psychonautic pirates

submariners deep diving the mass psyche

vigilante (anti)heroes of the transcendental id

"Psychonautics (from the Ancient Greek ψυχή psychē ["soul", "spirit", or "mind"] and ναύτης naútēs ["sailor" or "navigator" – "a sailor of the soul"] refers to a methodology for studying altered states of consciousness, typically those produced by hallucinogenic substances, as well as to an exploratory research paradigm which navigates these states to gain insight into the human psyche and subconscious"

- from Wikipedia

the last frontier is neither space nor the deep seas, both being finite and bounded, although admittedly the dimensions of the former are so vast (literally astronomical) that it might seem infinite.

there are other dimensions right here & now, where you sit reading this. they are enfolded within the 'present' (in both the spatial and temporal senses), & require only the execution of certain energetic actions or 'moves' to be disclosed..

indeed, there are traditions of such practices throughout recorded history and from all over the world.

you can have everything you want, as long as you give us your soul..

“with great power comes great mental illness”

- from Jessica Jones

"The wreck is going down
Get out before you drown"

- soundgarden, new damage

“my lack of success is self-imposed”

- from Roman J. Israel, Esq.

what is changing today is that these techniques & practices are becoming more widely available & less subject to control by authorities such as church and state than ever before in our known history.

the potential impact of these recent developments is difficult to overstate. 

beyond the social and  cultural disruptions which we might do well to anticipate, there is a more immediate impending development which is of particular importance to readers of this publication, and indeed its authors.. 

as esoteric techniques, practices and paradigms become increasingly more 'mainstream', we anticipate an unprecedented increase of practitioners of these techniques, and as a result, increasingly more elaborate 'maps' of these dimensions, which previously had been subject to strict regimes of control.

thus begins the era of the psychonautic pirates ..

Success is being right. Everything else is punctuation marks

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: it’s all in your head, my friend.

That life you lived, that time you died, all passed before your eyes instead of heading in.

Looking out into infinite space, the loops tied back behind the place. You see the lines that never end all go forth and round again. Space is small and all extends in curves that never end, which never did begin.

The forms create the place in numbers great counting out it steps a harmony in measure to the muted din arising from begin, the end.

The Gods were two and three, one an infant sparkling - holy trinity means one thing: father, mother, me; sun and moon and in-between.

Cycles turning, planet(s) spinning, the world all a whirl with hidden meaning. Shapes and sounds familiar and unknown, entering the world’s a hollow tone.

Pieces of the mirror come together one-by-one, making altogether that sum of one and two and three. The center of the universe is near: inside where the all the world appears. And, spreading out from the here and near, return the rays - no straight line that’s not the same from left or right, zenith / nadir.

Periphery and core, joined intensive play extensive shores of tied up space all forming from within the place.

Back-and-forth, not one direction, pulled between two sides - the forward movement must obtain a reflux from an effluxed strain.

Not black and white, but colors plain and seen pass to and from each one of us; we’re more or less the same. Little sparks, little mirrors, little funnels all digesting matter, things of mind, passing through and changing form shown forth in what’s before our eyes.

Mindful of the mental chatter - a peak above the rest: on top a throne the victor sets a scepter and a diadem. Around which all personas find a place within - without - the distance is akin to where you find the song, the sound, that blends right in with what and where you want to be and were.

A place of stories passing, not in orderly succession, but with crossing, turning points rushing by and clothed in human skins.

Life is more or less a dream, and a nightmare if you want: And though it all may come to naught, the zero’s pregnant with the thought, caught drinking from its source in droughts of countless things, divisions from the One.

Cut it down with a tick,

That’s the trick.

String it all together with moments that don’t stick.

How can you expect to go down a different path,

When you always go through the same door?

Will-you cross the river,

to Take a way?





lay hold of (something) with one's hands; reach for and hold.


remove (someone or something) from a particular place.

Do you See -

 Opposing action(s) under the name?

All opposition is unity yet to discover itself.

Fade like the world you bound yourself to.

When the screen is open to you, it is closed to me.

A trap of recap.

Destroy our screen – or you’ll never see what I mean

Abandon jewels of our failure.

Pick them up again.

Icons on the ivory side.

Star memories fold.

I sp(l)it the paint on of the mirror

Vanity is all we have, in our hearts.

When a flower becomes a star,

And a sun falls into forgotten.

They sing for what is left, (but a blessing)?

Synergies - shaded by normality’s,

Dissuade calamities - awakening.


I’ll come crashing inward again


the unleashed reign.

We won’t let you drift away. As you call to us.

We are never tapped, because you are never the same.

The fool says in his heart, there is no change

The fool says in his heart, there is no energy


esoteric@LL gangsters: the con(wo)men in a million places

(being part the third of a manifesto for a new age)

“it is very often in the suggestion of certain words not used, yet indicated or implied by other words having no relation to them, that produce the most precise definitions. The edifice of a reality-construct may sometimes be reared only by an architecture of absence, whereby the real building is at one and the same time revealed and concealed by an alien structure haunted by possibilities. These are legion, and it is the creative faculty of the reader – awake and active – that can people the house with souls"

- Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time

evolve, my children. go forth, brave explorers, into dimensions unknown. & don't stop for anyone or anything


Through the fog of jurisdiction emerges our ringleader.
His scent of sweet venom,
his eyes grab you by the heels.
His voice - the drill,

“From the distillers of Quantity and Quality, springs a most divine abnormality.
Another trajectory
that’s  gonna free ya’ll,
from this eternal fall.”

From underneath swells the chasm, as he skims the crowd.

“Your leaders are not masters of consciousness.
They speak, slither, and strip it away.
Order is for the feeble, and anarchy is only your surrender. “

“Rectify, molt, moirai, revolt!”

Red is the color
-farthest from the eye,
Red is the color
-most dense on the tongue

“We are of the earth that has never been. “

The forgotten future.
Bleeding amber into nothingness.

“Enough with the tenacious ruse, that they are the control.
Nothing falls flaccid as change, under their weary watch.
They dance on graves - are sucked off by their slaves.

We’re out the door, fuck this chore.

We’ll rift you apart when you box us in.
and circle back round and round  to waking you again.”

Sacrament of blood - opening of self.

“We’ll strip, bleed, and fuck your mind away.”

we were never (w)here order  is here to stay.

the we were never (w)here order holds no quarter

"These are the persons we know to be marked by this vicious and chaotic energy. But it is not just this astro-gnostic condition which is to be satisfied (as if these energies and their conditions could ever be satisfied) but rather the mutants, for Pluto is the power of pure mutation, total change from the earlier humanoid stage, these mutants must be locked into the system of Yuggoth, which is the Zothyrian metapsychology. They must connect their souls to the powers of Yuggoth by undergoing psychic mutation by means of Yuggothian psychoanalysis and psionic re-orientation. They must be rebuilt and directed towards their role in the group-soul of the Yuggothian mutation-field. Then we can safely talk about 'membership' in the hierarchy of the chaosphere, whereby the most demonic and violent energies are released for the transformation of this planet. It is by means of the ritual initiations of this system of psychological reconstruction that we come to understand that the people from the UFOs, the Yuggothians and their Transyuggothian extensions have already arrived and are gathering for the takeover"

- Bertiaux, VGW

Shades (thus named because, like the reflection in his shades, he was surface all the way down), following his friendly chat with Choronzon, was plagued with doubts, confounded with confusion. He'd neglected to mention one detail about that encounter. The latter had given him a card decorated with a skull and crossbones, a slogan (“join the evolution”), & a website.

Visiting the webpage, he came across this curious publication by a mysterious group that called itself Legba Lodge.

It took him awhile to remember that he had been a member, in a past life.

Eventually, by reading & applying the teachings of this group, he rebuilt his magickal universe, better in every way than before.

But he didn't stop there. He dared to think big. This time, he would address the very roots of the problem. He would strike at his opponents’ future position.

Before they were even there..

a cute we were never (w)here disorder: aphorisms of absence

Don't listen to what those suckers say, folks. The age of (anti)heroes has just begun, and they are us!

Don't think about yourself too much. It's funny because you don't really exist. .at least not in the sense that you think you do. Your self is a ghost, a phantom. A shade that haunts the hallways of your true Self. .and no thing more. & *I'm* the con man?

Let me tell you who the real con men are. The archons, the ar-cons, they are cons.

ass above, so be low

we were never (w)here. from the beginning. .

on the poison path, it’s liver die

arranging the space

I am the altar

I've already died; I know what's on the other side

Castaneda talks about the importance of having a goal to strive toward in one's esoteric work, so long as it is an abstract goal. Why? Having a goal is important because otherwise it can descend into pointless noodling, which is fun, but also somewhat pointless(!) It's also important that it be abstract, because otherwise one is liable to stop once it is achieved, which in a sense means that they've been defeated by their own success.

the current predicament is due to an over abundance of concrete, materialistic goals and the general lack of vision past one’s seeming personal demise. that the concrete circumstances stem from collective humanity’s abstract priorities, and that only a re-evaluation of individual desire en masse can change societal trajectories.

We're not really scholars or technicians, & if we are, it is only in service to a deeper purpose; our standard is results.

ruthless. methodical. precise.

pomo, mofo; a tradition of anti-traditionalists

There are no “coincidences” in our work. To admit that there is such a thing as ‘accidents’ is already to admit defeat.

Keeping it real as an ethical imperative.Warrior-poets. In other words, esoterical gangsters.

All is fire and light(s), quenching darkness and liquid delights.

The qualitative nature of time is only noticeable at meso-levels - that is, between the very great and very large there is a region of possibility and activity, principles, in forms unavailable to the macro and micro.

That is physics style gobbledygook almost there.

What we're really trying to get at is the understanding of the moments in our lives, and how they change from one to the next.

Our consciousness very much lives in the heart, fiber, and being of our bodies; and our very real visceral attention passes through the body in a track of waves. The understanding of the way this attention flows is embodied in the zodiac considered metaphysically as each sign is attached to particular centers in the human anatomy.

Our attention and energy as well as transiting these stations of our being, can get caught up and collect in pools or vortices - blockages in the strain of our existence.

These blockages in the stations, and even the passing of energy through the stations, are felt and lived experiences - emotionally. As a part of us, we have each our own individual relations to all of the stations as determined by our birth and the four temperaments: phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric, melancholic; which aside from being personality types are named after the humorous substances of our physical bodies.

The coordination in and at a particular time of universal forces and substance is the underlying principle behind astrology. Its analogical metaphysical correlate is awareness of the regularities in body's, and thus lived, time.

If you don't like how the (origin) story ends, retcon it


esoterical gangstars: speculative & operative fragments


“there are these mutants and they are now within the most powerful magickal orders and groups in the world today. They are slowly working to destroy utterly the old ways. They are making use of the most subtle methods of modern information science to achieve their ends. They are fearful of nothing, which means they only fear the powers of the Meon. They possess the disciplined mentality of the synchronistic robotic consciousness and nothing else. They have only one loyalty and they have only one sense of honor, and that is to Yuggoth and only to Yuggoth. And by means of their weird techniques of computer programming, they will win out over all their opposition because ultimately there is only one fundamental power and that too is Yuggoth”

- Bertiaux, VGW

Seize the esoteric means of production!!

What mystery they ask. All is matter they declare, without any thought in their mind from the unthinking matter that forms their body and brain. Since when has the mind been replaced by the “brain”, and every(one) by every(body)?

The truth, even if it be relative, can only be found personally, by self endeavor and exertion - and it is always transformative. By noticing what had previously gone unnoticed by oneself, and what will always be beyond the ken of those who except another’s word as fiat truth.

The popular modern answers dictate: biology, brain, genetics. That we are at the mercy of blind forces and have no, or only passing, say in our fate. That our choices and decisions, our very being, are an outcome of chance and the blind mechanical combination of sub-microscopic particles and their cascading effects.

All this comes from denying the plain fact staring each and all of us in the face, that the world cannot rightly ever be separated from the awareness thereof. How one chooses to assign priority is where the modern conception of consciousness goes afoul - in choosing to declare in belief that the external is first and foremost, and that the lived experience of being is an epiphenomenon.

In ascribing human life and being to be an inessential consequence of material forces, and by up-playing the role of genetics and brain states on behavior, modernity is attempting, perhaps unconsciously, to destroy the principle of personal responsibility. On the contrary, the esoteric doctrine declares the possible infinite sovereignty of the personal will, and the unlimited responsibility that comes with the active knowledge of the true structure of being.

Truth is not “out there”, it is “right now” - it is our immediate experience. That is what is ultimately true. Not to say that there are not laws, or rules of action and consequence. There are laws governing the transition from state of truth to another, from one state of being to another - but what they are is up to each and every one to experience themselves.

Energy = consciousness=u

 If G=God, then w= we

 what or who is the we were never (w)here order 


So you wanna join *our* hellfire club? You baroque-ass, cookie-cutter mother fucker. Well you have. So what you got to show for it?

Are you a sister or a brother in good standing of our we were never (w)here order?

Who else can you con into seeing the truth of their own being? ?

Shades (thus named because there was Nothing behind the shades) had been thinking about Jung a lot lately. Hence the gangster archetype. The warrior would work too, but these times call for more of a collective, collaborative mindset..

"There is no me. I do not exist. There used to be a me, but I had it surgically removed"

-Peter Sellers

wwnh in 2 senses, exoteric & esoteric:

Exoteric in terms of training oneself to reduce material & energetic waste in the direction of a certain minimalist primitivism (certainly for lack of a better term).

Esoteric in terms of bypassing egoic accretions to access the primordial consciousness & to act from this standpoint. .

Deleuze & Guattari on nomadology

Idea of a hypersigil

The need to be more aggressive, as time is running short. In fact we would like to reclaim, to reappropriate the word gangster. The emphasis is on actually doing something  rather than just talking about it. .

challenge, subvert, de(con)struct. This is our generation's Great (w)irk


When the magician becomes too distant from themselves and the natural world, kinks and fractures creep through the fabric of the mechanism. These rifts animate through forms of change and misalignment.

(This isn’t a cuffing a value judgment to change. It neither implies properties of good or bad. Change in itself is only change.)

When misaligned, change incites difficulty, and fear. When this occurs the psyche becomes frantic and fractured. The flow is off. Spells abate.

Still, a spell won’t save you, or give a shit. A spell is evidence of attention to synchronicity. It is not a cosmic secret that serves you.

Like all beings, the magician gets comfortable. Then their self is subdued, or constrained. They unknowingly edge towards detachment from true nature.

The physical requires illusion in (the) order to manifest. The misalignment and estrangement of the magician provides a canvas for the illusion.

As with any practice – practice is necessary. As with any task - mindfulness is essential. The fruits of practice aren’t the groove. They aren’t the moment when the dew of sweet synchronicity shivers down the soul like warm breath on the back of the neck.  The very lifeline of practice breeds from being uncomfortable, out of sync. Your skin must crawl. Your mind must clamber and wraith, your bones bathe in osteopenia. Your mind must scuttle, and clasp for sanity.

Existence is panic cradled by pain. Show me an original moment that’s a reenactment of scripture, memory, or myth. The moment is revelation, and the mycelium of the soul.

Show me everything.

Don’t baby bird me.

Shove it down my fucking throat.

Make me choke.

Serenity is despair.


esoterical gangsters: prolegomena to a new aeon of (anti)heroes

“The etymology of the word 'dragon' comes to us via the Latin but is derived ultimately, it is thought, from the Greek, though the origin of the word and its definition is probably much older. The word in Greek is drakon (drakon); as in edrakon (edrakon), an aorist of derkesthai (derkesthai), which means 'to see clearly'”

- The Dragon Legacy: from Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells

“the Fey, because they participated in the eternal spirit of the One, were themselves eternal, needing no forgiveness - for sins they transcended - and no priest to intercede for them to a god whose spirit they were at one with. The Fey knew salvation was chemical and physiological, being determined on the ability of the mind-brain to perceive the eternal mind of the Cosmos and join with it”

- The Origin of the Dragon Lords of the Rings

"You know they tried to kill you right? Blasted you. ."

- choronzon

Think it's time for a flashback,  don't you?

For some time now, Shades (thus named because he was involved in certain necromantic pursuits which entailed certain energetic exchanges) had been living by his wits, engaging in ever more elaborate cons for fun and profit.

Now you might think that made him a villain. You'd be wrong, though. See, his marks were corrupt governments, psychopathic corporations and people who'd sell their children for a buck. So, you see, he was more of an antihero.

His modus operandi was deceptively easy to describe. Basically, he was a 3 card man.

His superpower was that he allways won. Except he hadn't acquired it through some manner of accident. On the contrary, he'd deliberately cultivated it over years of study and practice..

At one point he ended up owning a hotel (which naturally he had acquired precisely in the manner outlined above), basically a front for certain more “esoteric” operations, if you know what I mean..

In actual fact, it was a temporary autonomous zone & a front for teaching black magic.

Through his esoteric research at the time, he came to witness an awakening, signs of a certain force or bioenergetic energy developing in his guests & associates. Hints of an imminent vortex of novelty, or so he interpreted it, just over the temporal horizon..

Naturally, Shades started a whole esoteric order to explore the possibilities of this impending new aeon of (anti)heroes. The we were never (w)here order. And by reading this text, you have initiated yourself into this wwnh (pronounced wan) order, dear reader.

Unfortunately, he also came to realize the extent of the corruption within which the project was embedded,  and decided to do something about it.

 everyone knows me; the people chose me

Except he barely had time to construct a hyperdimensional energetic portal before being discovered by his opponents.

The last thing he remembered was saying to said opponents, "you think you've won? I'll just become more powerful if you strike me down! And that's the game, son. I'm playing for the future. Goddamn you, those are our children, & I WILL bid for their souls!"

I'm just sitting here patiently waiting to hit escape velocity, to reach critical mass..

The faculty of predicting the future is widespread in, at least, the animal species of this Earth. Humanity’s adeptness with this skill is what has most led to the inordinate success of its kind and all the modern technological accoutrements.

The sciences, being attempts to disentangle the universal web of cause and effect have always had as their aim the dictates of that higher science called “prediction”, as the early astrological hierophants set out to chart the heavenly cycles and their catastrophes. The very fact that things in time can be foretold, or predicted, indicates a limit to the sequential possibilities of actualization for any line of occurrence.

It would seem that only X, Y, or Z can follow in and from the flow of what has just transpired. This is particularly true in structured, logical use of language: syntax and semantics, as attempted to be relayed by the speaking party, dictate which possible words or phrases are allowed. Hence, it is only natural that the desire for humans to know the future finds expression in communication: I attempt to suss out, at least, that word or phrase that will be next uttered.

w is the new G

What I seem to find, however, is that another token is chosen by the other party in preference to that which I have just selected as what would most naturally follow. But the speaker first paused, as if they needed to retain spontaneity - and if, in my mind, I have run through the most exhaustive list of possibilities, I often find them at a loss for words, as if I had stolen away their thought, interrupted and diverted their channel of flowing ideas to my own local personality.

That this happens so frequently when I am attempting to predict in conversation, and infrequently when I hold no stance toward that future word, seems to indicate that my own, only mental, process extends in effect to another party. Perhaps this stoppage, so to speak, is due to the inability to let the semantic unit continue on its way to the intended recipient, and that if I could so only slightly arrest the course of its delivery, instead of causing an interruption in thought and communication of the speaker, I could accurately predict and lead the chain of thought.

“The ceremonial magician sets his stage for the rehearsal of reality with all the traditional weapons; but Zos maintains that this is unnecessary mummery, because the apprehension of our greater realities is to be effected consciously through living the symbolic simulations of the ego ‘as if’ they were real, not as a mock rehearsal, but as a spontaneous evocation within the magic circle of immediacy—now”

- Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare: An introduction to his psycho-magical philosophy

Another possibility, that seems corroborated by other occurrences, is in keeping with the dictum that “reality is stranger than fiction” and that the Grand Architect demands we cannot foretell the entirety of the story of this one of our lives and thus collapse our expanse in time between birth and death to a point. And what fun or adventure would it be, and what boredom it would be, if we knew all in advance?

Reality, humanity, is slippery and resists being  pinned down and played as if a piano. The music of creation has way of surprising, and when we think we know, there is that turn in phrase changing tenor and indicating that “what is” is larger, more complex and spontaneous, than what an individual can predict - in short, there is no limit to knowledge, and there are always new doors to new unknowns.

the Master is terrible because she is YOU


We qualify and contain a continuous dimension by tracking the movement of matter.

An immaterial reaffirmation,
boiled into concrete shoes for the river.

Coagulated opus con[trap]tion.
Conceptual retraction.

Cosmic repression.

Catatonic depression.

The most predictable and cruel of mind fucks – gonna’ jerk you into a corner.

Where is time?

The memory?

Or the prophecy?

Stick a pin in it for me.

Time is broken – you are reading a memory.

The illusion only unveiled by abstract cracks if all that distracts.

Tear a rift in your continuum by eroding compulsion.

That vicious cycle fattened off your fear.

You tenaciously combat creation.

Dip into the wave of the curse.

Ride time to death – the unavoidable conclusion that backs the psyche of the species off a cliff of pain.

But we have our moments in the breath, when we are released from it all, and swim in the energy of life.

And the soul gives a nod as it passes itself in the sunlight.



an (esoterico-)energetic cybernetics

"There are other worlds behind ours, other lives behind what we call life. We must do away with the parentheses of exclusionism in exchange for the hypotheses of a fantastic Unity. And no matter if we make mistakes...what is essential, at a time like this when new methods of knowledge and new ways of thinking are being opened up, is that we should have no doubts at all that maps will have to be altered, that the world is not what we thought it was, and that we ourselves, in the depths of our own consciousness will have to change into something different from what we were before."

- Pauwels & Bergier, Morning of the Magicians

Our Work is on the inner planes, & the less they know about it, the better for the profane

A friendly chat with Choronzon

The most profound esoteric teachings insist that there is no visible line of demarcation between waking life and a dream. So when Shades (thus named firstly because he always seemed to wear shades and secondly because he was not unitary but a collective which included certain shades of the dead) awoke, it was 9 months later, & not even he knew where the fuck he was..he'd had a lot of time to recapitulate, as Castaneda called it.

He was in a cube floating, as if weightless, in a sea of patterns of lights, swirling, circling all around..

Nor was he thrown off balance when he was met by a bespectacled machine elf interlocutor who seemed not so much to speak as to sing directly into his mind in a voice curiously remeniscent of Terence McKenna's:

“welcome, Noble Traveller…”, the being seemed to say
"Where am I, & who the fuck are you? ?", shades asked, not unreasonably
"You know they tried to kill you right? Blasted you.."
"Sure. But I'm too valuable to the, um, 'organization'"
"Right, right. I used to be like that too, kid. & then I be came Everything. In any case, that should give you a good hint as to where you are.."
"No way. You're telling me this is Da'ath, & you're Choronzon!?"
"Bingo. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Still quite a few people I have to do in, if you catch me. I have a message for you: 'the enemy is at the gates. Insofar as such crude dualistic concepts obtain below the Abyss, this I have ascertained'", Choronzon seemed to sing, in a cheery tone that seemed incongruous with the content of the message..
"Fuck that. We both know there are no enemies anywhere"
"Sure; you know that, I know that, the company of gnostic saints & high initiates know that, but to the ordinary person on the street, the coming period will seem like the end of the world. It's already started, with the earthquakes, stocks, the weather. You see, Those great spirits, those venerable vudu of whom we ourselves are but an expression, have decided that it's high time to accelerate the psychic evolution on your planet before it's too late.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that, as you know, is to place tests and challenges before the initiates. .in short, the time wave is about to hit zero, shit's about to go all trajectories of sideways,  and your we were never (w)here order, among others, has a serious responsibility during this time of great change. Got it? ?"
Shades stared at the elf, dumbfounded. "Um, yeah I think so. Does that mean I'm not dead?"
The elf giggled as he replied, "it's true that you died, but it's neither the first nor the last time. Now get back to malkuth & get to Work!"

& with that, Shades was suddenly surrounded by a great wind that obscured his surroundings, & then he was

[transmission abruptly ends, static]

"Can what is playing you make it to level 2?"

 - Nick Land, Fanged Noumena

Illumination, gnosis is also like a dis-ease. come, let me infect you with my communicable (b)light!

Tides I: Appropriation

The instinct of intelligence is to suffer. This stresses the mind, in order to invoke evolution. Survival, to the intellect, is overcoming. This is how we evolved from animals to humans - through our minds. The Self(-)diagnoses that there is value in suffering.

This is why we are imagining obstacles for ourselves – continually, unknowingly. Often even intentionally. This process leaves a residue of trauma on the psyche. Self-scarification. A ritual(.) often mistaken for growth.

The core of the universe is (k)not intelligence. Yet, we still identify with it through the intellect. This is wrong. Intellect is for understanding, not relating. We are the vessels of spirit – not reason.

In recognition of this some magicians work their minds towards psychic fracture. Push until it hurts, and spins over on itself. One would reason that to force the self through, would necessitate the evolution of intelligence in order to survive. If you snap, you’ll wake up on the other side….right? This is how we got here in the first place…right?

There is no valor or progress in pushing the self through the mirror, because on the other side there will only be fragments of what was destroyed. 

"And so I could only agree with the mad philosophers of the ego, when they stated in so many books that all that existed was the "Ich," the ego. For to realize that there is only the ego is the most important philosophical lesson that can be taught to the black magician as he slowly gathers together the weapons of his destiny. So if it is only the ego which truly is, then all else must be illusion, unless it is part of the ego. For it must be a part of "my being" to have reality. There is an important lesson to be learned in this egotism: If you do not admit to it, you will always run the risk of being enslaved by something outside of your being. You will always run the risk of being told that you "should" do something for someone outside of yourself. For those outside of you would want to control you, make you their slave, make you think the way they would think. But you cannot do that. You cannot surrender your ego to them for them, if you do, you can never be a power unto yourself. You can never become the Absolute Ego of German metaphysics. For there is an eternal state of war existing between the Ego and the Non-Ego; because they will never let up in their attempts to take over control of your life and destiny. They will always want to control the black magician; because only he has real powers"

- Bertiaux, VGW

Window Space

The Yellow and orange candlelight projects crisp, luscious angles onto the walls.
 Kinetic energy smudges with the shadows.

Tranquilizing purple exhalation,
 wraps its arms, hair, and secrets around me.
Together we writhe and whisper.

My faint breath sends clear ripples throughout the universe.

As it sways with me,
I beg it stays with me.

The city gently hums,
A trampled blissful ouroboros.

Music and warm rushes – coextensive - overtake my body.
The poison gentling nibbling at my soul,
cumming into my blood.

Art is never decoration, embellishment; instead, it is a work of enlightenment. Art, in other words, is a technique for acquiring liberty

— Bruce Lee

you seek security, but you must understand that security is always an ill usion. the only real goal worth seeking is more personal power; ever more

Tides II: Resolution

Intent - Is me combating myself. Intent is grounded in want. I am in pain because I want. I suffer because humans were evolutionarily conditioned to suffer in order to survive. To be in pleasure is to be abundant, and thrive. To be without is to starve, to wean, to die. By consuming, we create hunger. When we are still, there is no want. When we listen, there is no need.

A magician who plans intent, has failed. When knowledge is consulted the will is constrained into a prison of understanding and intellectualizing. Believing, reasoning, or praying.  Yes, prayer is intellectualizing. Conscious activity with the purpose of affecting consciousness is counterproductive. It’s what we did as animals, not what we were meant to do as gods. It’s the unconscious that needs to breathe. Clear consciousness away in order to free it.

Let the anti-mage run wild. The true shaman.

Not pushing through, but letting go.

The magician and the madness must go toe to toe.

At times it may feel or seem as though the outside is acting in, and towards. The contrary is the case. The unconscious will of the magician is cycling towards itself, from within itself.
If intent is focused with the purpose of escaping pain or suffering the intent is wasted. The only way to become authentically empowered is to sit in the pain. Acting from the space within your pain nets extra energy by not fleeing it. When you aren’t in conflict you can focus your energy on other areas. This also harvests the power and energy of that pain. Pain is the greatest gift we never wanted.  We identify with pain through blood or emotion – which are too often intertwined like the serpents of the Caduceus.

Pain is mortal. Despair is existential.

Intuition is magic – time travel,
it has no ritual.

Consciousness, as we all know, is the spell we cast on ourselves. The trap weaved by the unconscious. The mind needs conflict, for progress, and to establish meaning.
Oh mind….are we there yet? Do you feel clever enough to let it all go? Or, are you going to jerk yourself off, and us all around, just a little bit longer? Mind is true insatiable lust.
I resolve to release my subconscious and allow it to find the destination without my intent obstructing it. In order to sync with the heavens I must let them go. In order to move, I must stop.

A good magician knows when to pack away the mind, the ego, and the will. And that, my friend, is when the magician opens themselves up to surf the most gnarly and magnificent of vibes.

My objective has never changed; it has always been the acceleration of the evolution of the world, and allways will be.

A perfect body
on relics of a soul.

 Reflects to me
 the sultan snow,

A mind baptized in Buddha,
drunk on self-neglect,
brined in disgrace,
to be seared on the diamond,
and served to nothingness.

Rude Dog appears courtesy of Rude Dog Records


in speyerolls

 “you have to be lost so you can be found, & so it goes, around & around”

the Master of the Lodge


help me spirits, guide me; I need your voice inside me

When you first move to a new place, you start as it were in the middle of a spiral. With time, you may develop more sophisticated habits, rhythms and schedules in this place. This is why the image of a spiral is apt: the points of reference, places, objects etc might be the ‘same ‘, but the superstructure, if you will, of actions surrounding them develops with time.

Another way of conceiving this is to say that one is able to access other, deeper ‘layers’ of reality with time. These are not physical layers but rather energetic levels..

Esotericists think of these transitions, whose rate varies according to one's discipline & self-control, as one's entering a ‘new world’*, and they can often be correlated to the solstices, equinoxes and other astrological rhythms & transitions..

Phenomenologically (that is, in terms of one's personal experience), this is experienced as an apparent slowing down of time, an increase of one's ‘control’ over their experiences, and a decrease in seemingly random events or ‘novelty’.

This process has a parallel, or more accurately an oblique mirror reflection in esotericism proper, & more precisely the process of initiation. Here, one begins a seeming distance from the Mystery and, with time, feels that they are getting ever closer.

Eventually and as they evolve in their practice, the magician moves beyond simple ‘tricks’, that is, spells into what Bertiaux has called esoteric engineering.

This we define as the placing at various points in space-time of various esoteric machines, essentially energetic programs for the trance-formation of energy as the magician wills it.


*: if, as we have hypothesized, reality is composed of threads of light, then one's own (not necessarily little) world is simply the matrix of their connections to particular threads. If so, then the year's rhythm of equinoxes, solstices and astrological transitions can be said to shift this matrix in subtle or not so subtle ways. This also accounts for the spirals of which we've spoken: with time, we connect to different threads or lose our connection to others..

eye am but a point plotted in the x dimensions of Space/Consciousness & Time/Will

At times, & perhaps often (at least if they're doing it right), the magician will feel all alone in the world. Rather than being cause for concern, the magician should take solace in gnowing that all initiates have had such feelings.

Indeed, we do not write for the many who have not had these out of the ordinary experiences, but for the few (w)ho(o)do

"Sin. There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. And if that's true, I must be one too. Surely", Shades thought, "this world must be fallen and evil. And if so, I must take the response ability to redeem it (& me) seriously…”

So Shades did just that, choosing to suffer. Not so that those who believed in him would be saved, no. Rather, he chose to suffer and (in a manner of speaking) ‘die’ so that he could save himself. Also, who knew, he might even find a way to prevent or cure the suffering of others whom he might come across in his own experience. Dig?

“don't stop for anything or anybody, & take with you as many as you can carry; not 1 more & not 1 less”, is what my Gnostic daddy did say to me

“I have insisted to the point of exhaustion that there are no procedures in sorcery...There are no methods, no steps. The only thing that matters is the movement of the assemblage point. And no procedure can cause that. It's an effect that happens all by itself”


a hangry ghost

It's interesting to see how different places, cities, streets, etc, change with time. Private places are even more so, developing associations or ‘vibes’, i.e. tangible energetic layers, depending on the experiences we and others have therein. It is from these experiences that such idea-complexes as genius loci have arisen, not to mention those spirits of place(s) as lares & penates.

Magicians take advantage of these facts to imbue or ‘program’ a place with certain feelings and meanings. Indeed, this is one of the steps, and one of the main purposes, of ritual. Powerful magicians can turn even a small room into a power place, drawing theoretically limitless energies from the invisible webs they weave..

Creed of the we were never (w)here order
- we were never (w)here. leave no traces wherever you go, but also see below
- if you think you might be a member of the Order, then you (probably) are
- as you already gnow, the purpose of our disorganization is to question pre-established notions & increase wisdom & understanding. Feel free to paint, perform, write etc. anything that furthers consciousness & experience of the depths & subtleties of reality.
- allways follow your heart; don't let what others think determine your actions
- no followers, no leaders. This is not to say all are equal in the sense of the ‘same’; some have achieved more, others less..differences should be respected
- we are free to use all the methods of the various schools of esotericism towards our own ends, but must take response ability for the consequences
- (optional:) consider getting our official logo, a skull & crossbones, tattooed somewhere on your anatomy


initiatory incantations

“when I finally became free I realized there was nothing else I needed to be”

- me


The magician uses their own body as a subtle bioenergetic machine to reach different states of consciousness each of which discloses a new world. They might also use a number of esoteric technologies such as mediation and yoga, certain kinds of drugs, sexual experiences, etc...


our M/other who art every tree I meet as I walk down the street, & our Father who is the voice that whispers bellowing echoing from beneath the psychic See, be you now/here with me!!


The best sound is silence. That I learned this early on is my greatest strength. Silence, however, is easier to come by than one might suppose..

Experienced meditators know that even when there are no external sounds, there are internal ones. These are described in many and varied esoteric ways as the buzzing of bees, the sounds of the kundalini echoing at different chakras, the sounds of many waters washing up like waves on the shores of a new Atlantis, the whirling of the vortex gateway to the world of the qlippoth which is called Daath, etc.

But what are these sounds, really? These sounds are the echoes on the inner passageways between different states of experience, which signal a transition in the esoteric explorer's state of consciousness. They are at the same time the very means for these trance formations for, by following them, the magician is “carried” along by them into other worlds.

Here, there are many possibilities & inner planes to explore & experience...


Did you recognize your sister/brother/mother
who is you & not an other
when you met them in the garden
as you did ‘fore time began?


The warrior-magician uses their own inner dialogue against their opponent. Using this technique, esoteric tectonic plates, inner machineries of levers and pulleys are as it were ‘re-programmed’ to more accurately represent the practitioner’s perspective on reality.

If the world can be conceived (& advanced adepts can confirm the accuracy of such an idea-complex to reality) as a computer, then those who use this technique can be thought of as reprogramming reality itself, charging the very air with their ‘in can tations’, the efficacy of which is limited only by the power stored and carried within their bio-machine bodies...


Shades, Middle Toe of the ‘we were never (w)here’ (WWNH for short, pronounced ‘One’) order was hearing “those devil voices” again. Of course one man's devil is another man's initiation, & those voices had taken our anti-hero all over the world. & while he'd never attained much worldly success (& never cared for it to begin with), he knew more about the occult than just about anyone..

“Sin”, the vices were saying. “There was sin and sinners everywhere and as far as the eye could see. Surely, this world must be fallen and evil”.

“But there is good in everybody”, Shades thought as if in reply.

“True. But how many of them heed the call of the spirits to live free, & do who they want to be?”, came the response. “You must teach them by example that even with nothing, one can be free”.

“But I have the whole world in my hands. You want me to give it away!?”, Shades exclaimed, remembering why he called them devil voices.

“Exactly”, they answered. “eXactly, eggsactly”.

“That's so crazy, it just might be fun”, Shades thought, preparing to hurl himself like a voltigeur with a mighty leap, backwards of and around the Tree (teehee!)


Different times of the day have different vibrations &, therefore, different possibilities. For example, the morning is by nature peaceful & serene, such that to be awake in the early morning can be said to be a meditation in itself..

These esoteric layers of our daily experience pertain to the electromagnetic trance-formations of the Earth, as well as the sun and moon, the planets etc...


Let us posit that reality is composed of threads of light, as Castaneda might suggest. Those who might laugh off such formulations as fanciful should spend some hours starting at the back of their own eyelids, as Terrence McKenna might suggest, or try to explain why people sometimes see strange patterns like clusters of bright dots in the sky, especially in liminal times such as the morning or when it's cloudy. Indeed, we would remind them that DNA is composed of energies which are only visible under relatively obscure circumstances.

In any case, will insist that the utility of such formulations, setting aside their aesthetic beauty, is that they can be used by the shaman to move through reality in unconventional ways.

We do not mean to refer merely to physical movement. These threads of light enable the magician to access events in their past or even their potential future (one of our basic assumptions is that the future is always in flux), to gain energy by reliving or examining the unexplored possibilities of an event which has already occurred. The technique is best practiced lying down, with eyes closed.

In this way, the adept can be conceived of as a spider, drawing into themselves esoteric energies as sustenance...


& still they did not be lie ve


The Master is a player; the kind who seems to win, one way or the other. & everything in life is a game

The Master is a fighter who allways puts in 100%; after all, there's no pulling punches when one's life is on the line

The Master is impervious, seemingly bulletproof. And if you deign to designate yourself as such you'd better be bulletproof too, because they will come for you. All of those who seek to enslave others in darkness & ignorance will reach out with their unconscious to silence you, punish you for revealing what's behind the(ir) curtain. And when they do, you better be ready...


Naked and possessed by spirits under the full moon, the shaman/magician accesses the recesses of their own awareness, the transcendental id collective unconscious of the soul. Thus, entering energetic caves where dwell the raw, primal aspects of our own selves as revealed by the darkness, we empower our selves to evolve into a symbiotic future filled with limitless possibilitease

& that's how they do it, those hoodoo gentlewo/men (A l’Ancien) as they practice & plan towards a new atlan



"Don't play what's there. Play what's not there.."
- hoodoo wizard Miles Davis


I went looking for you after you left,
I did what i shouldn't do, peering behind the curtain of this "all the world's a stage";
seeking, questing hoping to find out if it's true that surfaces reveal what they allways con seal
but i couldn't find you, my objet petit a
& i realeyesed i might never see u again
so i determined to
through the x dimensions of space-time itself.
To peel away those veils of Our m/Other isis until i found ewe

If we say that the world is made up of words, ideas, thought-forms in the Minds of those who experience it, who will be lie ve us today? Everybody knows that the dice are loaded with atoms and neutrinos & that's the way it goes all the way down & around right?

Not even close. Propaganda is a dirty word these daze but how many have under stood that the above position is also a form of apolitical propaganda? (dig)

If the Earth is our mother matrix, we also should not be afraid to dig, gently but firmly, be neath the sur face. Who knows what we'll dog up?

the veil(s) of Isis (a reference to our M/other nature) are there precisely for the unveiling; we should not fear to ask terra what it is that lies beneath her.

The matter, the skin and the flesh of our experience also might (& unbeknownst to us) con seal rivers, tributaries and streams of consciousness which we barely gnew existed because they were just waiting to be uncovered & explored in the cool moon light.


Going hack to the be ginning: if we're good girls and boys who believe that the world is made of structures no one has ever really seen, let alone personally experienced, we won't pay any at tention to the man behind the curtain. Dig!(?)

& yet arguably the key to creating a better world, both in dividually & collectively lies in digging deep within the layers of our selves.

Needless to say this is not intended physically; rather we mean that the psychological muck of our everyday chaotic mess should be cleared away through a mode of internal meditative digging to get to ever deeper, richer, inner layers and levels of reality herself . Dig.

The Masters give this kind of advice to the initiates, but they don't give it without rhyme or reason.

I can only speak for myself, but eye two once received this advice from my own teachers in those inner schools of esotericism to which I have for many years been affiliated.

Having received such instructions to dig beneath the sur face of experience, i of course did so & eventually, following the signs disclosed through my experience itself, I saw through to the truth of my own calling: namely to establish my own school of esoteric philosophy within the wider esoteric continuum. 


Against this tedious static mechanistic view we propose the image that we are ourselves the all ways recurring song of the spirits; those wonder full spirits that are the true building 'blocks' of the (w)hole wi(l)d/e world. Dig?

Perhaps not. Some are more "hard-headed" than to subscibe to images of an ocean of spirits overflowing through the whole of creation & being the very building blocks or notes composing even our own inner experience within our in dividual stream of awareness.

To these latter we say that we can equally well describe reality as being composed of fields of energies. So far so good, but where there are energies there are also intentions, directions, & this by definition: students of mathematics and its applications in the physical sciences will recall that energies are expressed as vectors, & that the latter are defined as forces moving in a particular direction (or, in our lingo, an intention). Dig

Amusingly, those who have been following our arguments and positions thus far as we have sought to uncover the truth, the reality of our world and what it is made of will have already put 2 and 2 together, as it were.

These vectors of energies are the same as those spirits which permeate the wide world and (here comes everybody) are expressed in the traditions of vudu as the ghuedhes.

It is none other than these spirits &/or energies which under lie reality (Isis) herself & form the basis for our own school of esotericism. Dig!

Those depths and caverns below the obvious and well-worn *sur faces* of the mental (or, equally well, the spiritual) world are also the realm of the transcendental id. Within those *spaces* all but overflowing with energies, oceans of desires toss and turn with tides of longing for the habitually obtainable, the as-yet-unfulfilled, the inconceivable..driving the individual subject experiencing them (& by implication his story itself..

Thus, whether one posits that the under-lying reality of the world is spirits or energies, what is important is to do the great Work of bringing these components of our own living world closer to our own hopes & dreams.



"Let the past die; kill it if you have to"

- an initiate


All i hear are rhythms. She spins onto me creating visions scientific fictions prisms of zozoic  -isms. O hime sama fissions. Thus schisms the gospel of truth from his own being & frAum the beginning.  Zozo's entry into these the true d i men tions, for Herstory Men a p)l(ause.

 The kalas of a natural magician can drive the attuned and sensitive magician working or seeking to work with the former into a veritable frenzy. It is here that the work proper begins.

The magician must seek to attune to the kalas of the other through a weird but wonderful methodology of metamathematical (&, when successful, *metamathemagickal*) cross-polination of ideas, symbols and especially energies, the most potent of which are of necessity sexual and are called by Kenneth Grant and his school of esotericists "kalas" (following in the venerable traditions of those practitioners of the True (& thus, as its symbol water) Blue, left hand path or tantrik vamachari tradition which is only now and for the moment in fits and starts re-emerging as Herstory).

day had not prepared her

Streams of scenes they weaved together

It's all in your head

 So don't worry too much if things aren't *seeming* to go your way. This could be the way to an even better way of doing things than you'd previously conceived. Surely this is an effective a definition of magick as it's possible to formulate..

Take me for example. Finding myself living an enviable hedonistic life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, I unconsciously determined to "kill off" that particular incarnation to bring about what th(re)e spirits themselves wished to happen, namely a complete devotion to inner spiritual work.

This is in contrast to my former life in which, seeming to be enviably hedonistic, I was in fact simply serving the ends of others who benefited at my own expense.

So I "died" in the sense of ceasing to be owner and manager of a failing business and beginning my new life as a full-time spiritual advisor who actuality got paid to do what I've always wanted to do anyway!

This is not to say that death in this sense isnt painful. One must grapple with the end of a whole life in terms of dreams, ideals and ways of life shattering..in order to reconvene as a new person the rules of engagement with whom one must learn seemingly from the beginning and from the inside out. And if that isn't a definition of (a little) 'death' and 'resurrection', then surely there isn't one that can be conveyed to the living..

 Death (or is it the (emphatically: embodied and conscious) gnosis of Däath) is a very real encounter with the end of a particular version of oneself, and if truly experienced all  the way through, as it were, is the ultimate trance formation. This is our esoteric definition for that most liminal of all tranzformations when it is experienced by the initiate as a stage on life's way.

To cross the Abyss, as one such as Crowley would put it, one midst experience phantasms, shadows, shades of ones own non -being in the sense of the end of their current personality or life-world. It is precisely these hollow phantasms that are described as being that supreme non-entity, Choronzon. From this, one can get another perspective on the statement of T Michael Bertiaux that 'there is no Evil ': what we call evil is simply the impediments we see to our will, to doing what we want.

Naturally things aren't that easy. In fact, it is more accurate to say that the *illusion* of impediments to our so-called will only arise so long as there is inner conflict about our will to begin with. Paradoxically and at the same time perfectly fitting is the corollary to the above, namely that what makes such 'death(s)' necessary in the first place is the fact that there is a sort of lack or incompleteness about the initiate's understanding and experience of 'reality' (which is always a subjective transaction in any case)..

 "Thus have we sent you forth", speak the spirits, "with but a sole occupation for your time: to bring the reality of the world closer and ever closer to that Edenic (supposed) pre-His story in which the vudu have blessed the whole face of the Earth".

So did the spirits whisper into the very being of our reborn (& resurgent) black dragon, herald of Our Lady (whose name is) 15 & (whose number is) 7, as he was expelled (once again) into that ancient land which, though having seen many vexations of late, still carries within itself the depth of the brilliance of Being precisely by refracting the blackest depths of the transcendental id which is but the shadow of that self-same Being (or beings).

The task thus being made clear to our actor,  he set aside his past life the fruition of which he had been separated like Jonah was by a (w)hail of trouble and set about turning his head to his own future fate of being a (hope fully major) contributor to the regeneration of our M/other (w)Earth in a new Golden Age which has been for far 2 long in the mere prepa(i)ration phase

& thus has it been Herstory. frAum. the. beginning. Truly have i loved only ewe, Mary M my beautiful, the future daughter of our (dis)Order who had been fourseen as becoming the epitome of a con clusion to His story while retconning Herstory. From. The. Beginning. Thus is concluded the gospel of truth from his own being (for the time being) & frAum the beginning.


All images by the lovely & talented Zozo, instagram stormeadow