in speyerolls

 “you have to be lost so you can be found, & so it goes, around & around”

the Master of the Lodge


help me spirits, guide me; I need your voice inside me

When you first move to a new place, you start as it were in the middle of a spiral. With time, you may develop more sophisticated habits, rhythms and schedules in this place. This is why the image of a spiral is apt: the points of reference, places, objects etc might be the ‘same ‘, but the superstructure, if you will, of actions surrounding them develops with time.

Another way of conceiving this is to say that one is able to access other, deeper ‘layers’ of reality with time. These are not physical layers but rather energetic levels..

Esotericists think of these transitions, whose rate varies according to one's discipline & self-control, as one's entering a ‘new world’*, and they can often be correlated to the solstices, equinoxes and other astrological rhythms & transitions..

Phenomenologically (that is, in terms of one's personal experience), this is experienced as an apparent slowing down of time, an increase of one's ‘control’ over their experiences, and a decrease in seemingly random events or ‘novelty’.

This process has a parallel, or more accurately an oblique mirror reflection in esotericism proper, & more precisely the process of initiation. Here, one begins a seeming distance from the Mystery and, with time, feels that they are getting ever closer.

Eventually and as they evolve in their practice, the magician moves beyond simple ‘tricks’, that is, spells into what Bertiaux has called esoteric engineering.

This we define as the placing at various points in space-time of various esoteric machines, essentially energetic programs for the trance-formation of energy as the magician wills it.


*: if, as we have hypothesized, reality is composed of threads of light, then one's own (not necessarily little) world is simply the matrix of their connections to particular threads. If so, then the year's rhythm of equinoxes, solstices and astrological transitions can be said to shift this matrix in subtle or not so subtle ways. This also accounts for the spirals of which we've spoken: with time, we connect to different threads or lose our connection to others..

eye am but a point plotted in the x dimensions of Space/Consciousness & Time/Will

At times, & perhaps often (at least if they're doing it right), the magician will feel all alone in the world. Rather than being cause for concern, the magician should take solace in gnowing that all initiates have had such feelings.

Indeed, we do not write for the many who have not had these out of the ordinary experiences, but for the few (w)ho(o)do

"Sin. There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. And if that's true, I must be one too. Surely", Shades thought, "this world must be fallen and evil. And if so, I must take the response ability to redeem it (& me) seriously…”

So Shades did just that, choosing to suffer. Not so that those who believed in him would be saved, no. Rather, he chose to suffer and (in a manner of speaking) ‘die’ so that he could save himself. Also, who knew, he might even find a way to prevent or cure the suffering of others whom he might come across in his own experience. Dig?

“don't stop for anything or anybody, & take with you as many as you can carry; not 1 more & not 1 less”, is what my Gnostic daddy did say to me

“I have insisted to the point of exhaustion that there are no procedures in sorcery...There are no methods, no steps. The only thing that matters is the movement of the assemblage point. And no procedure can cause that. It's an effect that happens all by itself”


a hangry ghost

It's interesting to see how different places, cities, streets, etc, change with time. Private places are even more so, developing associations or ‘vibes’, i.e. tangible energetic layers, depending on the experiences we and others have therein. It is from these experiences that such idea-complexes as genius loci have arisen, not to mention those spirits of place(s) as lares & penates.

Magicians take advantage of these facts to imbue or ‘program’ a place with certain feelings and meanings. Indeed, this is one of the steps, and one of the main purposes, of ritual. Powerful magicians can turn even a small room into a power place, drawing theoretically limitless energies from the invisible webs they weave..

Creed of the we were never (w)here order
- we were never (w)here. leave no traces wherever you go, but also see below
- if you think you might be a member of the Order, then you (probably) are
- as you already gnow, the purpose of our disorganization is to question pre-established notions & increase wisdom & understanding. Feel free to paint, perform, write etc. anything that furthers consciousness & experience of the depths & subtleties of reality.
- allways follow your heart; don't let what others think determine your actions
- no followers, no leaders. This is not to say all are equal in the sense of the ‘same’; some have achieved more, others less..differences should be respected
- we are free to use all the methods of the various schools of esotericism towards our own ends, but must take response ability for the consequences
- (optional:) consider getting our official logo, a skull & crossbones, tattooed somewhere on your anatomy


initiatory incantations

“when I finally became free I realized there was nothing else I needed to be”

- me


The magician uses their own body as a subtle bioenergetic machine to reach different states of consciousness each of which discloses a new world. They might also use a number of esoteric technologies such as mediation and yoga, certain kinds of drugs, sexual experiences, etc...


our M/other who art every tree I meet as I walk down the street, & our Father who is the voice that whispers bellowing echoing from beneath the psychic See, be you now/here with me!!


The best sound is silence. That I learned this early on is my greatest strength. Silence, however, is easier to come by than one might suppose..

Experienced meditators know that even when there are no external sounds, there are internal ones. These are described in many and varied esoteric ways as the buzzing of bees, the sounds of the kundalini echoing at different chakras, the sounds of many waters washing up like waves on the shores of a new Atlantis, the whirling of the vortex gateway to the world of the qlippoth which is called Daath, etc.

But what are these sounds, really? These sounds are the echoes on the inner passageways between different states of experience, which signal a transition in the esoteric explorer's state of consciousness. They are at the same time the very means for these trance formations for, by following them, the magician is “carried” along by them into other worlds.

Here, there are many possibilities & inner planes to explore & experience...


Did you recognize your sister/brother/mother
who is you & not an other
when you met them in the garden
as you did ‘fore time began?


The warrior-magician uses their own inner dialogue against their opponent. Using this technique, esoteric tectonic plates, inner machineries of levers and pulleys are as it were ‘re-programmed’ to more accurately represent the practitioner’s perspective on reality.

If the world can be conceived (& advanced adepts can confirm the accuracy of such an idea-complex to reality) as a computer, then those who use this technique can be thought of as reprogramming reality itself, charging the very air with their ‘in can tations’, the efficacy of which is limited only by the power stored and carried within their bio-machine bodies...


Shades, Middle Toe of the ‘we were never (w)here’ (WWNH for short, pronounced ‘One’) order was hearing “those devil voices” again. Of course one man's devil is another man's initiation, & those voices had taken our anti-hero all over the world. & while he'd never attained much worldly success (& never cared for it to begin with), he knew more about the occult than just about anyone..

“Sin”, the vices were saying. “There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. Surely, this world must be fallen and evil”.

“But there is good in everybody”, Shades thought as if in reply.

“True. But how many of them heed the call of the spirits to live free, & do who they want to be?”, came the response. “You must teach them by example that even with nothing, one can be free”.

“But I have the whole world in my hands. You want me to give it away!?”, Shades exclaimed, remembering why he called them devil voices.

“Exactly”, they answered. “eXactly, eggsactly”.

“That's so crazy, it just might be fun”, Shades thought, preparing to hurl himself like a voltigeur with a mighty leap, backwards of and around the Tree (teehee!)


Different times of the day have different vibrations &, therefore, different possibilities. For example, the morning is by nature peaceful & serene, such that to be awake in the early morning can be said to be a meditation in itself..

These esoteric layers of our daily experience pertain to the electromagnetic trance-formations of the Earth, as well as the sun and moon, the planets etc...


Let us posit that reality is composed of threads of light, as Castaneda might suggest. Those who might laugh off such formulations as fanciful should spend some hours starting at the back of their own eyelids, as Terrence McKenna might suggest, or try to explain why people sometimes see strange patterns like clusters of bright dots in the sky, especially in liminal times such as the morning or when it's cloudy. Indeed, we would remind them that DNA is composed of energies which are only visible under relatively obscure circumstances.

In any case, will insist that the utility of such formulations, setting aside their aesthetic beauty, is that they can be used by the shaman to move through reality in unconventional ways.

We do not mean to refer merely to physical movement. These threads of light enable the magician to access events in their past or even their potential future (one of our basic assumptions is that the future is always in flux), to gain energy by reliving or examining the unexplored possibilities of an event which has already occurred. The technique is best practiced lying down, with eyes closed.

In this way, the adept can be conceived of as a spider, drawing into themselves esoteric energies as sustenance...


& still they did not be lie ve


The Master is a player; the kind who seems to win, one way or the other. & everything in life is a game

The Master is a fighter who allways puts in 100%; after all, there's no pulling punches when one's life is on the line

The Master is impervious, seemingly bulletproof. And if you deign to designate yourself as such you'd better be bulletproof too, because they will come for you. All of those who seek to enslave others in darkness & ignorance will reach out with their unconscious to silence you, punish you for revealing what's behind the(ir) curtain. And when they do, you better be ready...


Naked and possessed by spirits under the full moon, the shaman/magician accesses the recesses of their own awareness, the transcendental id collective unconscious of the soul. Thus, entering energetic caves where dwell the raw, primal aspects of our own selves as revealed by the darkness, we empower our selves to evolve into a symbiotic future filled with limitless possibilitease

& that's how they do it, those hoodoo gentlewo/men (A l’Ancien) as they practice & plan towards a new atlan



"Don't play what's there. Play what's not there.."
- hoodoo wizard Miles Davis


I went looking for you after you left,
I did what i shouldn't do, peering behind the curtain of this "all the world's a stage";
seeking, questing hoping to find out if it's true that surfaces reveal what they allways con seal
but i couldn't find you, my objet petit a
& i realeyesed i might never see u again
so i determined to
through the x dimensions of space-time itself.
To peel away those veils of Our m/Other isis until i found ewe

If we say that the world is made up of words, ideas, thought-forms in the Minds of those who experience it, who will be lie ve us today? Everybody knows that the dice are loaded with atoms and neutrinos & that's the way it goes all the way down & around right?

Not even close. Propaganda is a dirty word these daze but how many have under stood that the above position is also a form of apolitical propaganda? (dig)

If the Earth is our mother matrix, we also should not be afraid to dig, gently but firmly, be neath the sur face. Who knows what we'll dog up?

the veil(s) of Isis (a reference to our M/other nature) are there precisely for the unveiling; we should not fear to ask terra what it is that lies beneath her.

The matter, the skin and the flesh of our experience also might (& unbeknownst to us) con seal rivers, tributaries and streams of consciousness which we barely gnew existed because they were just waiting to be uncovered & explored in the cool moon light.


Going hack to the be ginning: if we're good girls and boys who believe that the world is made of structures no one has ever really seen, let alone personally experienced, we won't pay any at tention to the man behind the curtain. Dig!(?)

& yet arguably the key to creating a better world, both in dividually & collectively lies in digging deep within the layers of our selves.

Needless to say this is not intended physically; rather we mean that the psychological muck of our everyday chaotic mess should be cleared away through a mode of internal meditative digging to get to ever deeper, richer, inner layers and levels of reality herself . Dig.

The Masters give this kind of advice to the initiates, but they don't give it without rhyme or reason.

I can only speak for myself, but eye two once received this advice from my own teachers in those inner schools of esotericism to which I have for many years been affiliated.

Having received such instructions to dig beneath the sur face of experience, i of course did so & eventually, following the signs disclosed through my experience itself, I saw through to the truth of my own calling: namely to establish my own school of esoteric philosophy within the wider esoteric continuum. 


Against this tedious static mechanistic view we propose the image that we are ourselves the all ways recurring song of the spirits; those wonder full spirits that are the true building 'blocks' of the (w)hole wi(l)d/e world. Dig?

Perhaps not. Some are more "hard-headed" than to subscibe to images of an ocean of spirits overflowing through the whole of creation & being the very building blocks or notes composing even our own inner experience within our in dividual stream of awareness.

To these latter we say that we can equally well describe reality as being composed of fields of energies. So far so good, but where there are energies there are also intentions, directions, & this by definition: students of mathematics and its applications in the physical sciences will recall that energies are expressed as vectors, & that the latter are defined as forces moving in a particular direction (or, in our lingo, an intention). Dig

Amusingly, those who have been following our arguments and positions thus far as we have sought to uncover the truth, the reality of our world and what it is made of will have already put 2 and 2 together, as it were.

These vectors of energies are the same as those spirits which permeate the wide world and (here comes everybody) are expressed in the traditions of vudu as the ghuedhes.

It is none other than these spirits &/or energies which under lie reality (Isis) herself & form the basis for our own school of esotericism. Dig!

Those depths and caverns below the obvious and well-worn *sur faces* of the mental (or, equally well, the spiritual) world are also the realm of the transcendental id. Within those *spaces* all but overflowing with energies, oceans of desires toss and turn with tides of longing for the habitually obtainable, the as-yet-unfulfilled, the inconceivable..driving the individual subject experiencing them (& by implication his story itself..

Thus, whether one posits that the under-lying reality of the world is spirits or energies, what is important is to do the great Work of bringing these components of our own living world closer to our own hopes & dreams.



"Let the past die; kill it if you have to"

- an initiate


All i hear are rhythms. She spins onto me creating visions scientific fictions prisms of zozoic  -isms. O hime sama fissions. Thus schisms the gospel of truth from his own being & frAum the beginning.  Zozo's entry into these the true d i men tions, for Herstory Men a p)l(ause.

 The kalas of a natural magician can drive the attuned and sensitive magician working or seeking to work with the former into a veritable frenzy. It is here that the work proper begins.

The magician must seek to attune to the kalas of the other through a weird but wonderful methodology of metamathematical (&, when successful, *metamathemagickal*) cross-polination of ideas, symbols and especially energies, the most potent of which are of necessity sexual and are called by Kenneth Grant and his school of esotericists "kalas" (following in the venerable traditions of those practitioners of the True (& thus, as its symbol water) Blue, left hand path or tantrik vamachari tradition which is only now and for the moment in fits and starts re-emerging as Herstory).

day had not prepared her

Streams of scenes they weaved together

It's all in your head

 So don't worry too much if things aren't *seeming* to go your way. This could be the way to an even better way of doing things than you'd previously conceived. Surely this is an effective a definition of magick as it's possible to formulate..

Take me for example. Finding myself living an enviable hedonistic life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, I unconsciously determined to "kill off" that particular incarnation to bring about what th(re)e spirits themselves wished to happen, namely a complete devotion to inner spiritual work.

This is in contrast to my former life in which, seeming to be enviably hedonistic, I was in fact simply serving the ends of others who benefited at my own expense.

So I "died" in the sense of ceasing to be owner and manager of a failing business and beginning my new life as a full-time spiritual advisor who actuality got paid to do what I've always wanted to do anyway!

This is not to say that death in this sense isnt painful. One must grapple with the end of a whole life in terms of dreams, ideals and ways of life shattering..in order to reconvene as a new person the rules of engagement with whom one must learn seemingly from the beginning and from the inside out. And if that isn't a definition of (a little) 'death' and 'resurrection', then surely there isn't one that can be conveyed to the living..

 Death (or is it the (emphatically: embodied and conscious) gnosis of Däath) is a very real encounter with the end of a particular version of oneself, and if truly experienced all  the way through, as it were, is the ultimate trance formation. This is our esoteric definition for that most liminal of all tranzformations when it is experienced by the initiate as a stage on life's way.

To cross the Abyss, as one such as Crowley would put it, one midst experience phantasms, shadows, shades of ones own non -being in the sense of the end of their current personality or life-world. It is precisely these hollow phantasms that are described as being that supreme non-entity, Choronzon. From this, one can get another perspective on the statement of T Michael Bertiaux that 'there is no Evil ': what we call evil is simply the impediments we see to our will, to doing what we want.

Naturally things aren't that easy. In fact, it is more accurate to say that the *illusion* of impediments to our so-called will only arise so long as there is inner conflict about our will to begin with. Paradoxically and at the same time perfectly fitting is the corollary to the above, namely that what makes such 'death(s)' necessary in the first place is the fact that there is a sort of lack or incompleteness about the initiate's understanding and experience of 'reality' (which is always a subjective transaction in any case)..

 "Thus have we sent you forth", speak the spirits, "with but a sole occupation for your time: to bring the reality of the world closer and ever closer to that Edenic (supposed) pre-His story in which the vudu have blessed the whole face of the Earth".

So did the spirits whisper into the very being of our reborn (& resurgent) black dragon, herald of Our Lady (whose name is) 15 & (whose number is) 7, as he was expelled (once again) into that ancient land which, though having seen many vexations of late, still carries within itself the depth of the brilliance of Being precisely by refracting the blackest depths of the transcendental id which is but the shadow of that self-same Being (or beings).

The task thus being made clear to our actor,  he set aside his past life the fruition of which he had been separated like Jonah was by a (w)hail of trouble and set about turning his head to his own future fate of being a (hope fully major) contributor to the regeneration of our M/other (w)Earth in a new Golden Age which has been for far 2 long in the mere prepa(i)ration phase

& thus has it been Herstory. frAum. the. beginning. Truly have i loved only ewe, Mary M my beautiful, the future daughter of our (dis)Order who had been fourseen as becoming the epitome of a con clusion to His story while retconning Herstory. From. The. Beginning. Thus is concluded the gospel of truth from his own being (for the time being) & frAum the beginning.


All images by the lovely & talented Zozo, instagram stormeadow


LL Whatev

"what was necessary was the limiting of the enemy of the magician. This could be done in a variety of ways. Since the magician was a truly superior being, his lust for power was absolute. In order to achieve that ultimate stage of power, he would have to rid the universe of his enemies and any persons who stood in the way."

 Bertiaux, VGW

There's always been a way. Our this there ous no question. The only question is, are you in out of the way?

A la Heidegger, bertiaux has discovered that, haunting Being like a shadow is the transcendental id.

That primordial moment of childlike creation in which the world is made inteligible. Nay, manifest. this is what we seek. It is our view that this is

Hidden in plain sight

I am them and they are me.  From the beginning and unto eternity. And now, here comes everybody...

Too far right is left since they were called horus & set

And after the break, our in-depth report on "was Jesus a gangster?" Stay tuned folks!

There's another way.

 That's the lure of the dark side: we WANT you to win. Cuz then we win too..and WE like to win big!!

"that's why the master is so terrible. Because he is literally a mere reflection of *you* on another plane of existence

A rap song with a laugh track, until we begin to here comes everybody

& those spirals. Aren't they us?

Wtf is the new or inner meaning of 3??

Going back to our roots. Isn't that what punk was about, from the beginning? ;

It's just the same way

We're hiring, boys. We want read bad people who rage to work together as one to take over the world.

Cause that's why we do what we do: to remind me of me & to reflect me to you. & soon you'll be a black magician, just like you ;

He knows exactly how we play cuz he's a hoodoo too. He's taught himself to survive by his wits alone

We're going global and 24/7 on this motherfucker. Broadcasting in REAL TIME

That's why the Master is terrible. A l'Ancien, motherfuckerz. the difference is when i say choronzon, i fuckin MEAN it

This is about first principles. from the beginning. & until WE succeed in our diabolical plot to take over the world!!

the Devil is daddy when he's had a bad day.

Three rules of engagement are open, in this new satan in capricorn;

Fuck the word; we'll make a new wan

& now on this mirror level we see that it was herstory right from the beginning

'home is where the hearth is', is what my Gnostic daddy said to me;

what you see is the skin, but what matters is the heart(h/er), & this o my children is the way of our art

 Actually what i really wanted to know was have you made the above like the below, but  that'll do.. ha ha haP0

Now do you know why we smoke what we smoke? It's because it was all just started as a joke 🤣


My big black Daddy said all you need to succeed in OUR plan to take over 5y he world is a solitary black beautician sitting possessed grinning like a madman on the island of Haiti

ever since day was a puddle of cum sitting all alone waiting for me on the lake round haiti way

Oh you wanna hear about how day became the bat, battling the Montreal slob alone? that's not my best day& so that's what my brother & i did do, & now ill teach it to you

I am

Did i see that, was *that* the 3? Was that how the one became the men(y)??

Cos we've been here from the beginning. & until the last Mann. And that's how the won and the wan became t(h)ree. Tree. Her. He

(& let's just hope we don't have to kill Sancho

..sorry i misspoke.. able.. if u're crimes asking after what's for we)

"Sin. There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. Surely", Shades thought, "this world must be fallen and evil.aa

Don't be conned by appearances. I'm a killer. A killer who's never killed. And hopefully never will..

rewards further reading

"What did you want me to say, that I happen to be a Master of a black voodoo lineage which just happens to focus on the most extreme forms of sexual magic to generate theoretically unlimited energy??

"& that you're energetically and astrologically perfectly suited to be initiated into our highest grades?!?

"Actually I tried offer to do just that, but you told me you had a boyfriend 😛"

You've gotten lost on your way to the top & now you think that down is up

I have an ambivalent relationship with myself

& Daddy will show everyone who's in a bad mood how to do the hoodoo that you know we do ;

& that's how cane, that old snake shed it's skin to be free. Just line you & me. & now i tell you just as She my Mistress told me: this is the song you have to sing, to be free

Umiverse B


an existential? no, a metaphysical ADHD

"The interruption of that flow of continuity that makes the world understandable is sorcery"
- Castaneda

from my despair I call

you turned away from accepting it all as

the dream of a dream today.

that's okay; who can say what a dream is

it came with the wind & decided to stay.

flowting like water or rhythm of islands

on postcards of

"I learned that in sexuality as in everything else, my prison had been made by the gods within the sphere of Saturn, but that outside of Saturn I was truly free. I then realized that only the black magician is truly spiritual for he alone lives beyond the sphere of Saturn"

- Michael Bertiaux, VGW

As a student of the history of philosophy and of the world's esoteric traditions, I've constructed arguments and counter-arguments against myself so many times that i literally don't even trust my self any more. Indeed, as a student of these fields as well as a practitioner of a number of esoteric technologies, i've come to realeyes that there is not i I but many i's, which sometimes ceaselessly multiply.

Now, whenever i come to make a decision, i always ask my various selves, 'which of my i's made that decision, and why did the others delegate you to decide?'

"The Empire never ended"

I showed her what i really am. What we all really are, in part. I showed her the primordial rage and wrath, the elemental, otherworldly fury that is buried in our collective soul & forever beyond reason. & by using words she might herself use in a different context, i showed her that she was that too. Because that's what i find so esoterically interesting about her, while we're on the topic: her ability to access precisely those kinds of energies..

I would be surprised if she wasn't shaken by the experience. Even i am..

But the thing is, it's not in the words. It's in the way one sort of hurls them with certain emotional charges connected to or embedded in them. This in the briefest summary is magic: the ability to send forth emotional charges powerful and precise enough to achieve actual things in the world. & to close the magical circle, as it were, the most effective energies I've found for these purposes are precisely those primordial, elemental forces

"We do not need to work with people at all. We work at the level of the transcendental Id and there we make all of our advanced attacks and moves"

- Bertiaux, VGW

A memorable fancy

- seeker: You have written that "the advanced adept has already destroyed the very concept of self, at least in their own experience", but is this not antithetical to the very spirit of your vaunted left hand path?

- ll: we've expressed many views, which is true to the Mystery which looks different from various perspectives; & yet arguably the most important part of the process is for you to take these views and reconcile them with your own path. In any case, the masters are almost anonymous in arguing that the fragile fiasco that is the average person's ego must be shattered like an egg-shell at some point or another along the way to make way for something immeasurably greater, so the original statement is technically accurate, even if it doesn't tell the whole story.


These are not simply words and images. In fact, this is a magical machine intended to be as an opening to certain states of awareness somewhat beyond the ordinary. We seek to construct gateways to particular energies or entities, thus providing them with the means to access our world and to bring about what they would like to happen. The reader may want to participate in this little game or they may not but, if not, the reader should know that they do not really matter. Indeed, from the perspective of these energies or entities, the reader does not even exist.


We've shown you our gospel, our grimoire, our book of magickal revelation; now show us yours

& dreams shall flesh

"All I can say to you," don Juan said, "is that a warrior is never available; never is he standing on the road  waiting to be clobbered. Thus he cuts to a minimum his chances of the unforeseen. What you call accidents are,most of the time, very easy to avoid, except for fools who are living helter-skelter."

"It is not possible to live strategically all the time," I said. "Imagine that someone is waiting for you with a  powerful rifle with a telescopic sight; he could spot you accurately five hundred yards away. What would you  do?"

Don Juan looked at me with an air of disbelief and then broke into laughter.

"What would you do?" I urged him.

"If someone is waiting for me with a rifle with a telescopic sight?" he said, obviously mocking me.

"If someone is hiding out of sight, waiting for you. You won't have a chance. You can't stop a bullet."

"No. I can't. But I still don't understand your point."

"My point is that all your strategy cannot be of any help in a situation like that."

"Oh, but it can. If someone is waiting for me with a powerful rifle with a telescopic sight I simply will not  come around"

- castaneda

The black magician will work to establish esoterico-energetic contact with spirits/energies through their own inner dialogue. If the call is made in the proper way, it will only be a matter of time before a response is received from the other side...

The magician has learned to manipulate (a word which, in another time, was not so sinister; or so my reading indicates) the air, or currents, water, or flows, fire, or bursts, and earth, the matrix (also primarily used in the older sense) and foundation. They have learned to hear the secrets whispered through the skulls of the dead


The magician benefits nature, & so nature rewards the magician bountifully


The magician is a means of access for all sorts of otherworldly energies


The master knows that these are all ways of saying the same thing

An aphoristic interlude

The Master is indifferent to every energy

everything that is averse to my to my taste is what I will seek out & embrace

The Master is a devil from another dimension shaped like a person

I've become so good at wearing these masks that i often forget there's something behind them; & then the play kind of reveals itself.. in a strange way

The following is a selection, translated and rearranged, from the first volume of Friedrich Marby’s Runen-Bücherei. This must be prefaced with a disclaimer, as portions of his work are concerned with, as so much from the pre-WWII period was, racial consciousness. There is, among all peoples, a certain class which subscribes to the belief in their own racial superiority. These thoughts, although falling often under the epithet of race do not preclude religious or other forms of sectarian claims to supremacy, including tyrannical ‘science’ that blinds people to the Mystery, and an iniquitous system that enslaves to temporal concerns. All classes of people, all groups can fall prey to the attempt to raise themselves above all others. In as much as a person finds their identity, their sense of self, in some group construct, invariably inherited from the past, just so much are they incapable of being a true individual. Without little doubt, we inherit certain tendencies from the past - but we have a choice as to what ideas, customs, habits, thoughts we choose to take hold of and attempt to develop in a life’s work. People are in general insecure social animals who follow the track or groove they are placed into at birth, by and large. It takes a certain type of courage and curiosity to reach out and attempt to lay hold of what lies beyond the well worn paths of though and deed. We should not hesitate to attempt to salvage from the dark past things that are worth remembering, and we should remember that all peoples, indeed all people, have their own particular knowledge from which we can learn something worthwhile. It is also worthwhile to remember that tendency of specific groups to attempt to claim that they alone have the truth, that they alone are chosen, that they alone should have the right to determine the ways of life and of death. Now, some of what Friedrich Marby had to say:

Directions, distances, angles, tensions, and currents can be caused by definite body positions, sounds and movements. Thereby we can materialize and de-materialize, shape, transform and dissolve what we want, according to the mass of our knowledge and ability following the direction and firmness of our will.

All living things are the fruit and product of the fields that surround them. Still further: in living creatures, individual spatial fields create structures, apparatus, bridges to connect with each other. Living beings are the organs of the fields of space which are striving towards each other. Living beings are transmitting and receiving stations for the power fields of heaven and earth.

Certain spaces and forms create antenna and transmitter organs. Certain directions, angles, tensions, currents, and movement rhythms build these organs - the bodies of metals, stones, plants, animals, people. All the values ​​which we find in the sphere of space become matter, form, and activity in the bodies of living creatures and in the events of their environment. What we call any thing is the particular material form created by the predominance of certain spatial values.

Every body reverts into rays and waves when it is no longer able to serve the essence of life as a living being, as an antenna and transmitter for rays and waves. The rays and waves themselves later become, when they are not bound again, voltage, angle and directional values ​​of the different spaces.

The spatial sphere of world phenomena has created living creatures as the expression and tool of life and being. It preserves the forms of the creatures for a certain time, develops the forms, builds organs in which life can become conscious. - Can - It is only then, however, when the human being deliberately grasps the currents of life and begins to live fully consciously.

The life circle, the spherical space, made by every living being with its consciousness is different in size. Most people stick to the ground, and will not be so free. They eat, drink, sleep, work and "plant" themselves or not, but they do not pray as life requires, they do not spread their consciousness, they do not embed their consciousness into the other spaces of the spatial sphere, the antennae of their souls, to the heart of Mother Earth and nor to the over-world-space of the Father of all worlds; They do not speak with their spirits down to the deepest depth, nor to the greatest height, and thus do not come into eternal life. They vegetate, and are exposed to all environmental influences and die as if they had never been.

Man can, however, carry rays and waves from the force field of the earth, as well as from the force field of heaven, as well as through thinking, and thus make himself as healthy and efficient as possible and rejuvenated. Moreover, man has himself in his hand to incorporate in himself the knowledge of the nature of the effective forces, and further to gain clarity about his being. Thus he is able to recognize the gods as well as the primordial god, as far as the organism of his antenna and his basic disposition permit him, and so much more if he refines this organism and makes him capable of absorbing every and all waves of any oscillation and wavelength process.

 "Hell is other people"
- Jean-Paul Sartre

There is only one so-called 'secret', really, & those who are told it (mistakenly) think that it is so fucking obvious that it can't be all that important, & not too much of a secret neither. Wrong. It is by far the most effective technique that the magician could possibly deploy. Simply stated, this secret is 'always conserve energy'

[the fall into the house of mirrors]

society is like a hall of mirrors, where people are the mirrors. In their eyes, you see reflections of yourself, but is that punk ass bitch really you? Generally not; people mostly see what they want to see. To achieve their agenda, fulfill their objectives. Which makes you the object.

It only feels right when there's nothing between my ears
like a black whole ready to receive


zeuge: of light & time

psst. let me tell you about the biggest con there is, viz. "it is what it is"

you couldn't possibly understand where I went, what happened to me. I went to places people aren't supposed to go. or at least, they aren't meant to come back from...

One of the most profoundly powerful & disturbing experiences I've had in "heightened awareness" is this confrontation with the phenomenological subject, the 'watcher'. 

I think this might be because this is one of, if not the most real ways in which we are divine. confrontation is here used somewhat loosely of course, as this seems essentially impossible, although one can take various 'postures' with respect to the watcher, such as in deep meditation, sort of watch the watcher from a certain angle if you will. this might be because it is not an object at all, but a black hole, a link to another dimension, etc.

"people don't know how to look at the back of their own eyelids"

- Terrence McKenna

Somewhere it is written: “In God We Trust”. The we that are me trust in myself. But what of all the other we’s out there? How do they feel? Who or What is their God? Thoth or the magnanimous Jesus, mayhems? Oh well. All I can tell is that something is there and that it changes. 

My body is not me but it passes in phases thrilling my nerves with never ending pulsating sensations. However in my mind the local is ever at the fore. Mercury, the moon just dots cycling in eternity as I pass these scenes. What, however, does it all mean - if anything? 

I guess only time will tell, but then again maybe we will have to speak that truth into the emptiness. Lines in space passing into infinity with three eyes pointed always at an ever distant triangle. Two ears, one mouth - listen twice before you speak. 

What is that smell that reminds me of… the force of what is not consciously perceived. Abandon all hope ye that enter here, ignorant of geometry. Without plan the trees split and divided into warring factions that may as well be one. Yet ye must eat! And whence from dost though eat but the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Cut down one tree and see only your good fortune spring fast upon thee. Never mind the past, cast your shadow before you as you spell out your life. 

The future is presaged in the past - the closer or larger a thing the less a/effect it has. Always the subtle determines things when it is a question of stability. Always on the knives’ edge of those lines passing through space, still spinning, dancing from one blade to another until those blades will sing, spinning around your central sun.

Throw yourselves off and into the poison paths - disequilibriate and find back your center. Off into infinity you stare at the back of your own head - you are looking into your own mind as the other stares back at you with cold demise. 

Vision, ether, is easy - it is hard to change the face of the body, your earth. Can you feel the strain against the staring pull? Ever downwards, it strives to reduce all to the primordial, undistinguished, one dead sea. Against gravity the force of life works itself out into the surrounding space where it might find new novelty for its amusement. 

To know gravity, is to know the nature of death. Feel the pull and push to and to not move. How do we move? Watch extensively, to see from and to where a thing will be. Not straight lines, but curves show their flowering faces.

If the mystery is true, and that which is within is like that which is without - then those planets tracing loops with the sun way out there have their internal representation correcting the native in its course. 

I am the center of the universe - their motions outside contend and conform to the motions within. They can be felt. Quite quiet. Turn off your tongues and listen merely to the sounds that spew forth from the skies as well as from our fellow beasts.

Smoking’ gun mirrors where is my end, I’m beginning again. Oh well, what’s one more round of beers when this is my friend? I suppose I’ll raise a glass to eternity at last, at least I’ll come back again until I escape that deadly grasp of this planet’s past. Give me a rifled path to freedom and I will ascend without wait to the bright above. No straight lines, He said. The form in our cells is spitting close to that of this space, no coincidence - make haste. 

Slowly, and without restraint.

"man is capable of evolving. The grand task of sorcerers is to bring forth the idea that, in order to evolve, man must first free his awareness from its bindings to the social order. Once awareness is free, intent will redirect it into a new evolutionary path."

"Do you think sorcerers will succeed in that task?"

"They have already succeeded. They themselves are the proof. To convince others of the value and import of evolving is another matter."

- Castaneda

the magician places herself firmly on the side of the future, thereby becoming invincible. these are not just mere words. there is a technique whereby one can defy gravity itself: cleanse oneself of the dross, the energetic deadweights holding them back from becoming all that they can be. thus do they become light enough to move with the waves of time itself, into the future

"what made human beings into sorcerers was their capacity to perceive energy directly as it flows in the universe"

- castaneda

castaneda's seeing is simply perceiving energy directly, which relates directly to surfaces & depths..Interiority as time & exteriority as space

the advanced adept has already destroyed the very concept of self, at least in their own experience. their revolution is not against a person or group, but against certain aspects of reality as such..

the default mode of (socialized) existence literally has no future. it is instead a dance with ghosts, a tired repetition of worn forms in which the future is not simply the unforeseen, but the impossible.

in order to live authentically one must instead have a detailed grasp of the energetic structures of their own life world, so that when novelty, a literally alien structure manifests itself, being a harbinger of the future itself as well as a sign of the changes to be expected therein, one is fully prepared and well able to grasp at it with both hands.

& to follow it.

into a new world...

'we don't know what a body can do'
- baruch spinoza, 17th c.

'we still don't know what a body can do'
- gilles deleuze, 20th c.

& the air, no, space itself shook, and something changed irreversibly

you can be the hero of your own picaresque novel

"You are having a taste of infinity. I know it, because I have been in your shoes. You want to run away, to plunge into something human, warm,
contradictory, stupid, who cares? You want to forget...But infinity won't
let you. It has gripped you in its merciless clutches."

- castaneda

through deep meditation & other methods of introversion, one can alter the very structure of time itself

in dreams, it seems, the magician can examine their life situation from multiple angles, not objectively per se but from different perspectives, which opens the door for them to make changes necessary to improve their life situation

priest(esse)s of a forgotten religion that existed before there was time 

the Timelords


the big con ii: "she's surface all the way down"

A tapestry and a failed transmission. In the layers you will find fake nails, 3 fingers, and trees and flowers in a city that stays warm through winter but is slowly degrading in spite of lush appearances. History claims its victims slowly. a gate. Subtle too subtle...but one can never be too subtle.

"I only bet on my skills against the skills of other people"

- from Lucky You

the magician doesn't just pull a short con & walk away. or they do, but that's not the big picture. the big picture is that the magician lives whole 'lives' in character, for the con.

finesse it.

the magician defeats their opponent by giving them exactly what they want.

& that's how the cunning woman, the woman in disguise, became the first magician

"Nice and slowly...
Beauty is a destructive angel,
how could anything that looks so good be so bad?
But there is no angel as destructive as their greed,
in the end she gets them all
They think they can handle her,
but greed is the only snake that can not be charmed"

- from Revolver

magic? it happens all the time. it happens every day. &, like anything else that can be said to exist, there are ways of attracting it.

the path to power is nothing but sustained focus

“Everybody, everybody everywhere, has his own movie going, his own scenario, and everybody is acting his movie out like mad, only most people don’t know that is what they’re trapped by, their little script.”

-Tom Wolfe

everybody thinks they know the magician.

nobody knows the magician, man.

not even the magician knows the magician.

"Conquer your fear, and you'll conquer your opponent"

- from Redbelt

"Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. You know the escape. You know the escape. Breathe. Breathe. There's always an escape. There is no situation you cannot escape from, no situation you cannot turn to your advantage"

- from Redbelt

"you had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren't you ready?"

- from Spartan

There is a certain type of magick trick that can only be taught by a Master, and it is directly from a Master that one must learn it. Indeed, it can be said that it is precisely by mastering this trick that one oneself becomes a Master.

What is this trick? We like to call it "how to win without even playing in the first place".

"In the mind. That's where the battle's won"

- from Spartan

"The story says that after knocking on the door of that man we've been talking about, and having no success with him, the spirit used the only means available: trickery. After all, the spirit had resolved previous impasses with trickery. It was obvious that if it wanted to make an impact on this man it had to cajole him. So the spirit began to instruct the man on the mysteries of sorcery. And the sorcery apprenticeship became what it is: a route of artifice and subterfuge. Don Juan told me that if we apply his story to a modern setting we had the case of the nagual, the living conduit of the spirit, repeating the structure of this abstract core and resorting to artifice and subterfuge in order to teach. The first thing a nagual does with his prospective apprentice is to trick him. That is, he gives him a jolt on his connecting link to the spirit."

- Carlos Castaneda, the Power of Silence

The confluence of having and being, as concepts, resonate in the child, who seeing other as a not self in their being wishes to bring that alien part of itself into harmony - and what better way to be at peace with a thing, than to be that thing.

This unfortunately brings upon untoward associations when taken in the extreme. Two of the polarities that resonate the most between the young child and the untold other are those represented in the psyche as animals, and as other people. Coming into association, mentally, via local proximity these self-active concepts become a part of us.

As not self, we ponder what it is like to be the self for another active creator. The skin or empty assemblage that embodies this delving into the other are all those perceptions which go to make up that experience as and being our true self. As the mind enrobes itself, however feebly, it dons some aspect of that other being that will remain with it - for a time.

As the soul enclothes itself in thought with the psychic bodies of both concept of being and an imagined sensory skin, it blazes a trail through pre-existence, prior to materialization. A trail once beaten becomes easier to tread - a well beaten one well trafficked. By writing lines of thought inside one's being one is making oneself, and a large part of who we become are the types that we imaginatively put on. Every thought is, at its base, a loop and series of loops. As mind passes through the realm of imaginable possibility, as it rests on a concept - it expands that concept, in a very real sense.

All the attendant images open up with it, and as it spins round in one's head - it lasts. It is easier to open a thought, a book, than to close one. One must deal with one's thoughts with violence and finesse. Associative complexes can only be broken via reassociation - and this is active work: watching and precognizing one's thoughts so that they can be redirected down the righteous path one so chooses. Thoughts as well as events are foreshadowed, you can feel them coming - they have their own feeling to them that begins to well up in waves and blankets you as it passes you by. Like surfing, they must be ridden, and as in tai chi they must be smoothly directed so that you might move in the direction you desire.

As people we move not just in the external world which we 'know' exists apart from us but also in a world of ideas and stories very much an externally existing meta-entity which we run through with varying degrees of skill. They are both linked, but the operational methods that pertain to either are significantly different in their respective normal orientation.


the big con i: 3 card man

the set-up

the truth is that we have not properly understood power

everything you need to become a master magician is here now. so. what's holding you back. time? it's true that time is the only real opponent of the magician, that the magician's survival depends on achieving ever greater things in steadily diminishing periods of time. perhaps, but perhaps not. if it is not time that is holding you back, then maybe it's focus

the hook

"at the end of the day, this is a game of focus: attention is like a spotlight, and our job is to dance in the darkness"

- from Focus

the magician, to become a (better) magician, needs two things. time. and focus, or attention, an almost tangible form of energy (or so Rupert Sheldrake argues in The Sense of Being Stared At). the magician accumulates power by shifting their attention in a certain way, and moving their opponent's attention to specific things at certain points in the game, the goal being to obtain a set amount or a given kind of attention, which in this sense we will term power.

the basic mechanics of this game is much easier to describe in outline that it is either to actually undertake in practice or even apply to specific circumstances. certainly, when one is losing, it is against all natural impulses to stay in the game

"you wanna win the hand, you gotta stay in till the end"

- from House of Games

after all, it involves the magician investing energy and indeed seeming to lose it, at least at first, in order to grab their opponent's attention, then cause them to invest energy as well. this step can and should be repeated as often as needed to secure the magician's set amount or given kind of energy. it is only then that the magician takes what they need, by seemingly winning against all the odds.

"it's called a confidence game. Why, because you give me your confidence? No. Because I give you mine."

- from House of Games

just like in a game of three card monte.

& that's how the magician became the first three card man

the tale, or roping the mark

"as far as I could see, people were always conning each other to get what they wanted. We even con ourselves. Pay attention to that, 'cause we're all conning ourselves in one way or another, just to get through life."

- from American Hustle

"the trick to not feeling cheated is to learn how to cheat."

- from The Brothers Bloom

"it seems to me that in the end, the perfect con is where each one involved gets just the thing they wanted"

- from The Brothers Bloom

but some of these self-righteous, these who claim they care about people will find all this unappealing, even 'evil'.

very well, let me put it to you this way - what if, in some alternate universe/reality, you have already achieved all that you dreamed of, and even more besides?

and what if the only thing standing between that you and this one, is this one? what if you are your own worst enemy, in a very literal sense?

perhaps, then, life is a con game after all. it is the game of conning your present self to do what is necessary to become the self that has obtained all that you presently desire, and more.

"I wanna show you something. This Rembrandt here? People come from all over the world to see this. It's a fake. People believe what they want to believe. 'Cause the guy who made this was so good, that it's real to everybody. Now, who's the Master,  the painter, or the forger?"

- from American Hustle

where's the red queen?

the wire

Western technological science is said to begin with Newton's laws, which consider nature to be static. Eg. Bodies at rest, stay at rest. Etc.

New science would begin from a basis recognizing nature as a dynamic, upon which basis must be determined the method wherewith motion is able to simulate rest. (Apparently various forms of confined motion, ie. cyclic)

Nature is perpetual motion.
But for the last, this is for the most part recognized and known. The only question is as to what has been omitted or passed by, by building on a faulty foundation, and what could be built by beginning with a new, and yet old, corner stone.

The previous description of the choice of center for the local planetary-sun system is an illustration of the equivalency of the static and the dynamic that arises from the relativity of motion. This formal equivalency allows some freedom in choosing what we will consider to be static and unmoving or to be dynamic. This sort of choice can also be made in various aspects of the human condition and experience. 

"A wise man once told me... there's only one rule in this world, a small question that drives all success. The more a man invests in that question, the more powerful that man will become: What's in it for me?"
- from Revolver

the shut-out

the trick is not to win a hand or two while losing dozens. this is what is called luck. rather, the challenge is to this into a long-term strategy for winning overall. this is what is called success.

hey, listen to me. yeah, you, listen up. you're going to be miserable your whole life, and get even more so every day. you'll wish you could reconsider, that you could choose not survival, but mastery

either this statement or the next is not true.

it's better not to fool oneself. the magician is a master con. a confidence trickster. but the magician doesn't play for peanuts, or big bucks for that matter. not if they're very good. the magician plays for energy, for time, for power. and the master magician plays for their very soul.

there is something archetypal and sublime about all this, the feeling that the magician has, through their esoteric efforts, fallen into a game that is eternal, a grand battle between two sides, neither of which is wrong. or right

"One thing I've learned.....in every game and con there's always an opponent, and there's always a victim. The trick is to know when you're the latter, so you can become the former."
- from Revolver

the magician is the outsider, even to humanity itself. this is the magician's edge - and also why they are inherently a con 

"grifters got an irresistible urge to beat a guy who's wise"

 - from The Grifters

Rejoice, magicians & embrace your fate! For you will never be normal, no matter how hard you try. You are not of the fallen. Even if you'd like to be.

"- what do you sell, anyway?
- self-confidence"

 - from The Grifters

the three card man only excels at one thing, but this he does exceptionally, and I mean exceptionally, well.

In near unanimity the ancients proposed that reality is composed of the four fundamental elements of fire, air, water and earth. The intermediate two were thought to originate from the interaction of the two primaries and to allow for the interaction of the diametrically opposed warm and dry, and cold and wet, by the appropriate permutation of qualities.

That air and earth were considered consequents of the interaction between fire and water is indicated by literal descriptions in texts, as well as suggested by the fact that the signs for air and earth are constructed from those for fire and water by the addition of a horizontal mid-line in their respective triangles.

Solomon's seal is a symbolic representation of the four elements with the opposition of fire and water most evident, yet joined by the more hidden consequents of air and earth. Depictions of Solomon's seal can be found where the symbol of Sol, of gold, accompanies the standard depiction by being placed in the central hexagon. The meaning of the alchemical symbol for the sun, as with all alchemical symbols and indeed all things, depends on the context. In the current case this symbol is found to exist in, between, and because of the creative polarity of fire and water and, as these two elements are considered to be the creators of all things, it may be said that the symbol for Sol in this case, and certainly in others, represent the sum of all created things: the One, the transcendental Unity, Perfection.

In a more mundane sense the symbol of Sol represents light, the relation between the sun and light being obvious. It is not surprising then that this quivering, active fluid of the ancients found similar expression in the old conception of the aether as the substrate for both light and all other things.

relate the fall to cumming such that the fall occurs if a man ejaculates

he moves by cumming. not in space or time, per se. but energetically and relative to the lines of others, their habits, energy levels, rising and falling with the seasons. 

Considering both fire and water more directly, we are told they are of two qualities each; respectively warm and dry, cold and wet. Fire is considered to be the agens or activity, water the patiens or matter. Taking their physical counter parts and the interactions between those two we can develop some idea of how the two fundamentals might work upon each other. 

Forgetting for now that light accompanies what we usually consider to be fire we find the most basic contingent of this element to be heat. Indeed this is shown by one of the qualities ascribed by the ancients to fire, which is in no way surprising. As a superlative heat sink, water may thus rightly be called cold. 

The action of heat and cold on water cause rarefaction and crystallization, states of varying solidity as the units of water individualize or collectivize. The boiling over may be said to cause the appearance of air, the freezing the appearance of earth. 

Here we now have some idea as to the two other qualities ascribed to fire and water. When the ancients thought of dryness it was the deserts and their sands that most prominently presented themselves. The primary quality of sand is its composition by distinct particles, and thus that distinction seems to be what the quality dry would refer to. Wetness would then be a corresponding lack of individuality.

(in other words:)

in exchanging energy with the spirits, the magician must seek to strike a strategic balance between personal power and mediumship, by which the magician receives useful information from the spirits. however, in order to obtain this, the magician parts with a portion of power, offering it to the spirits in exchange for seeing things that no human can otherwise see, knowing what cannot be conventionally known.

the balance is important, for what does it benefit a person to know everything that will happen all day long before it does, if they can't really do anything about it?

the sting

con koan: if fire is a card, and water is a card, where is the third card? *

(*: answer at the end:)