we are @LL Shades

I've been thinking of writing about the energetic effects of the current events..like enforced isolation &c..

like, isn't this exactly what the Teachers and Masters have been recommending for aeons, the turn within, in order to real lies the Self..?

even the most hopeless of social media addicts will be unable to avoid the terrible effects of physical distance from the thought patterns of the Crowd; terrible, that is, from the perspective of the ego, the lowercase s self, ever seeking warmth in the company of other egos, so that it may forget that it's a fiction that created it self..

you could even think of it, this unprecedented opportunity, as an incubation period in which those who will make the future itSelf are free from the usual distractions and let's face it, inefficiencies of our customary day-to-day existence..

..what, then, should we expect to happen next..?

It is a mistake to think that the world inhabited, seemingly shared, with other human beings is the same for each individual. We are not prone to make this mistake as regards the inner lives of other living creatures other than another human, but among species it is perhaps Homo sapiens that differs to the utmost degree from one specimen to the next. 



We each are able, and do, piece together the world idiosyncratically based on our past experiences and the doctrines which we have made our own. Below these, and this has been written before, there is an underlying sensory-geometric manifold that defines the realm of (external) action - a way of the world, reinforced by perceived mechanisms and received physical doctrine. 




We are for the most part still living in a mechano-materialist framework that dictates the possible. Disregarding the quantum strategy for the time being, we have not yet collectively, if personally, even internalized and harmonized the electromagnetic truths to inform our experience of what may be sensorily known. 



This lived experience in the “new” electrical world seems to have begun to have been approached when electrical problems and theory were in their infancy. As evidence I purport the findings and diagrams of the physiognomists, showing great deviations of the regular and accustomed structure of the human cranium. 



To this I suggest that these diagrams are not to be regarded as indicative of the gross material form, easily and simply seen by all, but are in fact suggestive of what is see by energetic sight as surrounding any individual’s head with the particular proclivities as indicated by, at least some of, the physiognomical lore. 



These energetic protubances live in the electric / magnetic / energetic space which surrounds every object, the human form and its organs of course no exception. 




It is possible to notice these / this field of yourself by paying attention to the twitches and tensions on your own scalp, skull and forehead, particularly when coming into closer proximity with another human being, changes being elicited by the interaction of the two personalities in terms of the mental radiance. 



The spaces that surround, like the hollow of a cup, are as much a part as what seems to be the sole real existence.

Power isn't being able to get whatever you want; that's a side effect that can destroy u if u don't have power, which is the ability to gnow what u don't want, & the self-control to avoid it

- us

Shades (thus named because he was but an exemplar of a worldwide, nay, a transdimensional trend) sat alone is his room, contributing to an issue of an esoteric e-zine. around him for every eye to sea, The Old Order was collapsing, holding on by its fingertips to a yesterday that no longer existed..

gnow this, all you who come across this - the World is not just the works of (wo)men; far from it, it is a living, breathing organism, and our own Mother at that..

& gnow further/more that we are Her very own Children, neither numbers nor stats nor names on a screen; yea, we exist in spite of Them


When the mind stumps on a concept too vast for cognition it kicks the block to the /edge.  
Incites instance, always anticipated, internally ignored….unfilled…unfit…until….

Aware –

you recoil, clasp your tongue under the fear of vision.

Mind cowers behind the coatracks, scrambles for the tracks.
Dimensions in doors ahead…uncharted.
Swaddled in faith, you trust that we fall through skies.
You look when you should leap. And swim when you should dive.  

Yet you shout out for the words:

You can’t take it away from me,
no matter how much you reach for me.

All the fear, tucked streets away.
Scouring towards the tears - stationed within.  

Impatient fits split the mind tow words the pit.
Dead into the meta-/egit.

A crown deep in the shit.

Categorical imperatives looted by specters of control.
Waste is the right, for which we fight.

Intolerance (the cosmopolitan refrain) cryin out.
You and min d/e are gunna bout.
And someone’s salvation is gunna bounce.
Lords of the chapel ingest golden repression.
Regurgitate webs of eternal plea.
A beholden radio casts a dying net across the sea.  

With regret chained to the chest, amid eyes marred in political hastilude,  
Empowered by internal feats abound - I’m your hound.

Gather your hopes – tether them to me.

As I skip away from insurmountable ruts of reason, and empires of doubt.

We sift through the shi(f)t for spontaneous solidarity.  
A petition bottlenecked in the bogs.

Burdens are not beasts, and fruits are not your release.

Through forests sterile of scruples, lost marbles everywhere.
Over rivers of flux, open to all being, now soiled with intent.
Synching the vest of compassion, we surface in tides of bogged hate.

We collapse through the bunkers.
Behold dunes once glowing and tranquil,
and we breathe beneath the rolling waves.

Grains as free as dreams wish for the soul

The pollen of today thrives through the sorrow

I carry the banner and the sword, but when we storm the stars, 

you finally see that you are we



"to the ordinary person on the street, the coming period will seem like the end of the world. It's already started, with the earthquakes, stocks, the weather. You see, Those great spirits, those venerable vudu of whom we ourselves are but an expression, have decided that it's high time to accelerate the psychic evolution on your planet before it's too late.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that, as you know, is to place tests and challenges before the initiates"

-from  an (esoterico-)energetic cybernetics, January 2019

the problem with being able to see the future is, who's going to be lie ve you? That's what Shades (thus named because ) was thinking as he sat in a private mental institution in a developing country. It had been, after all, his tendency to not hold back from proclaiming aloud his prognostications that had landed him in a private mental institution in a developing country in the first place. 

emotions are water but in what matter does it fill? Man-made lakes and ponds, fountains... or nature’s?


Chaos was without form and void, all disjoint and illogic. The rising din from the void was unknown for there was nothing to know in that noise; but what was impressed upon it - whatever could be found, built, from the vibrating, pulsing, disordered ground. One way of thought, one approach, has built the world of us as parts of that grand being, mankind. Adam Kadmon, the eternal type of man, the grand man, (in)forms our being and roots our essence in threads of necessity built on the logic of the twin lights of woman and man. Our world is built out of the interconnection between the two sexes and divine potencies, centered multifariously in various selves, souls, complexes of mind and body. The world is a surface, like a sheet, between the two sides of the divided unity that is man.

Maybe it's our energiez re:syncing/sinking/sin king


Everything is always falling - either together, or apart.

How far are the real and the royal distinct?


you and me can. We can defy all these half-arses & surpass them to the last man


In which direction do you “look”: up or down, in or out? How we approach observation with the meanings of these stances can change our fundamental approach to the phenomenal. Where do we place ourself in relation to the ray and point of consciousness? Re-ordering the experienced world is achieved by moving fundamental notions in the web of association.


We make due,
when all we left behind,
was the sting of the absence.

All I need to know is what they made.
So I can understand why we couldn’t.

Complacency is the tapeworm of the mind.

Without sound,
or home.

Will sculpted of stone,
Regret cemented within.

Ever find you a soldier not lost?
Or a gift without cost?  


Stability in the mental fabric of reality is determined by a consideration of certainty in the mass unified type. Deviations are only possible in a limited degree and to that which can be overcome by force or finesse. The old displays of fakirs in the near East are examples of this, where they would create shared illusions. By allowing more and more concepts and thoughts, no matter how petrified in mind, to be encompassed by a true notion and belief as ultimately unknown - stability is overcome and the realm of possibility opens up. Belief is the strongest form of certainty, and rooted in the determination of the structure of the experienced environment. By giving up belief, or transferring it to being as “unknown”, we can enter different worlds - but certain things are more easily unknown (verb), as they are, or were never, part of our own immediate experience, but rather mere(?) stories we’ve been told



Let me tie it all together hear, at the start & frAum the beginning: Uranus is collective insurrection; total war against The Man, The System. Let me tell ū: you think û have what it takes? Many are called to The Great Work. But a disturbing few are chosen... most don't have what it takes; focus, power, dedication.

But for those few, the very future, the world is theirs. For the taking...

"The passion caused by the great and sublime in nature when their causes operate most powerfully is Astonishment; and astonishment is that state of the soul, in which all its motions are suspended, with some degree of horror. In this case the mind is so entirely filled with its object, that it cannot entertain any other"

- Edmund Burke

You know I am, I'm a [redacted], I guess, by day. Strange practicing occultist by night, and I like to think about things that are far out there and think about what is, what could be.

And what I like to do is base all that on geometrical thinking, and the environment that I find myself in a lot of what we see everything that we see actually is sketched out according to the laws of projective geometry.

You see how things smaller small how things further away shrink and get smaller as you received from them, and how they get larger as you approach. That is all written into the language of projective geometry, and you can calculate. Many things using it. I don't know all the details. I tried to do it as a living geometry of living living mathematics, if you will.

So when you're looking out into space into the world in which we find ourselves at some point you will reach the end something infinitely far away infinitely small, and then you find it loops back behind yourself, if, if you go in a straight line, assuming that the, the, the re shooting from your eyes continue in a straight line on DVD by anything.

Then you would come to infinity and wrap around and shoot right back through your skull back of your skull and rearrange and read realign in the eye without initial right now it's a question of how long this takes if this is all happening instantaneously, or the speed of light or some greater or lesser speed it's unknown, as well as the fact that these rays of razor site shooting out from our eyes may or may not be banned or deviated as they progress from our organism.

Now what I'd like to suggest here is that the world in which we see is really a projection from our own minds. Actually we're looking into the projection apparatus to the back of our skull when we look out into space and specific point in our, in our minds and our brains where this alters is the pineal gland, that's the center of our mindset of gravity of our mind, and it's where all these things align and are distributed throughout our bodily frame and and our bodies the sense of touching site proprioception I guess is what the technical term is, is, is also embedded in this geometrical environment of forces and structures that are just, kind of, kind of the ambient space and that we can't get away from from here.

 And that's how the average, and pretty much every human being perceived perceived reality. And what we get out of this is the fact that we're really at the center of a wheel of the wheel of the zodiac and the wheel of space turning around us as we move through space, as we move through time. We just get to these places where more or less meaning and, you know, it's just kind of a thing.

..I don't know why so hard for me to talk but I guess I don't, I feel nervous about things I want to talk about because there are deep things. And then, I don't know if people understand them or if I even understand that myself and I get worried about that. So, I don't.

I guess I'll start about talking about, like, what, where are we, what are we, what do we see what do we feel what it what is it what is it what is this thing that's in front of us, our bodies, our minds our hearts our souls, this, this thing.

It all started when we were conceived or born at least so it seems.

And then you've got a wonder

Whatever happened to us. When we died. Whatever happened before were born.

And then, you think Wait a minute, I only exist in this life I only live my reality is contained between these two points or So as we've seen my birth and my death. Now, what does that mean, I guess, I guess, I guess something already happened.

I was already born I already died and you know what, I think I made up my mind but I choose life. I'm not gonna die again unless I'm reborn again into another body and into swipe again into a world again hopefully a better one and I got to do what I can to make it better right now in this world that I live in.

With all these people and all these things. What does it mean to be alive, what is the responsibility of being alive. What do our actions determine, so little things solo change, can lead to such a big rubber cushion. Like the butterfly flapping its wings in a hurricane spring.

I don't really know, but I wish I knew that sometimes I feel like I can feel. I can feel the decisions I make have brand or brand or arena then one, I'm immediately involved in. I, I can feel the weight of decisions. Simple things such as moving my finger or such as moving my arm or leg, turning my head, making a sign making a gesture. All these things have meaning, or they can have meaning can be known, even if it is too subtle to usually be understood or felt or seen or heard.

I guess that brings me to another point where we are legion we're not just an individual we are made up of all the people who've influenced us in our lives. Just had to wait there for a minute, let some people out, I guess. I don't know if I should have let them out, or not but I did and now what's, what's going to happen to those people have now that they've been let out maybe earlier than they would have had I not been there. I don't know.

But you know, sometimes I'll make up my mind to do something. Or, I must not have made up my mind or one of the cells in myself has made a decision to do or to not do something. But there must be other cells there as well, who will overcome or overpower that one decision made by the executive at the time.

That leads us to question of what is the executive nature of the will, in our minds who do something or not do something. Do we do, we have a single individual who sits on that throne a single personality, or your continual battle for that throne. As the king is often upset and listens to for counsel. I don't know, but it would seem that we are more than one personality each and every one of us, whether we know it or not, whether it comes out or not. degree to which we are one person or another at any given time comes down to the fact of who we lend our ear to which of ourselves who we lend our ear to, and making our decisions and governing our actions, our movements our thoughts or emotions.

All these things change when you change your perspective when you change your brain. When you change what you believe in. What belief is very important. Belief structures the world reality is structured by belief. If you don't believe in something, or you can't conceive of it. You won't see it it's not there. The ships on the sea were not seen by the natives in the South American Mesoamerican people's when Conquistadores came to the new world. They cannot see the ships on the sea.

And I thought, a horse of the main writing it was a single feature is not tell. There were two separate things there.

"It's finally beginning! 

You'd better get ready! 

A world where only true pirates can survive is drawing near! 

Those of you who are powerless - run for your lives! 

Soon, the tide of the times will wash over all and a new era of champions will be upon us!"

- from the anime One Piece

Shades (thus named because he wears shades to protect û from his gaze) say, listen to me.

Don't let anyone tell ū that ú can't, that you're not able to..

.. I started this group to publish the Great Secrets of this, Our Esoteric Tradition for free. So no one could say I can't make it no way..listen to me..

... no one can stop ù from achieving any thing..

..it is so, if ü want it to bb..


..& thus ends our second (this one a Uranian) trilogy,

thanks for reading; it's all for ewe, our astral progeny..


Up, Uranus!!

for the magician, time & energy are the real currency

what if becumming a mutant from the future were a choice..? would you sign up? it wouldn't be easy, mind ewe. you might even have the weight of the past bearing against u. 

OK, b(LL)oomer?

well, cum to the gnostic world view

...the Earth spirits are taking a stand for Her nature & cutting out many power structures that aren't serving Her higher good, in the masculine...but she's also at war with Herself, for she has to remain soft to an extent to catch all those who fall...& she will be fertilized by the ashes of the dead, but she will mourn heavily for each fallen piece...though she feeds on Death, Life is her Love

The Old Order ended on January 1st, 2020. What we are witnessing now, as you sit here reading this, is the birth pangs of the new. And you have a front seat to watch it, TOO ;

Here, there, where the light of our soul rays forth out the eyes spreading, branching in two streams forward fast into infinite space; disappearing there before these, our eyes, the w(h)orld and ITs light. There are two vanishing points in our normal vision, one for either of the ocular apparati, and the visual rays form a base space like this.

The geometry of the senses is most easily, perhaps only, approachable through that of sight - but we can conjoin the others in a synaesthetic appreciation of the environing energies, fitted, shaped, into a form appropriate for cognition what must be another variety of human sense.

The conscious receiver is an assemblage point of the various inputs coming through the body, and we must treat it as such in order to have a unified understanding of our position in this realm of possibility made real and actual. The visual field, although formed of two holes into which the light may flux and efflux, giving depth, can be unified in a third - and we have a circular field of shade and color in various shapes, centered and held together.

Taking then our body, we must discard the learned notion that our sense of skin extends in three dimensional space as a surface, and feel it as also centered in a point. Hearing, instead of having a localized center, extends into the abyss of space as a string is taut on an instrument - it's center at infinity. These three senses, we can see, are each at right angles to the others: eyes and sight circular ahead, a vertical body in lineament sourcing the heights and depths, and the ears on either side of the head forming a furthest away plane, two sides yet united.

If we can take all the feelings and assign them as points in a space of five dimensions, one for each sense, we can see that our state of being at any instant can wholly be described as one of these points in the space of possible human being(s).

An instrument where,
Spirit plays and sulfur,
Stays; till, until the end
Of days - many a one have sought
The sun, that few have dared attain.

Don't forget
They can't win
Unless we let them


Just a breeze in the current…

Always synching the belt.

A symbol of illusion, stripped of mercy,
relentlessly clawing at your wrist.

To deny the rebirth of self,
shrapnel on the field -
of ambition’s fall.

If your oath isn’t battle against them, then surely you oppose yourself.
An unrelenting drift.

Forget the demon – the brand of desire.
Omit the savior that leads you into the fire.

Turn the lock from inside.
I can win angst – you – I – against.

Eroded mask once mine(d).

The tower implores into the alter of self,
The cult of I - is all….
…the same stars of which they speak lead us to realms and lands so glorious….
Bequeathed to any…

..and all - to become cinder under our hand.

You curse their name,
because you are the same.
Heroes must always be forgotten,
 lost along the way.

If you are on the wave,
then you’re bound not to s(t)ay…..

Hero is the place you stood up to yourself.

Kick the starter switch,
awaken in the ditch.
Ain’t being a bitch?

A repetitious redundancy,
-           relentless calamity.
Caged in self.
Reluctant reanimation,
void of destination.
Stale on the shelf.

What do you expect from the savior bound to your tongue,
under  watch (and) of your gun?

Rainbows defiled.
Anxiety gone wild,
my only child..

If I’m still a pothole on this pilgrimage,
then bury me in the lie I’ve been sold.
Our cards, under the stars will unfold,
an organism of inconsistencies,
boldly blind.

Ain’t never been told,
a method without a fold.

On the stone of memory’s grace,
shines the caption
“Here Lies, the Searching Beguiled.”

Don’t ask me about intention, don’t look for relief.
I can promise nothing else,
beyond the fall.

When the walls cum down on your back,
and the screams drown beneath the stack……

Atoms split.
Animals spit.
Ego will hit,
on the tit,
below the belt.

But in the end,
no matter the game,
It’s your pelt.,
all the same…

Don’t forget to check your polarities at the door

We be flippin stuff

& is it me, or is it getting colder? not outside, we gnow that's getting hot but like inside,
if you're looking for a friend to be there, or a lover to hold at the end of the world

shades (thusly named because he was shady af, but only from a certain boomer perspective) was lucky enough to live in interesting times, as the old Chinese curse went.

In the last daze of the old order, he was a member in good standing of the we were never (w)here order, and thus committed to birthing a new world order, a new aeon, an age of Aquarius if you will, but one aimed at helping people to grow rather than indenturing & enslaving them..

have you considered the possibility that it's frying pans & fires @LL the way down..? Or up for that matter..cuz may be u should