arises therefrom ..









.. let's see what you got, kid .. 




.. let's see if you've got what it takes to so much as touch 





the Masters of this, & every other game ..

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